The Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest Contestants #1

We are August's sponsor of the monthly Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest!

We are the proud sponsor of this month’s Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest! 33 bloggers are reclaiming, refurbishing, remaking, making over, or whatever you want to a call it a piece of old furniture and using D. Lawless Hardware on the piece. This post includes the first 11 participants and I’ll add the other 22 in the following days

My Very Educated Mother using our knob and pull making bases on this quirky geometric dresser.

My Very Educated Mother - Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest
Art is Beauty remaking this beautiful cake table and using our green cut glass knobs.
                     Art is Beauty - Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest
Let’s Get Crafty making great use of our label holders on this industrial apothecary cabinet.

                            Let's Get Crafty - Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest

Delicious and DIY with this nice mini chest of drawers.

               Mini Chest of Drawers Makeover - Delicious And DIY

Lilac Shack Furniture using all sorts of our hardware on this fancy farmhouse tall chest.

                                           Lilac Hack Furniture - Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest

Ciburbanity got creative with this cabinet knob jewelry display using these glass knobs.

  Ciburbanity - Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest

Just the Woods entered this beautiful little table with flower art using our cut glass knobs.

                      sparkles, shabby, fabflippincontest, painted,

Redo It Yourself Inspirations entered this antique record player cabinet redo using a lot of our wood appliques!

                                    Redo It Yourself Inspirations - Fab Furniture Flippin Contest

Evey’s Creations (one of the contest hosts!) with this upcycled hall tree using our simple hooks.

  Every's Creations - Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest

58 Water Street used our label holders on this nice green dresser.

                              furniture makeover, furniture restoration, plaid, stripes, boys room, decor

And finally, Reinvented with this cute little cabinet and little backplates for the hardware.

;    Fab Furniture Flippin Dresser Makeover

Large Buffet Makeover w/ Hand Painted Ceramic Knobs

Very happy to feature another project from local talent Gary and his side business The Furniture Refurbisher in Bartonville, IL. Gary can be contacted through his website if you have anything desks or tables that need refinishing. We’d even be happy to provide the hardware if you’d let us post the pictures!

He picked this old piece up at auction that had a worn out finish and very worn out hardware.

buffet before picture
old worn out hardware
And then painted the buffet white and added one style of our hand painted ceramic knobs.
buffet with hand painted

new knobs buffet makeover

hand painted blue ceramic knob

blue painted ceramic knob
If there are any amateurs, hobbyists, or a business out there that would like to show off your work, please ask for Derrick and we can set up a good deal on hardware for your piece and get you a link or two.

DIY Plans to Build a Narrow Glass Door Cabinet

This table is the perfect piece for jewelry storage or a storage in the bathroom. This narrow little cabinet will fit into a variety of spaces and can be finished to match any style!
Glass Cabinet Design
1-1/4” pocket hole screws
2-1/2” pocket hole screws
1” brad nails
1-1/4” brad nails
Wood glue
Sandpaper (100, 150, 220 grits)
Finishing supplies (primer & paint, or stain, sealer)
1 – 1×2 at 4’
1 – 1×2 at 6’
1 – 1×8 at 4’
1 – 1×10 at 8’
1 – 2×2 at 8’
1 – sheet of ¼” plywood
1 piece of ¾” x ¾” trim (generally sold in 8’ lengths)
Cut List:
4 – 2×2 at 6” – Base Legs
2 – 2×2 at 5” – Base Frame
2 – 2×2 at 12” – Base Frame
2 – 1×10 (ripped to 7-1/2” wide) at 33-1/4” – Cabinet Sides
3 – 1×8 (ripped to 6-3/4” wide) at 13” – Bottom & Shelves
2 – 1×2 at 13” – Upper Stretchers
1 – ¼” plywood at 14” x 33-1/4” – Cabinet Back
1 – 1×10 (ripped to 8-3/4” wide) at 16-1/2” – Top
Trim cut to fit under the sides and front of the top
2 – 1×2 at 9-3/4” – Door Rails
2 – 1×2 at 31-1/2” – Door Stiles
Glass or Plexiglas cut to fit opening in door
Step One
Cut the pieces for the legs and the base frame. With the pocket hole jig set for 1-1/2” material, drill pocket holes in each end of the framing pieces. Secure the framing pieces to the legs using glue and 2-1/2” pocket hole screws.
Glass Cabinet Design/Plans
Step Two
Cut the pieces for the sides. Set the pocket hole jig for ¾” and drill pocket holes in the lower edge. Secure the sides to the base frame using glue and 1-1/4” pocket hole screws. The sides will be positioned ¼” away from all sides of the base framing.
Glass Cabinet Design Measurements
Step Three
Cut the pieces for the bottom and the shelves. Secure the bottom to the base between the sides using glue and 1-1/4” brad nails. The bottom is positioned so it is flush with the back edge of the sides which will make it ¾” back from the front edges of the sides.
Drill pocket holes in the side edges of each shelf piece. Secure the shelves to the sides using glue and 1-1/4” pocket hole screws.
Glass Cabinet Design - D. Lawless Hardware
Step Four
Cut the pieces for the upper stretchers and drill pocket holes in each end. Secure the stretchers to the top edge of the sides using glue and 1-1/4” pocket hole screws.
Glass Cabinet Design - Designs by Studio C
Step Five
Cut the piece for the back. Position the back piece on the back side of the cabinet and secure in place with glue and 1-1/4” brad nails.
Glass Cabinet Design Back
Step Six
Cut the piece for the top. The sides and front of the top will overhang the cabinet by 1”. Secure in place using glue and 1-1/4” brad nails.
Glass Cabinet Design Top
Step Seven
Cut the pieces for the trim. There are no dimensions given because it will depend on the type of trim used. Secure the trim under the top using glue and 1” brad nails.
Glass Cabinet Design Detail
Step Eight
Cut the pieces for the doors. Drill pocket holes in each end of the rails (the shorter pieces). The pocket holes should be positioned close together and toward one long edge in order to make room for the rabbet cut with the router. Assemble the door frame using glue and 1-1/4” pocket hole screws.
Using a router and a rabbeting bit, cut a rabbet ¼” deep by ¼” wide around the inside of the door frame.
Cut the glass or Plexiglas to fit inside the rabbet and secure in place using the mirror clips.
Install the hinges on the door, then install the door in the cabinet. Drill a hole in the opposite side of the door frame for the cabinet pull.
Glass Cabinet Design Door

Glass Cabinet Design Mount the Glass

Glass Cabinet Design - D. Lawless

Finish as desired. Also, we carry a bit of glass cabinet hardware if you need bumpers or want to use glass clips.