Where to Buy Custom Glass Knobs

One of the lines of hardware I am most proud of developing over the years is our collection of knob and pull bases for creating and crafting your own cabinet knobs. Not to toot our own horn, but I believe we are in great part responsible for an entire cottage industry of independent custom hardware makers selling on Etsy, Ebay, and even their own online stores throughout the country. We literally have sold over 100,000 of these little knob making bases since we started the line about 5 years ago. Before that, knob making parts cost $2-3 each, making the probability of a building profitable business designing custom cabinet knobs very low.

Many of our bases are used personally for crafting totally unique and one of a kind knobs for someone’s own home. But many more end up on amazing custom glass and ceramic knobs that are being sold all over the world. Some of these are truly works of art and I wanted to share them with you and also create a nice source page for anyone looking for stuff you can’t find at D. Lawless or for someone that won’t settle for the mass produced stuff. Or maybe you are just looking for ideas and want to make your own hardware soon!

Below, in no particular order, I am going to run through a long list of small business partners we’ve gained over the  years that are making their own knobs and making a little money too. Although growing, and we probably look big to some, we are a small business ourselves and it’s nice to be able to support the people that support us. Without further ado…

Years ago we got our start in this niche with Sietto. We were contacted by the designer to develop knob hardware for his beautiful designs. While developing pieces for Sietto we decided to take a chance and develop our own parts for retail. So in a very big way all the companies below benefited from Sietto’s vision and success. In order to purchase Sietto’s beautiful knobs you have to shop at one of our competitors! But, oh well…here is a list of sites that sell Sietto. And here are some nice examples of their work using our bases.

      sietto ice glass knob Sietto custom glass knob 

Kribensis Glass Arts is a newer Etsy store with some really wonderful custom blown glass pieces. Donald recently began blowing glass knobs and they are really very stunning! All items in his store are designed and created in the Florida Keys. Made from hand blown and worked borosilicate glass. Each one handcrafted!

Kribensis Glass Arts

Knucklehead Knobs has been a customer for awhile now and they create a variety beautiful stone and glass knobs using our bases. With over 3,500 Etsy sales and a 5 star rating you can be you are getting some high end unique pieces when you buy from Knucklehead Knobs. It’s fantastic to supply people with ratings even higher than ours! You can click through to the store on each picture!

Chunky Turquoise Stone Cabinet Knobs - Set of 2, Cabinet Knob, Fixture, Drawer Pull, Turquoise, Stone, Nugget, Kitchen, Bathroom, Southwest Cabinet Knobs - Terracotta Squares - Set of 2, Stone Cabinet Knobs, Kitchen Knobs and Pulls, Lava, Beach Decor 

3DGlassDesigns is a new customer of ours selling on Etsy. They’ve been doing dichroic glass for all sorts of other stuff for awhile now but they just started getting bases from us and creating these beauties below. From their site, “Unique, Dazzling, and Distinctive Dichroic Glass Jewelry. One of a kind dichroic glass creations featuring handmade furnace glass, starphire glass, sterling silver, copper and brass bezel settings. Each piece is a true work of art, sure to become a family heirloom.” All of the above applies to their cabinet hardware creations as well!

          Dichroic Glass Cabinet Door Pull in Gold, Orange and Green over Blue Aventurine Glass with Oil Rubbed Bronze Hardware.   Dichroic Glass Cabinet Door Pull in Blue and Gold with Chrome Hardware.   Aventurine Blue Cabinet Door Pull with Purple Stripes over Silver Circuit Pattern Design.

Uneek Glass Fusions is a long time customer and produces wonder handcrafted glass cabinet hardware, accent tile, lighting and more! They use our bases when making their custom hardware and we couldn’t be happier. Also winner’s of a Best of Houzz award in both 2014 and 2015! Here’s a bit of their work…

Cobalt Blue with White Confetti Glass KnobMosaic Glass Drawer Pull in Dichroic GlassRed and Silver Mosaic Dichroic Glass Cabinet KnobMosaic Glass Cabinet Handle in Dichroic Shades of Red
Next up we have another long time customer in Art De Fleur. Art De Fleur is another Etsy small business creating all sorts of beautiful glass work. A portion of their store sells a variety of really modern and sleek styles of glass knobs using our bases of course. I really love the modern touch of these knobs, some of my favorites!
Turquoise Blue, Black, and White Geometric KnobBlack Chopsticks on Your choice of colors 1 1/2" square knob

And finally we have another great customer of ours Prettyware on Etsy! We supply Prettyware with a variety of hardware which Prettyware totally customizes to turn the pieces into really totally one of a kind accents to your home. The hand painted glass knobs she makes using our plain clear glass knobs are my favorites!

2 Aqua Aquamarine Crystal Doorknob Set Handpainted Glass 2 Inch Knobs White HardwareSet of 4 Painted Glass Aqua Blue Drawer Pulls
I know there are other people using our bases for their business and I didn’t mean to leave anyone out. I’ll be gathering another 5-10 stores together in the future for part two of this article. Please contact me if I left you out! Have a good one everyone!

Free Hardware Friday #16


Hello and thanks for checking out our Free Hardware Friday promotion this week! This week we are keeping it simple with a pair of oil rubbed bronze wire pulls from Liberty Hardware. We have two sizes 3″ and 3 3/4″ (commonly listed as 96mm).

The rules are the same as every week. Please contact me at the e-mail address at the end of this post with the following information to participate.

1. E-mail me at the address on the bottom of the post with your name, address, the product number, and how many you need.
2. Please put in writing what you plan to use the knobs for and also give me permission to use your photos to market the knobs. I might put your pictures up on our HomeTalk account, Facebook, or website. If you click our HomeTalk link above you can see a lot of the projects completed by Free Hardware Friday participants over the last couple of months.
That’s all! No catches. Here’s today’s free hardware!

The 3″ oil rubbed bronze wire pull

3" Wire Pull - Free Hardware Friday
And the same pull in 3 3/4″
If you wish to participate please e-mail me at lawlesshardwar (at) gmail (dot) com.
Looking forward to it!

Wondering if you should use cup pulls?

Cup pulls and blog features! All purposefully used and pictured in all kinds of articles from our friendly blogger friends. This post should help you decide how to use your cup pulls. Each cup pull shown is selected from D. Lawless’s cup pull section and includes links out to the blog that featured it in a makeover, repurpose, or other project.

D. Lawless has a beautiful line of cup pulls that are very durable and high quality, at a great price, that absolutely destroys the competition. D. Lawless brand pulls featured are only $1.85 on our website and other brands featured are competitively priced as well. That’s our short line of advertising and now onto the cup pulls featured and worked with by DIY bloggers.

Antique Iron

antique iron cup pull


kitchen cabinet cup pulls

How to Install Cabinet Hardware Straight from her Farm House Kitchen Makeover

Antique English

antique english cup pull
cup pull jewelry hanger

Designer Jewelry Organizer in Arts & Crafts Type Style

Flat Black

flat black cup pull
dresser cup pulls

Old Tyme Cabinetry and More Check out Her Incredible Facebook Projects

Antique Copper

antique copper cup pull
blue hall table dresser

Hall Table Dresser Repurposed in Unique Blue Hue

Matte Chrome

matte chrome cup pull
guest bathroom counter

Anna Makes this Guest Bathroom Makeover Start to Finish Look Easy for You

Plain Pewter

plain pewter cup pull
bedside table dresser
Amazing Four Drawer Bedside Table Makover

Oil Rubbed Bronze

big navy blue dresser

Big Navy Blue Dresser Makeover with Oil Rubbed Bronze Accents

Satin Nickel

satin nickel cup pull
elegant kitchen cabinets
Urbane Bronze & Alabaster Kitchen Redo with Elegance and Style

Brushed Satin Pewter< /span>

brushed satin pewter cup pull
light grey vintage chest drawers
Classy Vintage Light Grey Multi Drawer Chest Paint Job

Venetian Bronze

venetian bronze cup pull
industrial tall boy dresser
Furniture Makeover of Huge Industrial Tall Boy From Start to Finish!

vintage bedroom dresser
Vintage Wood Bedroom Dresser Restoration Project

chrome cup pull
white kitchen cabinets
Check out Her Black and White Kitchen Makover Reveal

vintage white desk

Only a sneak peak is shown here, but click over to see the entire Vintage Desk Makeover

Antique English

antique english cup pull
kitchen cabinet renovation

Revealed and simplified anyone can handle this simple kitchen renovation complete with cabinet staining with the help of Simply Stylings

Antique Bronze

antique bronze cup pull
pottery barn keyhole desk
Ever want a pottery barn desk? This is even better. Check out this Fantastic Keyhole Desk in the Making

Customer Project: Faux Card Catalog Cabinet from Scratch!

It’s always a joy when we get customer project photos sent to us out of the blue! It really makes our day. Especially when the projects are as beautiful as the one from Amber that I’m showing off today!

She needed over 20 label holders for this project and our unmatchable prices in this little niche market helped make it possible. Can you believe she made this from scratch!!?? I contacted Amber and she was nice enough to send us pictures of the full build start to finish and gave us permission to post them! Here’s the project…I’ll start with the final shot and then show the process.

And of course a link to our label holders!!

Customer Project - Card Catalog
Customer Project - Faux Card Catalog
Customer Project - Start & Finish
Customer Project - Midway Through
Customer Project - Almost Done!
Customer Project - Final Stage
Displaying FullSizeRender.jpg

Displaying FullSizeRender.jpg

Free Hardware Friday #15 – Brass Brass Brass!!


Today for Free Hardware Friday we have a few brass plated knobs from Amerock and Liberty Hardware. The promotion today is the same as every week. To get as many of these knobs as you need for your project totally free just do the following:

1. E-mail me at the address on the bottom of the post with your name, address, the product number, and how many you need.
2. Please put in writing what you plan to use the knobs for and also give me permission to use your photos to market the knobs. I might put your pictures up on our HomeTalk account, Facebook, or website. If you click our HomeTalk link above you can see a lot of the projects completed by Free Hardware Friday participants over the last couple of months.
That’s all! No catches. Here’s today’s knobs!

The first knob is about as simple as they come. A bright polished brass 1 1/4″ round knob from Liberty Hardware.

This bundled reed brass plated knob is 1 3/16″ in diameter and the brass is a standard polished brass like the knob above. We just have a bad picture and that’s where you come in!!
This little 1 3/16″ polished brass hub cap style knob has a mid century modern look and is from Amerock Hardware.
I look forward to hearing from everyone!!

Please write me at lawlesshardware @ gmail dot com to participate!

Serra Art and Craft – Etsy Shop

The best part about being in business is the cooperation between our customers and ourselves. We love getting to see how and where our hardware is being used whether it be from a customer mailing us photos of their project or seeing the hardware in use by other small businesses. Many of our customers do have their own small businesses and it is a great pleasure to supply them all.
Today I’m bringing a really wonderful and unique small business to your attention. Every once in awhile I get the pleasant surprise of finding a gem of a customer like this and I love it! Lora at Serra Art and Craft creates beautiful and one of kind works of art on top of the plain old boring switch plates we’ve been selling her.
From her studio at home she turns the plain stuff into true works of art! Below is a sneak peak at her process and then some samples of her work that is for sale at her Etsy shop Serra Art and Craft.
The studio!
Some switch plates in progress…
A look into the process! Lora sketches out designs ahead of time trying to find what will fit onto the style of switch plate she is transforming.
And now some samples of her finished work. Each image will click through to her shop as I’m sure her inventory changes a lot with such beautiful designs. I don’t want the links to go bad when stuff sells out! These are just my favorites, she has a ton of different styles and designs, all gorgeous!
Spencer's Berserker -Altered Images Iron Switch Plate Cover
River Stone Switchplate
Art Switchplate - Serra Art & Craft
Art Switchplate: The Art of Prehistory - Altamira Bison, double toggle light switch plate, framed in beaded copper.

Brass & Blue All Over!

Being in the hardware business and working with so many interior decorators, furniture artists, and kitchen designers we are exposed to a wide variety of ideas and concepts. Over time we start to notice trends and our best business strategy is to see a trend and meet that trend’s need. We’ve had great success with this strategy over time. Most notably our label holder selection which came out of the ongoing faux card catalog trend. We noticed the trend and met it’s needs by supplying label holders well under a dollar so everyone could complete their project with a reasonable budget.

One of the newer and still under the radar trends I’ve noticed building steam over the last year or so is the mix of brass with all shades of blue. When working with bloggers or individual furniture makers I used to never get requests for brass hardware going back 5 years. But now it’s becoming more and more common for me to sell or give brass hardware and then see it tagged in a post used with navy blue or a light blue. I think it gives furniture and kitchens a unique and refreshing look so I decided to share some of the beautiful examples of brass and blue that D. Lawless has had the pleasure of providing hardware for.

The first example comes from Batchelors Way and we get pictures via a small girl’s bathroom makeover. The post also includes a simple tutorial on how to spray paint cabinet doors.

Brass Hardware & Blue Cabinets - Batchelors Way

The next one features beautiful navy blue and white kitchen with brass hardware from Rain on a Tin Roof! The article is part of a full home tour and is really worth a look. The kitchen is really unique with the mixing of the white upper cabinets and blue lower cabinets. The brass is the kicker!
Navy Blue & Brass Kitchen - Rain on a Tin Roof
Next we move into some furniture makeovers showing off the brass and blue look with a small nightstand makeover at Paper Daisy Design. This cute nightstand uses a soft “Sedona” brass and a light blue. Don’t you just love the gold (brass) trim?
Blue & Brass Nightstand - Paper Daisy Design
The next piece is from Finding Silver Pennies and has greatly contributed to our lion head ring pulls becoming extremely popular in the DIY blogging world! This one is truly a beauty!
Blue & Brass Dresser - Finding Silver Pennies
The next project takes a plain old TV stand and turns it into a bright blue drink cart with the help of some brass hardware. Check out the full project at The Chronicles of Home!
Brass & Blue Drink Cart - The Chronicles of Home
Now we’ll move into some off blue colors and some antique and brushed brasses just to give a little taste of how many different options you have when mixing brass hardware with blue paint. The first example is from Primitive & Proper and uses General Finishes Persian Blue paint and brushed brass from our store on this lovely mid century modern sideboard.
Brass & Blue Mid Century Sideboard - Primitive & Proper
Mixing it up again we have this brilliant blue corner curio from In My Own Style. Diane definitely has her own style and this project really shows it off!
Antique Brass & Blue Corner Curio - In My Own Style
From bright to dull? Why can’t I think of a better word than “dull?” These matching French Henredon  tables are anything but dull! These two beautiful pieces come from The Painted Drawer and works restoration brass in with a eggshell blue wonderfully!
Brass & Blue French Henredon Tables - The Painted Drawer
There are countless other examples from around the web. This is just a start! Thanks for reading and please click through to see the full projects!

Free Hardware Friday # 14


Today for Free Hardware Friday we have a couple of antique brass knobs from Amerock and Liberty Hardware. The promotion today is the same as every week. To get as many of these knobs as you need for your project totally free just do the following:

1. E-mail me at the address on the bottom of the post with your name, address, the product number, and how many you need.
2. Please put in writing what you plan to use the knobs for and also give me permission to use your photos to market the knobs. I might put your pictures up on our HomeTalk account, Facebook, or website.
That’s all! No catches.
Our first knob is from Amerock and is officially called by Amerock the “Natural Elegance Shell Knob” haha! I get a kick out of the names the hardware companies give these things. The D. Lawless version would be called “Antique Brass Knob.” But anyways here’s the knob…
The second knob is from Liberty Hardware and comes in three sizes…You can see why I want new pictures of this one as well…
If you would like to participate just follow the instructions above and write me at lawlesshardware(at)gmail(dot)com.
Looking forward to meeting and working with everyone!