DIY Jewelry Holder Using Lazy Susan & Copper Pipe

This easy to make jewelry holder utilizes Lazy Susan hardware with copper pipe for jewelry holder with an industrial look. There are no fancy tools required to make it, either!
spinning DIY jewelry stand
  • Drill
  • Tubing cutter for 1/2″ pipe
  • 1/8″ drill bit
Cut List:
  • 5 – 1/2″ copper pipe at 6″
  • 1 – 1/2″ copper pipe at 9″
Step One

Spray paint the knobs as desired. I used a Milk Glass spraypaint in a vintage aqua color for the knobs I used.
spray painted glass knobs

valspar milk glass paint
Step Two
Drill a hole in the center in each of the six ½” copper pipe caps. Thread a machine screw through the top of the glass knob then through one of the pipe caps. Secure the knob to the cap with a nut on the inside of the cap.

diy jewelry hardware
Step Three
Cut the pieces of pipe to length. Using the pipe cutter is really easy – make a mark on the pipe at the length desired, then align the blade of the cutter on the mark. Tighten the knob on the cutter so that it is snug on the pipe then turn the cutter around the pipe. Tighten the knob a bit then make another pass with the cutter. Continue until the cutter cuts the pipe all the way through.

copper pipe cutter

diy jewelry holder - cut copper pipe

connect copper pipes

copper pipe jewelry holder
Step Four
Apply a bit of adhesive to one end of each piece of pipe and insert the pieces of pipe into the tees. The “arms” of the jewelry holder will be the 6” pieces and the “stands” of the jewelry holder will be one 6” piece and one 9” piece.
Secure the caps with the glass knobs to each “arm” using adhesive.

clear glass knob jewelry holder

glass knob jewelry holder
Step Five
Stain or paint the round piece of wood, as desired. Position the Lazy Susan hardware on the bottom of the wood and secure in place with one ¾” screw through the center.< /div>

lazy susan jewelry holder
Step Six
Secure the remaining pipe caps to the wood with a ¾” screw and a washer, approximately 1” from the center. This will make the two sections of pipe 2” apart. Apply a bead of adhesive around the outside of the “stand” portion of the pipe assemblies, then insert the pipe into the caps.

diy jewelry holder, lazy susan

copper pipe lazy susan jewelry holder

Jewelry Holder Lazy Susan - final
This jewelry stand can also be made with PVC pipe which is a little less expensive and it can also be spray painted any color. The stands also make a great gift!

How to Make Easy Plywood Art Frames

These art frames are not traditional in any way, yet they are super-easy to make! These frames are made with a plywood base, which has been stained, then finished off with a piece of Plexiglas secured to the base with finish washers and screws.
Plywood Picture Frame How To
Finish washers are cupped  washers that add a decorative or “finished” look to screws that will be exposed. They usually come in a chrome finish and can easily be spray painted to suit the project.
Materials to make one frame to hold an 8×10 photo:
·         1/2” plywood cut to 13” x 16”
·         Sander with 150 & 220 grit sandpaper
·         Plexiglas cut to 11” x 14” (I bought mine pre-cut in the framing department of my local hobby store)
·         Drill with 1/8” drill bit
·         4 – 1/2” screws
·         4 – #8 finish washers
·         Sawtooth hanger
The plywood can be purchased in 2’ x 2’ or 2’ x 4’ sheets. Most home improvement stores will cut them to size for you at no or minimal cost.
Start by sanding thoroughly sanding the plywood using 150 grit sand paper followed by 220 grit sandpaper. Stain or paint the plywood as desired. I used a stencil and a glue-resist technique on the plywood piece, then stained it using a dark brown stain. I finished with two coats of a polyurethane sealer.

How to make your own frame with plexiglass
Next, position the Plexiglas sheet on the plywood piece with a 1” border around all sides. Use a drill with a 1/8” drill bit to drill holes in each corner of the Plexiglas approximately 1/2” in from each end. When drilling holes in Plexiglas, use very gentle pressure or the Plexiglas will crack. Do not drill all the way through the plywood base.

how to make a frame
Thread a finish washer over the end of each screw, then carefully drive the screws through the holes in the Plexiglas into the plywood. Do not overtighten the screws because this will also crack the Plexiglas.

make a frame with D. Lawless
Insert the photo or artwork desired prior to securing all of the screws. Install a sawtooth hanger on the back of the plywood base.

how to make a picture frame
The plywood base of these frames can be stained or painted to match any décor. The size is easily customizable as well… 

Plexiglas can be purchased in large sheets at any home improvement store then cut to the size desired using a straight edge and a utility knife. A great idea would be to create a really large frame then add photos in a collage! With the holidays coming up, these frames will make great gifts and several can be made inexpensively!

Add Some Detail to Everyday Stuff – Spice Up Your Slow Cooker

Sometimes people have great ideas on how to pretty up everyday things around the house using our hardware and this one from Designs by Studio C is a great example! Personalize your slow cooker with something that’s more your style than the little plastic handle!

Like most people, I am a huge fan of using a slow cooker to make meals. It doesn’t get any easier – put the food in and turn it on, and a few hours later dinner is served. It all came to a halt when the handle on the lid of my slow cooker broke. I didn’t want to spend the money on a new lid plus I wasn’t really sure where I would find a new lid! I found that a drawer knob works perfectly as a new handle on the lid!
use cabinet knobs to decorate slow cooker

use cabinet knobs to upgrade slow cooker
I started by removing the pieces of the old handle on the lid. The handle was held in place with a screw and a rubber washer.

pretty up your slow cooker

how to customize your slow cooker
I dug through my stash to find a knob that I thought would fit and look really, really cool (I’m into that!). I came upon a metal drawer knob with a matching escutcheon plate that I bought years ago. The next trick was finding a #8-32 machine screw in my stash that was short enough to make the knob and plate fit snugly against the lid.
I found a ¾” #8-32 machine screw that fit into the end of the knob perfectly. I threaded the screw through the rubber washer that was originally on the lid, then threaded the escutcheon plate and knob on the machine screw. I made sure the screw was snug but not too tight so that it interfered with the natural expansion and contraction of the heat of the lid. 

customize your slow cooker
I love the way it looks but the only bad thing is that the knob gets a little hot. To me, that is a small sacrifice compared to trying to find a new lid! Any style of drawer knob can be used – a porcelain knob may also work and may get less hot, but I would definitely avoid a plastic knob as it may melt! 

Create Custom Knobs Using Metallic Markers on Plastic Knobs

Plastic knobs are great on any project because they are inexpensive but they  are very plain. There are many ways to dress them up to reflect the style of any project and one of those ways is by using metallic markers!
·         Plastic drawer knobs(as many as needed for the project)
·         Metallic markers (I used Sharpies in gold, silver and bronze)
The cool thing about using markers on the plastic knobs is that it is virtually impossible to mess them up! If a mistake is made, a bit of rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab will remove the ink and the design can be started over. Trust me, I did this quite a few times!
I drew random dots, circles, squiggles and even flowers on the top of each knob. I wanted each design to be different – I think it is more fun that way!

Markers in other colors can also be used for a vibrant and bright pop of color on each knob! Paint markers can be used, as well.

A clear sealer for the knobs is not necessary if using the Sharpie brand of markers. Other brands of markers may require a test with sealer to see if the colors bleed – then again, that may make a whole new design for the knobs!

Super fine-tipped markers can be used to write words on the knobs – something sentimental or inspiring would be great on any furniture or organization project!

The knobs can also be spray painted in any color (preferably a light color) before using the markers.
So don’t overlook these inexpensive drawer knobs… With a few markers, they can be turned into something fabulous that will fit into any home décor style and look great on any project!

How to Build a DIY Tablet Stand

With all of the awesome advances in technology, most everyone has and uses a tablet (my kids do!)… They are handy for all sorts of things so wouldn’t it be nice to make a tablet stand to keep it upright and out of the way while you’re using it? (Hint- it helps with neck strain!) This stand is really easy to make and I’ve made two, customizing each of them in a different way!

DIY tablet stand
·         Scrap 1×12 board at 12”
·         Scrap 1×6 board at 6”
·         Scrap ¾” square dowel rod at 12”
·         2” brad nails
·         1-1/4” brad nails
·         Decorative ¾” trim or wood appliqués
·         Wood glue
·         Stain and sealer or primer and paint
Tools needed:

·         Jigsaw
·         Pneumatic brad nailer with compressor
Step One
Using the piece for the angled stand rest, draw a diagonal line across the board from corner to corner. Cut along this line with the jigsaw. Once the pieces were cut, I stained them prior to assembling the stand.
DIY tablet stand - D. Lawless
Step Two
Position the rest pieces on the back of the 1×12 base (the base leans on the angled portion of each piece), securing in place using glue and 2” brad nails through the front of the base into the rest pieces. (Use caution and keep fingers out of the way!)
DIY tablet stand - back side
Step Three
Secure the square dowel to the front of the stand base approximately 1” up from the bottom using glue and 1-1/4” brad nails.
Step Four
Secure the decorative trim to the front of the square dowel using glue. If using the decorative wood appliqués, they can be secured using glue at the top edge of the 1×12 base.
DIY tablet stand - appliques
Aren’t they great? This easy to make tablet stand can be customized in so many other ways – it can be decoupaged with photos, stenciled, painted or just left plain!
DIY tablet stand project

DIY tablet stand - finished
DIY tablet stand pin button
This is an easy project that would make a great gift, and several can be made over the course of a weekend! Until next time…

How to Make a Clipboard Photo Hanger

make a decorative clipboard - pin
This clipboard photo or artwork hanger is really easy to make… It is the perfect piece to display a favorite quote, hang a scheduling calendar or just to display a little one’s latest masterpiece! The best part about it is that it can be customized to match the décor in the home, and several can be made in a day!
2″ x 2″ sheet of 1/2″ plywood
Clipboard clip (found at any craft store) with two 1/2″ screws
Wood adhesive
Tools Needed: 
Circular saw
Drill bit matching the diameter of the jewelry box pull
decorative clipboard - D. Lawless Hardware

Step One

Cut the piece of plywood to 12 ½” x 16 ½”. Most home improvement stores will do this for you. If you purchase a larger sheet of plywood, you can get more than one base for the clipboard hanger.
decorative clipboard - how to

Step Two

Secure the wood appliqués using the wood adhesive. I used a small flower medallionand a pair of swirls. You can use anything you’d like!
decorative clipboard - apply appliques

Step Three

Stain or paint the plywood piece. I used a one-step stain and sealer in a dark brown using three coats.

Step Four

Spray paint the screw heads to match the clip, if necessary. Position the clip in the center of the top end of the plywood, then drive the screws in the holes to secure the clip in place.

Step Five

Mark the center of the very top edge of the plywood and drill a shallow pilot hole. Insert the screw portion of the jewelry box pull to hang the clipboard.
decorative clipboard - add the jewelry box pull
Add whatever you’d like to display to the clipboard photo or artwork hanger and enjoy!

Three Ways to Hang Frames, Signs, or Mirrors

Everyone has artwork of some sort in the home and there are so many ways to hang it on the wall. There are all types of different fasteners, hangers and hardware, as well! Three of the easiest hangers to install are keyhole hangers, sawtooth hangers and (my favorite) soda can tabs with a washer and screw. Each of these hangers only take minutes to install and are super-strong to ensure that the artwork stays put!

1. Keyhole Hangers

Keyhole hangers are metal plates that screw onto the back of a frame or sign with a sort of oval shaped opening. The opening is larger on the bottom to fit over a screw head, then slides down so that the narrower portion of the oval rests behind the screw head that is mounted on the wall.
To install keyhole hangers, position the hanging plate on the back of the frame or sign and mark the position of the screw holes. Pre-drill the holes using a drill bit that is the same diameter or smaller than the screw being used to fasten the plate taking care not to go all the way through the art piece. Tighten the screws through the holes in the plate into the pre-drilled holes. 
How to Hang Mirrors

How to Hang Mirrors - D. Lawless Hardware
How to Hang Signs

2. Sawtooth Hangers

Sawtooth hangers are little metal strips with “teeth” on one end that sort of grip the nail or screw in the wall where the art piece will be hung. The sawtooth hanger is fastened to the frame or sign using tiny nails. Holding those little nails with one hand while trying to tap them into place with a hammer can be a tedious job! I like to use needle nose pliers to hold the nail while I tap the head with a hammer. Works like a charm!
How to Hang Mirrors - sawtooth

How to Hang Mirrors - sawtooth and brads

How to Hang Mirrors - sawtooth D. Lawless Hardware

3. Soda Can Tab with a Washer and Screw

This, by far, is the cheapest option for hanging artwork! Using a regular soda can tab, place a screw through a washer, then through the smaller hole in the soda can tab and drive the screw into the frame or sign. Use a standard screw driver to slightly bend the soda can tab to make it easier to hang on the nail or screw in the wall.
How to Hang Mirrors w/ a Soda Can Tab
Hang Mirrors with a soda can tab
That’s it – three easy ways to hang frames, signs or mirrors on the wall that are inexpensive and easy!

Spray Painting Glass Drawer Knobs

D. Lawless Hardware carries an amazing selection of clear glass drawer knobs. If clear knobs don’t suit the “theme” of your project, why not consider painting them? There are so many new and fabulous products on the market for spray painting glass that I thought I would change the look of a few of these clear beauties for a shelf project!
How to Spray Paint Glass Knobs Article - D. Lawless Hardware
Some of the new spray paints for glass include Frosted Glass, Sea Glass and Stained Glass spray paints by Krylon, and Milk Glass spray paint by Valspar. For this project, I’m using Stained Glass spray paint by Krylon in Cobalt Blue (I will be using the other spray paints in future projects!).
Krylon is perfect for spray painting glass knobs - D. Lawless Hardware
The Stained Glass spray paint comes in a wide variety of colors and the thing I liked most about the Cobalt Blue is that the color is so vivid when the paint dries! It is virtually impossible to mess it up, too!
To begin, wash the glass knobs with mild dishwashing liquid and dry them thoroughly. This makes sure the glass is free of oils from hands as well as any other dirt, dust and debris!
Glass Knobs for Spray Painting - D. Lawless Hardware
Once the knobs are dry, spray a light coat of the paint on all areas of the knobs. Generally, only one coat is needed but additional coats can be added to deepen the color a bit. (Make sure to pay attention to the instructions on the can for recoat times!) The paint may look a little opaque when it is wet but will become clearer as it dries.
How to Spray Paint Glass Knobs - D. Lawless Hardware
Purple Spray Painted Glass Knobs - D. Lawless Hardware
I like to let the paint cure at least overnight before adding it to my project. I used these knobs on a wall mounted shelf I built and I love how the color pops against the grey and white!
Spray Painted Glass Knobs used for Coat Rack - D. Lawless Hardware

How to Install Side Mount Drawer Slides

There are three main types of drawer slides including two different styles of bottom mount slides (one type mounts to each side of a drawer box and the other type mounts directly in the center bottom) and side mount slides.
In addition to the different types of drawer slides, there are also many different styles – ball bearing, soft-close, slides with nylon wheels and the style I will use in this example. 
side mount drawer slide - D. Lawless Hardware
I have a love/hate relationship with drawer slides. They can be really easy to install or they can be really difficult to install. This particular style, in my opinion, is the easiest to install by far! I came across them by accident and when I opened the box, I immediately expected them to be difficult but they weren’t! In fact, I still had a smile on my face when I finished installing them, ha ha!
One of the things I love about this style is the lever stops at the front of the cabinet-side slide. This keeps the drawer from being pulled out and also makes it easy to remove the drawer.
To install these slides, mount the drawer-side portion of the slides with the wheel at the back end of the drawer. The little framing piece (where the wheel is located) will be flush with the bottom and back end of the side of the drawer. Insert one screw in one of the holes in this area. Measure from the bottom of the slide itself to the bottom of the drawer and make sure the front portion of the slide (without the wheel) measures the same distance. Insert the remaining screws.
side mount drawer slide installation
Now, align the cabinet-side pieces (the wheel will be at the front of the cabinet and will face up) with the stretcher that corresponds with the drawer. I located mine 3/4″ back from the front edge to allow for the inset drawer front. Make sure the side is level and insert the screws.
installing side mount drawer slides
install a side mount drawer slide
Slide the drawer in…That is all there is to it!
how to install side mount drawer slides
Here is a secret trick – if an oddball length of drawer slide is needed (my project needed slides that measured 11-1/2”), it is easy to cut the ends (opposite the wheels) off with a hacksaw! Super-easy, right?

How to Install and Use Inside Corner Braces

There are several different types of corner braces such as inside corner braces, flat corner braces and “L” braces. All of these types of braces serve the same purpose – to keep boards secured in a square or rectangle keeping them even or “square”.
I had the opportunity to use a set of inside corner braces when building a stool. There are screw holes in the two sides (which will allow the user to secure the braces to framing) as well as in the flat, triangular top (to secure a top or seat). The inside corner braces are really, really easy to install. For this demonstration, I am showing how I installed the inside corner braces on the stool frame then attached the top.
How to Install Corner Braces - D. Lawless Hardware
So, I have the stool frame assembled which includes legs and aprons. In order to use the inside corner braces, the aprons have to be directly perpendicular to each other on the inside of the legs.  I used #6 x 3/4” wood screws and secured the inside corner braces in each corner where the aprons are joined to the legs.
How to Install Inside Corner Braces - D. Lawless Hardware
Then, I positioned the frame on the underside of the seat and secured the seat to the frame with the #6 x 3/4″ screws through the flat, triangular top portion of the brace into the seat. Super easy!
How to Install Corner Braces - D. Lawless Hardware 2
How to Install Corner Braces - D. Lawless Hardware 3
How to Install Corner Braces - D. Lawless Hardware 4
The inside corner braces would be used on the framing and top of a table in the same manner. They could also be used on the top portion of a box or trunk (without securing them to the top or lid) which would help support the corners if the top or lid is heavy.
Uses for other braces such as flat corner braces and “L” braces can also be decorative. They can be spray painted and used on photo or mirror frames, or as a decorative element on chair or table legs. They can also give an “industrial” look to furniture projects!