New Products – Verdigris, Satin Brass, & More

We are excited to announce the beginning of a string of new product additions we’ll have to start off the new business year. We’ve got more on the way but I couldn’t wait to share these. Each of these products were developed through the recommendations of our customers. So if you want us to carry something, let us know! It might take us awhile, but if people want it, we’ll get it!

First off we have a new set of five verdigris pieces that we added after being queried on this finish over and over. Right now we’ve only got this matching cup pull and knob posted, but the other three will go up shortly.
Matching Verdigris Cup Pull & Knob - D. Lawless Hardware

We also added a new finish to our DIY knob and pull base section. This is our most popular craft line. We started it about five years ago on a hunch and now sell well over 100,000 of these bases a year to people from small business selling on Etsy to individual crafters. So today we present the new satin brass finish! Not pictured is the knob base, the pull base shows off the finish better…

Satin Brass DIY Cabinet Pull Base
And wrapping up today’s additions we have this oil rubbed bronze cup pull that is identical to our most popular cup pull except for the new finish.
Oil Rubbed Bronze Cup Pull - D. Lawless Hardware
Have a good weekend everyone! I’m gonna start Free Hardware Fridays again next month. This month is too insane!

New Products: The Country Store Collection

Introducing our Country Store Collection! We’ve had our own cup pulls that are extremely popular for quite awhile. The problem was that we didn’t have a D. Lawless knob to match each of the cup pulls. We consistently referred people to other products with finishes so close that no one would tell. But no more!

From Dave Lawless:

I know something about country stores. Some of my earliest recollections are from hanging out in the Lawless Grocery owned by my Grandma and Grandpa. It was a wonderland for a little tot – wood floors, ceiling fans, fresh vegetables, milk and meat from local farms, a large seed counter with drawers full of gardening seeds which just happened to have bin pulls similar to these, and oh yea, what seemed to be a huge candy counter.

For a successful business, it seemed pretty laid back from a kid’s perspective, but I am sure Gramps was a busy man who just found time for me. He traded comic books with neighborhood kids two for one. With a 5 cent daily allowance for beverages and candy, and all the comic books I could read I was totally spoiled in that store. So, for the good and peaceful memories of Grampa’s store, I dub this collection the “Country Store Collection.”

We’ve got seven sets of perfectly matching cup pulls and knobs, all at great prices for such beautiful hardware. Here they are in antique english, antique pewter, bright brass, matte chrome, oil rubbed bronze, flat black, and chrome!

matching cup pull and knob - antique english

matching cup pull and knob - matte chrome

matching cup pull and knob - bright brass

matching cup pull and knob - chrome

matching cup pull and knob - flat black

matching cup pull and knob - oil rubbed bronze

matching cup pull and knob - matte chrome

New Product: Hera Cabinet Lighting

We currently have about twenty LED lighting systems from Hera on our site and we are continually adding more. We have all sorts of random stuff and lots of full sets. Our prices are less than half of anyone else carrying this stuff. Click here to see all our lighting options including the HERA.

This is HIGH DOLLAR stuff! We actually couldn’t believe what people are paying for these LED lighting strips and are currently pricing them with our suppliers because it looks like Hera must be raking it in!

We work a lot of closeouts and these are a great deal, but don’t expect our help with them, lol! If you know what you want then we are killing everyone on price, but we don’t know much more about this product line than you do.

New Product: D. Lawless Hardware Bottle Openers

We used to sell a lot of old White Clad icebox hardware and one of our top products was a wall mounted bottle opener that was in the brass reproduction style. After years and years we recently ran out of those and decided it would be cool if we made our own. So today we just introduced “D. Lawless Hardware” wall mounted bottle openers in two finishes! You can find them in our Icebox Hardware section. You can click the images to go through to the products and I’ll be back in a couple weeks to update this post with some pictures from people using this piece in their home bar or outdoor patio areas.

Wall Mounted Bottle Opener - Antique Brass

Wall Mounted Bottle Opener - Antique Pewter

New Products – Euro Drawer Systems

We recently had the pleasant surprise of seeing this metal drawer system used by Ana White on her blog and in one of her YouTube videos. At the 4:36 mark she shows how to use these cheap and easy drawer systems in a small kitchen cabinet build. Ana is all about saving money and we have a great price on these. Here’s the video…

Upon getting so many visits from her site and her YouTube video we realized that out in the warehouses, in our vast inventory, we actually had about 10 more sizes of these “euro drawer systems.” They are all brand new, we’ve just got so much hardware that we can’t get around to adding it to the site, setting up shipping, etc. So now we’ve finally got a whole new line of them up! More to come but we’ve started with the shorter ones. And, of course, our price dominates everyone else!

Pro Euro Box - Narrow - 86mm (3-3/8") Deep X 250mm (10") Long PROEUROBOX250N
As you can see from the picture these metal drawer systems act as the sides of your drawer box. This a great way to cheaply build a lot of drawers as all you need is the front and a pull. If you are trying to DIY your own drawers, this is MUCH easier than building the whole box yourself. It’s perfect for any project with a tight budget or a tight timeline.

New Products: Hillman Hardware

Hillman Hardware - D. Lawless Hardware

We deal a lot in closeouts from businesses that unfortunately didn’t make it or from people that just plain want rid of a lot of hardware. A couple years back we picked up a huge load of Hillman Hardware that was in TOTAL disarray. Well, with everything going on we sat on it and sorted it on and off for the last couple years, but we just now got it ready for sale.

So if your are looking for high quality screws, anchors, bolts, picture frame hangers, nuts, etc. then we have THE BEST prices on these items from Hillman Hardware, a quality name in hardware for years and years.

We just got started with about 70 items, all card packed and brand new. Over the next few months we’ll be listing hundreds and hundreds of this utility hardware which will be good for us and our customers as we have had a sparse selection of this type of stuff in the past and our prices will of course embarrass the competition!

Check out the selection here:

New Products: Tiny Knobs!

Online hardware sales is a very competitive arena and it’s tough for us to rank against the big guys. For years our bread and butter has been niche lines of hardware. We pay close attention to markets and try to predict what the market wants in order to take over small markets like DIY cabinet knobs and label holders. It’s the best way we have of separating ourselves from the pack.

One of our best performing niche lines is our jewelry box and truck parts collection. Most places want way to much money for these little accessories based on what they actually cost to produce. So when we see opportunities we jump on them! Today we are introducing three new tiny knobs for jewelry boxes or whatever little projects you have that calls for small knobs.
Don’t let the big pictures fool you! These knobs are little guys. The first one is an 18mm burnished antique brass knob at only $.60! Perfect for cigar boxes or jewelry boxes.
We also brought in the same knob in a bright brass finish!
And the last one, but certainly not the least is this smooth tiny little 12mm knob in burnished antique brass that is just about the size of a dime!
We are always adding new stuff and many times it’s by request from customers! Our best strategy is to remain responsive to our customers. Our customers are major factors in helping us determine what the market is demanding. So please don’t hesitate to contact us with something you would like us to carry. Many of our best products were developed at the behest of a customer! Thanks everyone!

New Product Feature – Antique Copper Knob Making Bases

Our knob and pull making bases are one of our most successful lines over the past two years. In fact, and maybe we’re just full of it, but we’re pretty sure we are responsible for an entire cottage industry of folks making and selling custom cabinet knobs.

Take a look next time you peruse and Etsy shop and see some beautiful custom cabinet knobs. I’d be money the bases on those knobs come from D. Lawless! Given this success we’ve been very conscious of the need to expand this line for multiple reasons. First to serve our customers with better options of course! And secondly to make sure anyone thinking about competing with us in this area stays away!

So without anymore rambling, we are happy to announce antique copper as a new finish in our knob making bases section!

Antique Copper Knob Making Base

Antique Copper Cabinet Pull Making Base

Beautiful Handcrafted Glass Knobs from Design Studio 180 On Sale Now!

A long time coming! This collection of fused glass knobs is the first from Design Studio 180 and we are proud to have them up on our site. Phillip Mambro of Design Studio 180 partnered with us and used our bases to create a variety of styles of modern style glass knobs.

You can see the whole collection here, but for here are a few of my favorites.

Mirrored Amber w/ Antique Brass

Mirrored Amber w/ Antique Brass Glass Knob

Mirrored Blue w/ Black

Black Glass w/ Black Base

New Products Addtion – Acrylic Knobs w/ Solid Brass Bases

Acrylic knobs are great alternatives to glass knobs. However, what you save in price, you often lose in durability and stability. So with that in mind we are happy to introduce four new acrylic knobs, each with a solid brass base. The solid brass base gives the knob that extra weight to feel more like a glass knob and also adds considerably to the durability and stability of the knob once installed. Below are pictures of the four finishes we have: brass, chrome, oil rubbed bronze, and satin nickel.