Furniture Painting University Partnership

Furniture Painting University Offer

We are happy to announce a mutually beneficial partnership between us and Furniture Painting University. Members of FPU members are privy to all sorts of goodies besides the expert painting advice including a 10% discount at D. Lawless Hardware.

From their website as they can tell you about themselves better than I can…

Our MISSION is to provide detailed instructional videos with supply lists, step-by-step tutorials and tips and tricks to make things easier.  We are giving you everything you need to have a successful and standout furniture flipping business. We want YOU to be able to create one-of-a-kind finishes for your customers. We want YOU to be able to stand out from the crowd.”

Today though we are announcing a special promotion that I’m very excited about. Starting now, members can get a $25 gift card in exchange for photos of how they used their D. Lawless hardware. Since most of the members are businesses or aspiring businesses, they are taking photos anyways! So just send them to me and get a gift card!

The pictures make our site beautiful and give our customers an easy way to see how the pull will look in use. We owe a great deal of our recent success to our blog partners who have been providing photos up to this point.

D. Lawless will also PROMOTE YOU while we promote ourselves. I’ll tag you on social and even include you in blog posts like Shabby Life who already sent me photos even though we JUST started! Here’s her beautiful work using some of our antique english bail pulls! I will also post up her images and credit her on the product page shortly.

dresser with antique english pulls
dresser makeover with d. lawless hardware

Free Hardware Friday #40


Good morning! Spring is here! Well…maybe…I’m calling it spring.

I have a nice simple polished chrome knob from Liberty Hardware today. Normally retails at $1.78 but you can trade me pictures of the project you put ’em on and get as many as you want for free! No catches, nothing by you up front. All based on a promise. I have been surprised in the past by how many people have taken the knobs, the project got cancelled and they end up trying to mail them back to me. So I know our readers are promise keepers!

Here’s the knob. As I said, from Liberty Hardware and it’s 1 1/4″ which is pretty well just a standard sized knob.

Free Hardware Friday - Polished Chrome Knob - D. Lawless Hardware

The rules are the same as every week…
  1.  Promise me (Derrick Lawless) in writing at the e-mail lawlesshardware (at) gmail (dot) com that you will take photos of your project in a timely manner (I am quite lenient and have no enforcement mechanism, lol) and send them to me.
  2. Describe your project and tell me how many knobs you need.
  3. Give me your address and I send them right over.
* PLEASE DO EACH OF THESE STEPS! I am amazed by how many people just tell me they want 8 knobs and give no other information or written promise. If I have to do extra work (like write extra e-mails asking for address) the promotion ceases to be nearly as valuable to me! 🙂
See you next week and thanks to all that participate!

The Return of Free Hardware Friday!


It’s been awhile, we are super busy over the holidays and close down for a couple weeks and all that bleeds into being busy upon return. But here I am and I have a nice piece of hardware to get us going on this first Friday of February!

Today’s knob is a modern looking, or Asian style knob from Liberty Hardware. We normally sell it for $1.99 but you can have as many as you need free of charge if you promise to send us pictures of how you use them! It’s flat black!

The promotion ends at 5pm central!

Flat Black Knob - Free Hardware Friday

The rules are the same as every week…
  1.  Promise me (Derrick Lawless) in writing at the e-mail lawlesshardware (at) gmail (dot) com that you will take photos of your project in a timely manner (I am quite lenient and have no enforcement mechanism, lol) and send them to me.
  2. Describe your project and tell me how many knobs you need.
  3. Give me your address and I send them right over.
* PLEASE DO EACH OF THESE STEPS! I am amazed by how many people just tell me they want 8 knobs and give no other information or written promise. If I have to do extra work (like write extra e-mails asking for address) the promotion ceases to be nearly as valuable to me! 🙂
See you next week and thanks to all that participate!

Small Business Partner: Reclaimed Oregon

Haven’t done one of these in awhile so I really enjoyed making this post. Introducing one of our small business partners Reclaimed Oregon! From my records it appears we picked them up as a customer back in August and now they are a consistent customer. With a five star Etsy rating after nearly 900 reviews it’s no wonder they come back so often for hardware!

I was going to whip up something about their store, but I figured I may as well use owner Andrea’s words, “This is a family run shop in its entirety. We are committed to bringing you quality hand made products and providing each and every customer with amazing service. We want to make you feel like part of the family. Thank you all for the support and helping us achieve our vision.”

It looks like we basically sell them hooks, hooks, and more hooks so below I’ll post up a few of the cool ways they are using them. You can click through to their store above or their Facebook page here. I didn’t link to the products because the links will expire with the listings…oh well, better to browse!

First up has to be this glass and cup holder that pretty much fits me to a T.

mug holder

And no wonder they need a lot of hooks, this rack for a ton of mugs is awesome! We’ve easily go this many mugs at my house, haha!

big mug rack

And they also do customized coat and hat racks like this one.

custom coat rack
They do all sorts of stuff jewelry boxes to personalized wedding card holders. I just show off a bit more of their work below. This is a TINY selection. Reclaimed Oregon has over 500 listings live on Etsy at the moment and has done over 3,000 sales so they are well worth your time to look around. Especially if you are looking for a wedding gift coming up.
custom woodwork
custom recipe box
custom recipe box
wedding card holder
custom wedding sign
custom wedding sign two
custom bottle opener

New Products – Verdigris, Satin Brass, & More

We are excited to announce the beginning of a string of new product additions we’ll have to start off the new business year. We’ve got more on the way but I couldn’t wait to share these. Each of these products were developed through the recommendations of our customers. So if you want us to carry something, let us know! It might take us awhile, but if people want it, we’ll get it!

First off we have a new set of five verdigris pieces that we added after being queried on this finish over and over. Right now we’ve only got this matching cup pull and knob posted, but the other three will go up shortly.
Matching Verdigris Cup Pull & Knob - D. Lawless Hardware

We also added a new finish to our DIY knob and pull base section. This is our most popular craft line. We started it about five years ago on a hunch and now sell well over 100,000 of these bases a year to people from small business selling on Etsy to individual crafters. So today we present the new satin brass finish! Not pictured is the knob base, the pull base shows off the finish better…

Satin Brass DIY Cabinet Pull Base
And wrapping up today’s additions we have this oil rubbed bronze cup pull that is identical to our most popular cup pull except for the new finish.
Oil Rubbed Bronze Cup Pull - D. Lawless Hardware
Have a good weekend everyone! I’m gonna start Free Hardware Fridays again next month. This month is too insane!

Piano Makeover from Re-imagined by Lindsay

From time to time we get sent customer projects and I love to see each one and it also gives me something to post! This piano makeover comes from Re-Imagined by Lindsay and is topped off with a couple knobs from us. We met Lindsay through our Free Hardware Friday promotions that we ran all last year (and will start again sometime soon this year) and have gotten a lot of photos from her over time from that.

Lindsay works out of Summerville, SC and is available for recreating your dated pieces or for custom work. Below I’ll show off the piano project in full and then add on a few projects she did for Free Hardware Friday as well as some other work from her Facebook page.

Here’s the before, as you can see, it doesn’t even have legs! Lindsay told me she ended up making the legs herself out of stair railing spindles by painting and glazing them.

Piano Makeover Before
And here are some shots of the finished product with a couple of our knobs topping it off! The knobs are a minute detail but hey, we’ll take it! I mostly just love to see all the DIY people are doing no matter how small a role our hardware plays.
Piano Makeover After

Piano Makeover After 2

Piano Makeover After 3
As far as her other work is concerned, I’ll start with this little end table she completed using knobs from Free Hardware Friday. We sent her the knobs in exchange for photos of how she used them.
Free Hardware Friday - Re-Imagined by Lindsay
And here are a few other pieces that she’s posted on her Facebook page. I think she used hardware from us for the two with hardware, although it’s hard to tell from just a photo. Thanks Lindsay!
Re-Imagined by Lindsay Bench

Re-Imagined by Lindsay Dresser

Re-Imagined by Lindsay Desk
Any readers out there using our hardware and posting on a Facebook page, I’d be glad to feature your work as well. Have a great weekend everyone!

Antique Custom Made Knobs

When looking through my history of American furniture encylopedia I came across some cool old style custom cabinet knobs from 1700-1800s .These were particularly interesting to me since we have a large line of DIY hardware parts for making your own knobs with pictures or scenery just like these!

Of course back in the day these were expensive custom pieces and no one who wasn’t rich could really afford them. So glad times have changed! Below I’ll show off some of the neater ones I found and also post a few of the cool knobs people have made with our bases at the bottom.

Most of these knobs are enamel with prints via a paper transfer and then set in a copper base. They had to transfer copper engravings onto paper first so it was quite the process! Then they are typically set in a brass base and screw post. We have a lot of fun examples. Many of these pieces were made from governors or members of the government as custom pieces and gifts which makes sense as they would have been very pricey back at that time.

 To start off we have a set of knobs customized with General George Washington’s depiction. You can see even from the old photos that these knobs had amazing details for items produced pre-1800.

Antique George Washington Cabinet Knobs

General George Washington Cabinet Knob
The next couple are of state governors of the time. Governor Huntington and Governor Morris.

Antique Huntington Knob

Governmor Morris Cabinet Knob
Many knobs were made for the well off and would feature portraits of the husband and wife or depictions of family crests or symbols. Pictures of subjects of special interest to the family or of local importance would enshrine a history and make permanent record of events that at the same time added a pleasing and decorative feature.
Antique husband and wife knobs
family crests
Others were more for decoration and would feature scenes from life at the time. In the following images you can see a woman leaning on an anchor, a young flautist, a young girl in a bonnet, and several scenes of a woman enjoying nature.
antique cabinet knobs

antique cabinet knobs - girl in bonnet

antique cabinet knobs - flautist

Girl with tree  antique cabinet knobs

antique cabinet knobs - woman and dog
And just to sum up I’ll show off just one shot of some customized cabinet knobs made by Cher at Designs by Studio C in a project done for this very blog. With our custom knob parts you can take any photo you want and protect it behind a glass cabochon and display whatever you want from patterns to photos.
D lawless hardware custom knobs
I hope this interests more people than me lol!

Our Most Recent Blog Features

The new year has begun and D. Lawless is already being featured on blogs all across the internet. Let’s take one last look back at some of our December blog features though. Look below for the full scoop on our most recent blog features!

This new dining room design comes in on budget and looking fantastic with a purple theme to it. The farmhouse table pictured above was only $20. The corner cabinet, part of the original house, is adorned with our betsy fields glass purple knobs. See how the wall was decorated along with the rest of the room over at Ciburbanity.
This teal, black, and white girl’s bedroom reveal has a lot going on. Complete with polka dots, zebra pattern drawers, and more patterns this is surely a makeover you’ll want to check out. See how it comes together at A Home to Grow Old In.
A new living room with Jessica’s favorite color purple, being incorporated into touches, of a light, bright, and cheerful design. The coffee table is my Art’s Market with a fresh coat of white paint, distressed a bit to appeal to the homeowner’s desire for some rustic elements in this space. And the neutral couch and sofa were donated from an estate sale, with updated new pillows and throws. Shine Your Light will give you the details on the rest of the makeover.
This red, white, and black glamorous master bedroom makeover really has the touches of red popping. From the beautiful red curtains to the red upholstered bench, this bedroom really has it going on now. Check out Lauren Mcbride Blog for the full details on how this room is pieced together.
From trash to treasure, this thrift store headboard makes a great shelf with hooks. An incredible before and after look featured above, shows you what you can do with a little of grunt work and inspiration. The look is a bit of a distressed chalkboard. My re Purposed Life brings you this repurpose complete with our satin nickel double prong hooks.

Bloggers Heart Habitat Roundup!

We were lucky enough to be able to donate to several projects for this year’s Bloggers Heart Habitat. This program teams up bloggers with Habitat for Humanity to create some awesome spaces for the new homeowners. We are a very small part of just a few of these projects, but I thought they were all so nice and that the program was such a great idea that I’m going to share them here and link over to the projects. There were eight total projects and we added a little harder to four of them. I hope we can help out next year too!

The first group of bloggers teamed up to do two bedrooms in one of the houses (I hope I have this straight) and the results are amazing! The bloggers that worked on this house are Lauren McBride, Weekend Craft, A Home to Grow Old In, Fearful & Wonderfully Made, and A Thrifter in Disguise!

The master bedroom!

Bloggers Heart Habitat - red bench

Bloggers Heart Habitat - red and bold master bedroom
Bloggers Heart Habitat - wall decorations
And the children’s room!
A gorgeous black, white, and teal girl's bedroom Bloggers Heart Habitat
Bloggers Heart Habitat - teal and black bedroom set
Bloggers Heart Habitat - desk area

The next house was done by an entirely different group of bloggers and they worked on the living room and dining room of another family. These spaces turned out amazing thanks to I am a Homemaker, Kim Macumber Interiors, Shine Your Light, and Ciburbanity!

Habitat for Humanity and a great group of bloggers join forces to create a beautiful house inside and out. | Bloggers Heart Habitat |
Habitat for Humanity and a great group of bloggers join forces to create a beautiful house inside and out. | Bloggers Heart Habitat |
Dining Room Design for a Habitat for Humanity home.
Hopefully we can participate next year as well! If anyone reading needs hardware for charitable endeavors then please get in touch as we love to participate!

Makeover Madness

Bathrooms, cabinets, kitchens, and much more in this makeover madness edition special. See all the before and afters by clicking over to the features that pique your interest the most!

kitchen cabinets
This kitchen cabinet makeover looks fantastic with our antique pewter knobs and pulls. While it originally had some beautiful colors, rustic beauty, and lots of character LZ wanted something with more of a modern feel. The results speak for themselves. Check out how it came together over at The Summery Umbrella.
white kitchen cabinets
Another kitchen renovation and this one truly is amazing on the before and afters. From a bare wood setting to an all white makeover this kitchen is renovated from top to bottom by Evolution of Style.
black desk home office
This home office goes from drab to fab in this makeover from Green with Decor. A lot of new decor was used in the makeover and you can find out how it all came together and where to get it for yourself by clicking over.
bathroom makeover
Finally, a bathroom makeover just for you. From bland, brown, and boring to totally fabulous with a spotted floor and reddish pink cabinets this makeover reveal from Love and Renovations is a must see!
farmhouse cabinet makeover
This was originally a traditional looking china cabinet and it got the farmhouse makeover. The cabinet was painted in a beautiful grey color called Steel Wool by Benjamin Moore. Brought to you by House of Hargrove.