Where to Buy Custom Glass Knobs

One of the lines of hardware I am most proud of developing over the years is our collection of knob and pull bases for creating and crafting your own cabinet knobs. Not to toot our own horn, but I believe we are in great part responsible for an entire cottage industry of independent custom hardware makers selling on Etsy, Ebay, and even their own online stores throughout the country. We literally have sold over 100,000 of these little knob making bases since we started the line about 5 years ago. Before that, knob making parts cost $2-3 each, making the probability of a building profitable business designing custom cabinet knobs very low.

Many of our bases are used personally for crafting totally unique and one of a kind knobs for someone’s own home. But many more end up on amazing custom glass and ceramic knobs that are being sold all over the world. Some of these are truly works of art and I wanted to share them with you and also create a nice source page for anyone looking for stuff you can’t find at D. Lawless or for someone that won’t settle for the mass produced stuff. Or maybe you are just looking for ideas and want to make your own hardware soon!

Below, in no particular order, I am going to run through a long list of small business partners we’ve gained over the  years that are making their own knobs and making a little money too. Although growing, and we probably look big to some, we are a small business ourselves and it’s nice to be able to support the people that support us. Without further ado…

Years ago we got our start in this niche with Sietto. We were contacted by the designer to develop knob hardware for his beautiful designs. While developing pieces for Sietto we decided to take a chance and develop our own parts for retail. So in a very big way all the companies below benefited from Sietto’s vision and success. In order to purchase Sietto’s beautiful knobs you have to shop at one of our competitors! But, oh well…here is a list of sites that sell Sietto. And here are some nice examples of their work using our bases.

      sietto ice glass knob Sietto custom glass knob 

Kribensis Glass Arts is a newer Etsy store with some really wonderful custom blown glass pieces. Donald recently began blowing glass knobs and they are really very stunning! All items in his store are designed and created in the Florida Keys. Made from hand blown and worked borosilicate glass. Each one handcrafted!

Kribensis Glass Arts

Knucklehead Knobs has been a customer for awhile now and they create a variety beautiful stone and glass knobs using our bases. With over 3,500 Etsy sales and a 5 star rating you can be you are getting some high end unique pieces when you buy from Knucklehead Knobs. It’s fantastic to supply people with ratings even higher than ours! You can click through to the store on each picture!

Chunky Turquoise Stone Cabinet Knobs - Set of 2, Cabinet Knob, Fixture, Drawer Pull, Turquoise, Stone, Nugget, Kitchen, Bathroom, Southwest Cabinet Knobs - Terracotta Squares - Set of 2, Stone Cabinet Knobs, Kitchen Knobs and Pulls, Lava, Beach Decor 

3DGlassDesigns is a new customer of ours selling on Etsy. They’ve been doing dichroic glass for all sorts of other stuff for awhile now but they just started getting bases from us and creating these beauties below. From their site, “Unique, Dazzling, and Distinctive Dichroic Glass Jewelry. One of a kind dichroic glass creations featuring handmade furnace glass, starphire glass, sterling silver, copper and brass bezel settings. Each piece is a true work of art, sure to become a family heirloom.” All of the above applies to their cabinet hardware creations as well!

          Dichroic Glass Cabinet Door Pull in Gold, Orange and Green over Blue Aventurine Glass with Oil Rubbed Bronze Hardware.   Dichroic Glass Cabinet Door Pull in Blue and Gold with Chrome Hardware.   Aventurine Blue Cabinet Door Pull with Purple Stripes over Silver Circuit Pattern Design.

Uneek Glass Fusions is a long time customer and produces wonder handcrafted glass cabinet hardware, accent tile, lighting and more! They use our bases when making their custom hardware and we couldn’t be happier. Also winner’s of a Best of Houzz award in both 2014 and 2015! Here’s a bit of their work…

Cobalt Blue with White Confetti Glass KnobMosaic Glass Drawer Pull in Dichroic GlassRed and Silver Mosaic Dichroic Glass Cabinet KnobMosaic Glass Cabinet Handle in Dichroic Shades of Red
Next up we have another long time customer in Art De Fleur. Art De Fleur is another Etsy small business creating all sorts of beautiful glass work. A portion of their store sells a variety of really modern and sleek styles of glass knobs using our bases of course. I really love the modern touch of these knobs, some of my favorites!
Turquoise Blue, Black, and White Geometric KnobBlack Chopsticks on Your choice of colors 1 1/2" square knob

And finally we have another great customer of ours Prettyware on Etsy! We supply Prettyware with a variety of hardware which Prettyware totally customizes to turn the pieces into really totally one of a kind accents to your home. The hand painted glass knobs she makes using our plain clear glass knobs are my favorites!

2 Aqua Aquamarine Crystal Doorknob Set Handpainted Glass 2 Inch Knobs White HardwareSet of 4 Painted Glass Aqua Blue Drawer Pulls
I know there are other people using our bases for their business and I didn’t mean to leave anyone out. I’ll be gathering another 5-10 stores together in the future for part two of this article. Please contact me if I left you out! Have a good one everyone!

Custom Make Your Own Cabinet Knobs

Do you need drawer knobs for a project but haven’t found the right set? Sometimes a project just isn’t complete unless all of the parts “click” together! There is an easy way to customize your own drawer knobs for any project and here is how to do it…
29.75 mm Knob Base (available in Oil Rubbed Bronze or Satin Nickel)
Scrapbooking paper in a smallish pattern
Mod Podge
Small sponge brush
Clear adhesive such as Stik n’ Seal , GO2 glue or Liquid Nails Perfect Glue
These customized drawer knobs are so easy to make: place one of the clear glass cabochons on the scrapbooking paper and trace around it. The cabochons will magnify the design by 1.5x, so a smaller design on the paper is perfect. Cut out the circle with a pair of scissors.
Apply a coat of Mod Podge on the back of the cabochon (the flat side) using the sponge brush. Position the scrapbooking paper circle printed side down on the Mod Podge. Smooth out any wrinkles or bubbles carefully so the paper does not get torn, and let dry thoroughly. Waiting overnight is the best bet!
Once the Mod Podge is dry, apply a coat of the clear adhesive to the top of the knob base. A small, disposable brush can be used to spread the adhesive evenly on the surface. A toothpick or cotton swab would work, as well. Press the cabochon (flat side down) on the knob base and wiggle it a little to create suction. This will create a bond that will help the cabochon stick to the knob base better. Let the drawer knob dry at least overnight.
Now the knob is ready to be used in any project! That was really easy, wasn’t it?
These customized knobs can be used in any project… They would be perfect as hangerson a wall, used on a cabinet door in the kitchen or bathroom, or as a fancy addition to a dresser or cabinet. The knobs can also be secured to tapered corks for use as bottle stoppers.
Instead of scrapbooking paper behind the cabochon, photocopied  or scanned and printed photographs can be used (don’t use the originals!). The photocopy or print will be cut and adhered to the back of the cabochon in the same manner as the scrapbooking paper. These personalized knobs would be perfect for a jewelry hanger, and would make a fabulous gift for anyone!
Other ideas in lieu of using the scrapbooking paper include magazine pages, wrapping paper, calendars printed on thin paper, old book pages, old sheet music, etc. Imagine a set of drawer knobs made with old dictionary pages using specific words such as kindness, love, peace or hope… That would be really awesome, especially since the cabochon acts as a magnifying glass!
The possibilities are endless to customize your own drawer knobs! There are so many ways to do it and create a stunning project that is uniquely personalized. They are really easy to make!

New Product Feature – Antique Copper Knob Making Bases

Our knob and pull making bases are one of our most successful lines over the past two years. In fact, and maybe we’re just full of it, but we’re pretty sure we are responsible for an entire cottage industry of folks making and selling custom cabinet knobs.

Take a look next time you peruse and Etsy shop and see some beautiful custom cabinet knobs. I’d be money the bases on those knobs come from D. Lawless! Given this success we’ve been very conscious of the need to expand this line for multiple reasons. First to serve our customers with better options of course! And secondly to make sure anyone thinking about competing with us in this area stays away!

So without anymore rambling, we are happy to announce antique copper as a new finish in our knob making bases section!

Antique Copper Knob Making Base

Antique Copper Cabinet Pull Making Base

Knobs Made from Legos and Our Bases at Infarrantly Creative!

This is one of the neatest projects we’ve ever seen using our knob making parts! Long time partner Beckie at Infarrantly Creative used our DIY knob parts to create these Lego cabinet knobs!

Click through to see the article and see how easy it is to create the most unique cabinet hardware out of literally anything!

DIY Lego Cabinet Knobs

DIY Selenite Knobs from Rain on a Tin Roof

We love when people use our line of knob making bases! Making your own cabinet knobs is a great way to get a high dollar look at a low price. These selenite knobs from Rain on a Tin Roof use our brass knob making parts and cost less than $1 each to make!

Click through to see the how to and some other cool projects from Rain on a Tin Roof.

DIY Selenite Knobs - Rain on a Tin Roof

Making Your Own Hooks

A fun and simple do-it-yourself project is constructing your own hooks.  All you need is to pick out a base, pick your knobs and then right screws and you are all set!

1.  Pick Your Base

We have 3 styles to choose from in our hook base section: Antique Brass, Antique Pewter, and Oil Rubbed Bronze. The section is also complete with screws.

2.  Pick Your Knob

As you can see from the picture you will need to get a knob that has a hole through the middle or built in screw.  There are thousands of different looks you can give your hook with the variety of knobs available. You can even do something crazy like Adrianne at Happy Hour Projects did for her daughter as seen below where she crafted unique clay “knobs” for a really cool kids hook.

A very common choice are antique glass knobs.  These knobs give the entire piece an elegant look and there are many colors and cuts to choose from.  The hook base comes with screws so as long as your knob has a hole through the middle you can use it.  Many knobs come assembled screwed to a base, if it isn’t glued all you would have to do is unscrew it and remove the actual knob to use it on your hook.  If you like to get creative you can mix and match knobs, another easy way to give your hook a unique look.  You could also use a wooden knob – even paint an unfinished wooden knob and really adding some personal touch to your project.

3.  Screws and Knob Sizes

Take into consideration the size of knob your hook is made for.  The hook bases shown here are for 1″ knobs – therefore if you have a knob that is larger or smaller the screw will not fit right.  However if that is the case do not worry, we have a solution – break off screws!  These screws are great because you can actually break off the ends at specific points to make it different lengths.

4.  Mounting Your Hook

After all this the mounting is the easy part. Just screw your knob or custom top onto the base and mount as you would any other wall hook.

Making Your Own Knobs – Finishing an Unfinished Wooden Knob

One of the most simple ways to make your own knob is by purchasing an unfinished knob and then simply painting or decorating it yourself.  Knobs such as these are sanded and ready to paint.  You can choose to have your knobs match the color of the furniture in which they will be inserted, or using complementary color can really add some life to a room.  In addition, you could paint designs on them and truly make them unique.

Above is one great example from the blog DD’s Cottage. She stained and painted that unfinished pull to use on this dresser and the result was awesome.

1.  Deciding Color and Design

If you are going to paint your knobs only one color, most people will want the knobs to match the furniture upon which they will be mounted.  However there is no law against painting your knobs a different color and if done right it can add life and flavor.

If you want to add a design to your knobs, what I would recommend is first drawing out the design that you would like on paper.  Consider the difficulty of design – if there is much small detail, it might be difficult to paint onto the knob.  Once you have decided on a design, Depending on the intricacy I would cut out a stencil with an X-Acto Knife, thus ensuring that the design is the same on every knob.

You can use the stencil every time you paint, helping to keep it neat, or you can use your stencil to trace the design onto your knob with a pencil.  If your design is fairly intricate and you are going to use different colors, you could cut different stencils for each color – this ensures that you do not accidentally paint the wrong part of the design with the wrong color and just makes it more difficult to mess up in general.

2.  Apply Primer

If you want your work to last, then the best way to do it is to start with a primer.  Wipe down the knob with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or dust that may have accumulated.  Then you can apply the primer, one coat is usually good enough, but depending on how dark the wood is and what color you are using, you may want to apply two coats.

3.  Add Paint

Make sure the primer is fully dried before applying any paint (which may take up to five hours per coat).  Once the primer is dried you may start painting, for furniture it is usually best to use glossy paint.  Use a thick brush for the base, make sure to get excess paint off the brush and try to keep your brushstrokes as even as possible.  If you are using one color, then all you have to do is wait for the first coat to dry (again, this could take up to five hours – it never hurts to wait longer) and then apply the second coat.  If you are going to add a design, then here is where your stencils come in.  Use the stencils from bottom up – that is, starting with the part of the design that comprises the background first and moving forward.  Also, make sure to tape your stencil firmly to the knob or pull so that it doesn’t move and smudge your work and also so that paint doesn’t sneak in underneath.  Finally, it is a good idea to keep the stencil in place until after the paint has dried for the same reason.

4.  Protective Coating

Once all the painting is done, it is important to apply a protective top coat.  The best thing to use is a semi-gloss or gloss; polyurethane based finish is a good choice.  You can apply one to three coats depending on the finish you are looking for; two coats is the standard however.  Again, you want to make sure the each coat is completely dry before applying the next one; for polyurethane this may take up to a day.

All in all this is an easy project that anyone can do and its especially good for getting that perfect color or finish when nothing off of the shelf will do. We have a great selection of unfinished knobs here.

Making Your Own Hardware – The Possibilities are Endless!

With our collection of hardware bases it is possible to turn literally anything into a cabinet knob or pull. Below we have to decided to show off what truly beautiful and one of a kind hardware can be made using our knob making base collection by showing examples from people that have actually gone into business selling knobs they made using our hardware.

We feel obliged to start with a great company and for sure the biggest little company on this list, Sietto. We developed the beginnings of this line of hardware while working with this artist/entrepreneur out of Chicago, IL and the line has expanded and been successful ever since. It’s funny how things work out, but we owe a debt of gratitude to Sietto for getting us started on such a popular line of hardware. We still work closely with Sietto and are currently working on longer bases to accommodate his growing business.

Knobs and pulls Knobs and pulls
Knobs and pulls Knobs and pulls

Next is another really cool business that has been buying bases off of us for awhile now, Uneek Glass Fusiions. Uneek Glass Fusions is doing just what Sietto is but in their own “uneek” style of course.

Aqua Blue Iridescent Art Glass Cabinet Hardware Knob Turquoise and White Reactive Glass Knob White Glass Cabinet Knob with Green Confetti Green with Turquoise Swirls Glass Cabinet Knob

Lots of our customers are selling their knobs on Etsy and it’s been working out great for stores like Art de Fleur who sells amazing glass knobs.

Skyblue with Green Fractures and Streamers Stacked Ivory Fused Glass Cabinet Pull Warm Red Stack with Black Streamer bits,  knob or pull Clear iridescent and green cabinet pull Long Egyptian Blue and Silver Dichroic glass pull

We also have a lot of customers using river rocks and other special stones to make cabinet knobs. To start off we’ll show you some beautiful knobs from Lakeshore Stones in Michigan. These knobs are made from the beautiful Petoskey Stone.

Lakeshore Stones in Michigan make these absolutely beautiful cabinet knobs (among other things) with our knob bases. Check out there site which features all sorts of stuff from jewelry to wine glasses made using famous Petoskey Stone which is a fossil of coral.

Next up! Long time customer Aimee’s Rock Works, another really cool Etsy shop. She does all sorts of stuff with smooth river rocks. She even makes a few products using our make your own hook bases!

Ready to Ship - Beach & River Rock Cabinet Knobs - Set of 10Custom Orders - Coat Hook with Beach Rocks - Over'n'Under

Made to Order - Sliced Grey & Black Mosaic Tile Cabinet Knobs PullsTumbled Reclaimed Granite Cabinet Knob Set - Ready to Ship

More of the same, but every knob making artist has his or her own style and taste. Lake House Treasury sells on Etsy and offers several unique styles.

BLUE SLAG Beach Glass Cabinet Knobs Sea Glass Cabinet Knobs Drawer PullsGenuine BEACH GLASS Cabinet Knobs Sea Glass Cabinet Knobs Drawer Pulls

GREY Beach BRICK Cabinet Knobs INDUSTRIAL Stone Cabinet Knobs Coastal DecorNatural Beach Stone Cabinet Knobs RUSTIC STONE Cabinet Knobs

And last but definitely not least is LandiDesigns. LandiDesigns puts another great twist and uses quartz, amethyst, and other gemstones to make absolutely beautiful hardware.

Custom Amethyst Gemstone Drawer Pull Knobs

Large Green Calcite Gemstone Drawer Pull Knobs Handles

Make Your Own Hooks – Happy Hour Projects

Adrianne at Happy Hour Projects surprised us today by linking us to her latest project! She designed a custom coat hook using our hook bases that allow you to make a robe or coat hook out of anything you want.

She used polymer clay to sculpt the top her hooks. But you can generally use anything you want on top of these bases as long as you can put a screw through it.

Below is the finished product, but hop over and check out her simple and creative process here.

Homemade Hook

Making Your Own Knobs: Knobs from Marbles or Stones – Versatile, Funand Easy

Making Marble Knobs

marble cabinet knobAn easy and fun way to make your own knobs is by merely finding a marble that fits your project and gluing it to a round base with epoxy glue.

Donald Duck KnobThe great thing about using marbles is that there are a wide variety of different colors, sizes and pictures.  Marble knobs can be fun options for children’s rooms, these Donald Duck marbles would be a great decorative addition.

Paul McCartneyAre you a Beatles fan? These could add a unique touch to your desk, kitchen or any variety of furniture. There are thousands of ways to give your house a unique touch demonstrating your preferences, and this is definitely fun and easy.

Note: Remember that any marble with words or an image should be aligned carefully in order to display designs and words in the direction you want. The knobs in the pictures above would actually look upside down to someone using them after they were mounted.

Making Stone Knobsdrilled stones

Making knobs out of different stones can also be an easy and fun way to put your own touch on various facets of home decor.  If you have rounded, lighter stones you can use the same method as with marbles and simply use epoxy glue and adhere the stone to a round base.  If the stone is not rounded you might be able to use a flat base.

Drilled river stone and a threaded insert.

Another option for heavier stones would be to drill a hole. With objects that are not perfectly symmetrical the hole does not have to be perfectly centered and you may want to keep in mind the object’s center of gravity.

When you choose to drill a hole, you also have to consider the strength of the drill and the material.  For example, the stones pictured here are too hard to drill holes in with a regular drill bit; in fact for these you would need to use a diamond-tipped drill.  This makes the project much more costly and brings budget into consideration. Other types of stones may be softer and may not require such a heavy duty drill bit.

Make a stone into a knob.
The insert fits right in.

If you have decided that you do not want to use a base, then you need to purchase threaded inserts (pictured above and to the left.)  Once you have your inserts, all you need to do is apply epoxy glue inside the hole and insert the threaded insert.  This option means that your stone will be right up against whatever material your mounting it on, and will look very different than if you use a base.

River Stone Knobs
The bases come in 5 different finishes and can be purchased at D. Lawless Hardware.

There are various finishes and bases you can choose from, and they each will give the finished product a different feel.  If you decide to use a base you will need to purchase a stemmed base and use epoxy glue to adhere the stone to the base.  These can look very professional and appear elegant and rustic simultaneously.

stone knob

two stone knobs