Piano Makeover from Re-imagined by Lindsay

From time to time we get sent customer projects and I love to see each one and it also gives me something to post! This piano makeover comes from Re-Imagined by Lindsay and is topped off with a couple knobs from us. We met Lindsay through our Free Hardware Friday promotions that we ran all last year (and will start again sometime soon this year) and have gotten a lot of photos from her over time from that.

Lindsay works out of Summerville, SC and is available for recreating your dated pieces or for custom work. Below I’ll show off the piano project in full and then add on a few projects she did for Free Hardware Friday as well as some other work from her Facebook page.

Here’s the before, as you can see, it doesn’t even have legs! Lindsay told me she ended up making the legs herself out of stair railing spindles by painting and glazing them.

Piano Makeover Before
And here are some shots of the finished product with a couple of our knobs topping it off! The knobs are a minute detail but hey, we’ll take it! I mostly just love to see all the DIY people are doing no matter how small a role our hardware plays.
Piano Makeover After

Piano Makeover After 2

Piano Makeover After 3
As far as her other work is concerned, I’ll start with this little end table she completed using knobs from Free Hardware Friday. We sent her the knobs in exchange for photos of how she used them.
Free Hardware Friday - Re-Imagined by Lindsay
And here are a few other pieces that she’s posted on her Facebook page. I think she used hardware from us for the two with hardware, although it’s hard to tell from just a photo. Thanks Lindsay!
Re-Imagined by Lindsay Bench

Re-Imagined by Lindsay Dresser

Re-Imagined by Lindsay Desk
Any readers out there using our hardware and posting on a Facebook page, I’d be glad to feature your work as well. Have a great weekend everyone!

Antique Custom Made Knobs

When looking through my history of American furniture encylopedia I came across some cool old style custom cabinet knobs from 1700-1800s .These were particularly interesting to me since we have a large line of DIY hardware parts for making your own knobs with pictures or scenery just like these!

Of course back in the day these were expensive custom pieces and no one who wasn’t rich could really afford them. So glad times have changed! Below I’ll show off some of the neater ones I found and also post a few of the cool knobs people have made with our bases at the bottom.

Most of these knobs are enamel with prints via a paper transfer and then set in a copper base. They had to transfer copper engravings onto paper first so it was quite the process! Then they are typically set in a brass base and screw post. We have a lot of fun examples. Many of these pieces were made from governors or members of the government as custom pieces and gifts which makes sense as they would have been very pricey back at that time.

 To start off we have a set of knobs customized with General George Washington’s depiction. You can see even from the old photos that these knobs had amazing details for items produced pre-1800.

Antique George Washington Cabinet Knobs

General George Washington Cabinet Knob
The next couple are of state governors of the time. Governor Huntington and Governor Morris.

Antique Huntington Knob

Governmor Morris Cabinet Knob
Many knobs were made for the well off and would feature portraits of the husband and wife or depictions of family crests or symbols. Pictures of subjects of special interest to the family or of local importance would enshrine a history and make permanent record of events that at the same time added a pleasing and decorative feature.
Antique husband and wife knobs
family crests
Others were more for decoration and would feature scenes from life at the time. In the following images you can see a woman leaning on an anchor, a young flautist, a young girl in a bonnet, and several scenes of a woman enjoying nature.
antique cabinet knobs

antique cabinet knobs - girl in bonnet

antique cabinet knobs - flautist

Girl with tree  antique cabinet knobs

antique cabinet knobs - woman and dog
And just to sum up I’ll show off just one shot of some customized cabinet knobs made by Cher at Designs by Studio C in a project done for this very blog. With our custom knob parts you can take any photo you want and protect it behind a glass cabochon and display whatever you want from patterns to photos.
D lawless hardware custom knobs
I hope this interests more people than me lol!

DIY Jewelry Holder Using Lazy Susan & Copper Pipe

This easy to make jewelry holder utilizes Lazy Susan hardware with copper pipe for jewelry holder with an industrial look. There are no fancy tools required to make it, either!
spinning DIY jewelry stand
  • Drill
  • Tubing cutter for 1/2″ pipe
  • 1/8″ drill bit
Cut List:
  • 5 – 1/2″ copper pipe at 6″
  • 1 – 1/2″ copper pipe at 9″
Step One

Spray paint the knobs as desired. I used a Milk Glass spraypaint in a vintage aqua color for the knobs I used.
spray painted glass knobs

valspar milk glass paint
Step Two
Drill a hole in the center in each of the six ½” copper pipe caps. Thread a machine screw through the top of the glass knob then through one of the pipe caps. Secure the knob to the cap with a nut on the inside of the cap.

diy jewelry hardware
Step Three
Cut the pieces of pipe to length. Using the pipe cutter is really easy – make a mark on the pipe at the length desired, then align the blade of the cutter on the mark. Tighten the knob on the cutter so that it is snug on the pipe then turn the cutter around the pipe. Tighten the knob a bit then make another pass with the cutter. Continue until the cutter cuts the pipe all the way through.

copper pipe cutter

diy jewelry holder - cut copper pipe

connect copper pipes

copper pipe jewelry holder
Step Four
Apply a bit of adhesive to one end of each piece of pipe and insert the pieces of pipe into the tees. The “arms” of the jewelry holder will be the 6” pieces and the “stands” of the jewelry holder will be one 6” piece and one 9” piece.
Secure the caps with the glass knobs to each “arm” using adhesive.

clear glass knob jewelry holder

glass knob jewelry holder
Step Five
Stain or paint the round piece of wood, as desired. Position the Lazy Susan hardware on the bottom of the wood and secure in place with one ¾” screw through the center.< /div>

lazy susan jewelry holder
Step Six
Secure the remaining pipe caps to the wood with a ¾” screw and a washer, approximately 1” from the center. This will make the two sections of pipe 2” apart. Apply a bead of adhesive around the outside of the “stand” portion of the pipe assemblies, then insert the pipe into the caps.

diy jewelry holder, lazy susan

copper pipe lazy susan jewelry holder

Jewelry Holder Lazy Susan - final
This jewelry stand can also be made with PVC pipe which is a little less expensive and it can also be spray painted any color. The stands also make a great gift!

Add Some Detail to Everyday Stuff – Spice Up Your Slow Cooker

Sometimes people have great ideas on how to pretty up everyday things around the house using our hardware and this one from Designs by Studio C is a great example! Personalize your slow cooker with something that’s more your style than the little plastic handle!

Like most people, I am a huge fan of using a slow cooker to make meals. It doesn’t get any easier – put the food in and turn it on, and a few hours later dinner is served. It all came to a halt when the handle on the lid of my slow cooker broke. I didn’t want to spend the money on a new lid plus I wasn’t really sure where I would find a new lid! I found that a drawer knob works perfectly as a new handle on the lid!
use cabinet knobs to decorate slow cooker

use cabinet knobs to upgrade slow cooker
I started by removing the pieces of the old handle on the lid. The handle was held in place with a screw and a rubber washer.

pretty up your slow cooker

how to customize your slow cooker
I dug through my stash to find a knob that I thought would fit and look really, really cool (I’m into that!). I came upon a metal drawer knob with a matching escutcheon plate that I bought years ago. The next trick was finding a #8-32 machine screw in my stash that was short enough to make the knob and plate fit snugly against the lid.
I found a ¾” #8-32 machine screw that fit into the end of the knob perfectly. I threaded the screw through the rubber washer that was originally on the lid, then threaded the escutcheon plate and knob on the machine screw. I made sure the screw was snug but not too tight so that it interfered with the natural expansion and contraction of the heat of the lid. 

customize your slow cooker
I love the way it looks but the only bad thing is that the knob gets a little hot. To me, that is a small sacrifice compared to trying to find a new lid! Any style of drawer knob can be used – a porcelain knob may also work and may get less hot, but I would definitely avoid a plastic knob as it may melt! 

11 DIY Home Ideas

Have a project you’ve been wanting to get started on? Or maybe you just need a few ideas. Today, we’re going to go through some of the top DIY projects using our hardware. Maybe you’ll find some inspiration along the way.
bar cart

The Chronicles of Home takes an old IKEA tv stand and turns it into a wonderful blue bar cart. The transformation from lackluster old TV stand to bar cart was actually really simple. Anyone can do it so check out the how to by clicking over.

clay knobs
These clay drawer label knobs can be made in six easy steps. The pictures are illustrative, but for a more in depth look check out Liz Marie’s blog.
built in closet

This is a very comprehensive DIY from Remodelaholic. Cassity guides you step by step through the process of this built-in closet rebuild from upcycled furniture.

wicker basket
From Plum Doodles, this DIY wicker basket with wheels is an easy project to take on. See how she adds the casters to the wicker basket to make a great rolling storage space for your home.
rolling garden cart
This project is great for storing all your goods inside and taking it with you around the yard. Lolly Jane walks you through the process of creating a DIY rolling garden cart.
serving tray
A quick and useful tutorial from Happy Hour Projects shows you how to turn a cutting board into a serving tray in 10 minutes or less! 
diy towel rack
Dwelling in Happiness had a boring build grade towel bar in her guest bathroom. The makeover made for a lot prettier place to hang the towels with this DIY towel rack and shelf.
jewelry organizer
Ever needed a place to put all your jewelry? Juju Sprinkles creates this sleek black jewelry organizer to help you out. Our dare I say cheap, but high quality, cup hooks make this DIY organizer nice and neat.
herringbone dresser
The before and after photos show what a tremendous job was done on this herringbone dresser DIY. Infarrantly Creative walks you through this incredible transformation.
laundry room
Lemon Thistle walks you through this DIY laundry room makeover from cabinets, to countertops, to details and decor.
kitchen island
Shades of Blue Interiors shares with you the free build plans for this DIY kitchen island with trash storage. Both functionally and aesthetically pleasing you’ll want to check this tutorial out.

Spray Painting Glass Drawer Knobs

D. Lawless Hardware carries an amazing selection of clear glass drawer knobs. If clear knobs don’t suit the “theme” of your project, why not consider painting them? There are so many new and fabulous products on the market for spray painting glass that I thought I would change the look of a few of these clear beauties for a shelf project!
How to Spray Paint Glass Knobs Article - D. Lawless Hardware
Some of the new spray paints for glass include Frosted Glass, Sea Glass and Stained Glass spray paints by Krylon, and Milk Glass spray paint by Valspar. For this project, I’m using Stained Glass spray paint by Krylon in Cobalt Blue (I will be using the other spray paints in future projects!).
Krylon is perfect for spray painting glass knobs - D. Lawless Hardware
The Stained Glass spray paint comes in a wide variety of colors and the thing I liked most about the Cobalt Blue is that the color is so vivid when the paint dries! It is virtually impossible to mess it up, too!
To begin, wash the glass knobs with mild dishwashing liquid and dry them thoroughly. This makes sure the glass is free of oils from hands as well as any other dirt, dust and debris!
Glass Knobs for Spray Painting - D. Lawless Hardware
Once the knobs are dry, spray a light coat of the paint on all areas of the knobs. Generally, only one coat is needed but additional coats can be added to deepen the color a bit. (Make sure to pay attention to the instructions on the can for recoat times!) The paint may look a little opaque when it is wet but will become clearer as it dries.
How to Spray Paint Glass Knobs - D. Lawless Hardware
Purple Spray Painted Glass Knobs - D. Lawless Hardware
I like to let the paint cure at least overnight before adding it to my project. I used these knobs on a wall mounted shelf I built and I love how the color pops against the grey and white!
Spray Painted Glass Knobs used for Coat Rack - D. Lawless Hardware

Design a Corkboard w/ a Wood Frame

This large, decorative corkboard is the perfect piece for leaving notes or displaying photos or artwork. The wood frame is easy to build and features a scrolling applique at the top.

DIY Corkboard Plans - D. Lawless Hardware - Complete Project

DIY Corkboard Plans - D. Lawless Hardware - Applique


·         2’ x 4’ piece of corkboard
·         Adhesive such as Liquid Nails
·         Birch Wood Appliqué
·         1/2″ brad nails
·         1-1/4” pocket hole screws
·         Wood glue
·         Paint or stain/sealer
Tools Needed:
·         Miter saw or Circular saw
·         Drill
·         Pocket hole jig
·         Pneumatic nailer with compressor
·         3 – 1×3 at 4’
·         1 – 1×6 at 4’
·         1 – 4’ x 8’ sheet of ¼” plywood
Cut List:
·         1 – 1×4 at 31” – Frame
·         1 – 1×6 at 31” – Frame
·         2 – 1×4 at 48” – Frame
·         1 – ¼” plywood at 27-1/2” x 50” – Back
Step One
Cut the pieces for the frame. With the pocket hole jig set for ¾” material, drill pocket holes in each end of the longer 1×4 pieces. Assemble the frame using glue and 1-1/4” pocket hole screws.
DIY Corkboard Plans - D. Lawless Hardware - Cut List
Step Two
Cut the piece for the back. Secure the back over the back side of the frame using glue and ½” brad nails.
DIY Corkboard Plans - D. Lawless Hardware - Step 2
Step Three
With the frame facing right side up, spread adhesive on the back and position the corkboard on top. If necessary, clamp in place.
DIY Corkboard Plans - D. Lawless Hardware - Step 4
Step Four
Secure the appliqué to the top of the frame using glue and ½” brad nails. 
DIY Corkboard Plans - D. Lawless Hardware
Finish as desired. Add hanging wire or a large sawtooth hanger to the back.

Build a Book Case w/ Metal Legs

This easy to build bookcase uses 2’ x 4’ sheets of medium density fiberboard (MDF), an inexpensive alternative to plywood, and has fabulous, sleek metal legs. The back of the bookcase in the example was covered with a coordinating wallpaper for a pop of color!
book case plans - D. Lawless Hardware - 34
And the finished product…
book case plans - D. Lawless Hardware -4
·         1-1/2” brad nails
·         Wood Glue
·         Satin Nickel Furniture Legs and screws
·         Paint of your choice
·         Wallpaper and glue or Mod Podge, optional
Tools Needed:
·         Table saw or Circular saw
·         Pneumatic brad nailer with compressor
·         Drill with a Phillips bit
·         4 – 2’ x 4’ sheets of ½” MDF (or 1 – 4’ x 8’ sheet cut into fourths)
·         1 – 2’ x 4’ sheet of ¼” plywood
Cut List:
·         2 – ½” MDF at 15” x 48” – Sides
·         8 – ½” MDF at 1-1/2” x 23-1/2” – Front & Back Stretchers
·         4 – ½” MDF at 15” x 24” – Shelves, Top & Bottom
·         1 – ¼” plywood at 24” x 47-1/2” – Back
Step One
Cut the pieces for the sides, and the front and back stretchers. Secure the stretchers using glue and 1-1/2” brad nails as shown in the drawing, locating them ½” back from the front and back edges of the sides. The top stretchers will also be located ½” down from the top of the sides.
book case plans - D. Lawless Hardware 3

book case plans - D. Lawless Hardware 2
Step Two
Cut the pieces for the shelves, top and bottom. Position these pieces on top of the stretchers securing in place with glue and 1-1/2” brad nails.
book case plans - D. Lawless Hardware
Step Three
Cut the piece for the back. If using wallpaper to cover the inside of the back, apply a coat of glue or Mod Podge to one side of the back piece, then smooth the wallpaper in place. Trim away any excess.
Secure the back in place using glue and 1-1/2” brad nails through the back into the sides, shelves, top and bottom.
book case plans - D. Lawless Hardware
Step Four
Finish as desired. I used a few coats of a charcoal grey chalk paint on the example, then used a clear wax over the paint.
Secure a 2×4 block in each corner of the bottom under the lower shelf using glue and 1-1/2” brad nails through the top of the shelf. Position the legs on the blocks, then secure the legs using 1” screws.
metal table legs project

metal table legs

DIY and Decorative Hook Projects

Hooks! Everyone needs them. There are a ton of different ways to use our hooks and our friends, including bloggers and small business partners, have used them in a ton of unique or traditional manners.

potting bench
potting bench top
First up is Homeroad, who always makes good use of our hooks. In this farmhouse piece, she repurposes this furniture into a potting bench. The hooks at the top provide much needed utility for a various array of objects that could be of use.
jewelry organizer

Ju Ju Sprinkles takes our chrome cup hooks and efficiently provides space with them for a DIY jewelry organizer. Cup hooks are only $3 for 100!

bath towel hooks

Little House of Four makes a hall bath towel rack with these fine brass hooks. Labeled one, two, and three you can keep track of which towel is yours 🙂

coat hook rack
Worthing Court says “no mudroom, no problem,” with the top half of a hutch she makes room for hats, gloves, and more with our fancy coat hooks.
coffee hanger
Gail, from My Repurposed Life, creates an original coffee cup holder with a cabinet drawer face and our satin nickel single and two prong hooks.
coffee station
More coffee! Michelle J Designs creates this coffee station from scratch with three shelves and a hook, of course, for your coffee cups.
glass knob hooks

One Dog Woof makes the most out of this narrow hallway with our glass knob hooks. The entry way now provides enough storage and utility for numerous items to store or hang.

oil rubbed bronze coat hooks
DIY on the Cheap from Erin Spain teaches you how to build a wall mounted coat rack from start to finish with our oil rubbed bronze hooks.

wall mail organizer

Infarrantly Creative shows off a wall mail organizer with not only our single prong coat hooks,
but also our line of label holders as well. Looks like a lot of clutter can be organized into this awesome space.

DIY pink owl hook

Adrianne at Happy Hour Projects has a daughter that loves owls. When redoing the bathroom she took our custom hook making bases and made a pink owl to suit.

mudroom hooks
That’s My Letter uses some antique brass hooks for her mudroom. Join Jaime in her “How to” for mounting mudroom hooks.
These are just some of the fantastic ways you can decorate your home from cup hooks to coat hooks. If you’re feeling a DIY project don’t hesitate to check us out!

DIY Cabinet Knob Ideas from Our Business Partners

Feeling creative? We have some pictures of our DIY knob bases in use by our customers for you to check out. From stones to legos, you really can use these knob bases to create that unique looking knob that’s just for you.

Let’s get the creative juices flowing.

amethyst gemstone knob
With My Intention creates these beautiful gemstone knobs in an amethyst purple. Amethyst attracts positive energy and rids your body of any negative energy.
fun glass knobs
Kate from Second Life Art creates these Fun & Funky glass knobs in a rainbow of color. After the glass has been cut, she layers the glass with a fun and funky piece of glass on top before they are fused together.
black beach stone knobs
Tim at Lake House Treasury creates classy stone knobs in several different varieties. Featured above is a hand picked beach stone knob in a soft black and white weather worn feel.
aqua blue glass knob
Sietto has an amazing collection of glass cabinet hardware using our bases. This feature is a Glacier in aqua blue. This knob carries the illusion of having the ice right on your drawers.
DIY lego knob
DIY lego table

Becky over at Infarrantly Creative does an amazing job with all kinds of projects. Here she created custom lego knobs to go with her DIY lego table.
malachite gemstone knob
chrysocolle knobs

Linda at LandiDesigns creates a large variety of custom knobs from all types of stones, crystals, and gems. Featured above is malachite gemstone and blue chrysocolla gemstone respectively.

fused glass drawer pull

Uneek Glass Fusions uses two bases to create a glass mosaic drawer pull each with its own unique pattern and color of fused glass.

petoskey stone cabinet knobs

Lakeshore Stones used to make these one of a kind petoskey stone cabinet knobs. From Lake Michigan, petoskey stones are a rock and a fossil composed of coral creating an elegant look and polished feel.< br />

beach stone cabinet knobs

Hand painted lovely oval dark gray beach rocks set on your choice of base color by Aimee from Rock Works

grizzly glass knobs

Meadowlark Art & Jewelry brings color and light into any space with these exquisite glass knobs with a Montana grizzly bear.

Hopefully, this gives you some ideas to get started creating your own custom knobs. If you’d like to check out our selection of bases you can visit the DIY knob and pull base section at http://www.dlawlesshardware.com/knob-making-bases.html