New Products Addtion – Acrylic Knobs w/ Solid Brass Bases

Acrylic knobs are great alternatives to glass knobs. However, what you save in price, you often lose in durability and stability. So with that in mind we are happy to introduce four new acrylic knobs, each with a solid brass base. The solid brass base gives the knob that extra weight to feel more like a glass knob and also adds considerably to the durability and stability of the knob once installed. Below are pictures of the four finishes we have: brass, chrome, oil rubbed bronze, and satin nickel.

Great Ways to Use Our Label Holders

We have had great success with our line of label holders. Our quality is the same as other retailers and our price is about 1/5 of most of the competition. The only thing that worries people is that they think that because we are so cheap that the quality might not be that high. Stamped brass is the exact same no matter who stamps it, so this article is to show how great these label holders look and function in real life. Below I’ve got posts from many DIY and Home Decor blogs that have used our label holders and loved them. So no more worries! It is possible to get high quality, attractive hardware for cheap. It’s just not common :).

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 Beneath My Heart - Coffee Table Makeover

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How to Identify Parts of a Cabinet Hinge

This graphic is from our help website about hinges. The website is a little outdated so I thought I’d post some of the most useful information on the blog. Below is a diagram that explains in detail all of the major terminology that is associated with your basic cabinet hinge. This can be very helpful when shopping around trying to find an exact match hinge.