How to Install Partial Wrap Overlay Hinges

There are many, many different types of hinges for many different applications including inset, butt, concealed and European to name a few. In this article, we will be discussing partial wrap overlay hinges and how to easily install them.
install overlay cabinet hinges
Partial wrap overlay hinges come in different types – 1/4” overlay, 3/8” overlay, 1/2″ overlay and variable overlay. They also come in many different finishes such as nickel, chrome, bronze and brass, and can be spray painted, if desired, to match any décor or cabinet pulls.
1/4″ partial wrap overlay hinges are for doors that will overlay the sides of the cabinet opening by 1/4″ and are mainly used in cabinets without face frames. They are great for tight spaces, and are the hinges used in the installation example.
3/8” partial wrap overlay and 1/2″ partial wrap overlay hinges are basically the same as 1/4″ partial wrap overlay hinges except that they allow the cabinet door to overlay the sides of the cabinet opening by 3/8” and 1/2″ respectively, and are used on cabinetry with face frames. Though they can be used on cabinets without face frames, there is the possibility of not having enough space and the hinge will hang over the side of the cabinet. They also come in a variety of finishes, and are really easy to install.
Variable overlay hinges can be used with any type of cabinet door regardless of the overlay and they do not have a “wrap”. They can be used with doors that overlay by 1/4″, 3/8”, 1/2″ or even 1”, if necessary. These hinges also come in a wide variety of finishes (even in white!) and are easy to install. They have a flat plate that secures to the door and a sort of oval shaped “wing” that attaches to the cabinet face frame.
How to Install Partial Wrap Overlay Hinges:
Partial wrap overlay hinges are hinges that partially “wrap” around the cabinet side then secure to the door with a plate. The “wrap” is an L-shaped piece on the hinge that, in my opinion, makes installation a breeze!
Step One
Mark the position for the hinge on the back face of the door. Pre-drill the holes for the screws, then install the screws securing the hinge to the door. Do this for both hinges on the door.
install overlay hinges
Step Two
This step may require an extra set of hands… Open the hinge and position side of the door over the side of the cabinet. Mark the position of the hinge and pre-drill the holes. Repeat the process for the other hinge. Secure the hinge to the cabinet using the screws, then make any necessary adjustments.
How to install overlay hinges
That is all there is to installing partial overlay hinges… To me, they are the easiest to install and making adjustments with these hinges (so the doors line up, etc.) is even easier. Stay tuned for future articles where we will discuss a different type of hinge and its installation!

9 thoughts on “How to Install Partial Wrap Overlay Hinges”

  1. I'm a bit late at seeing this, but so thankful you posted it. Ive never done hinges before, when I finally paint my cabinets I'm hoping to use the existing hinge holes, but can you tell me how to adjust them? Or if you have takked about it before link me to it please? Thank you! Lisa Korba

  2. Lisa,

    I think you will will have plenty of room for adjustment. The hinges hole screw holes that allow for adjusting them up and down about 1/8" in either direction, or 1/4" overall. Does that answer you question?

  3. Pam,

    Are you meaning that the hinges are pulling them back to an open position once you have pushed them closed? I'm thinking about it and I'll get back to you with a good answer. We are closed now so our hinge experts aren't in. I know a bit, but I'd' be guessing to a degree. Details of exactly what is happening will help.



  4. I have installed the partially wraped hinges with a 1/2 overlay, but the door will not close all the way. there is about a 1/2 gap between the door and the cabinet when the door is closed. what did i do wrong? I have installed one and i have 24 more to go. any help or suggestions would be great.



  5. I just installed partial wrap hinges on my kitchen cabinets. On one set of doors the bottom corner of the doors where they meet in the middle touch the cabinet frame when closed, but the top corners have a gap of about 3/8". How do I adjust them?

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