Moss Avenue Antiques & Collectibles Festival

I had the pleasure of visiting the Moss Avenue Antique Sale & Festival in Peoria, IL this past weekend as it was just a few blocks from my house and it had all sorts of awesome “junk’ and antique for sale. I always need something to write about and this seems right down our customer’s alley so I figured I’d just post up all the photos I got from the event.

Moss Avenue is a beautiful historic street up on the first Peoria bluff. The houses are true old style beauties and all their enormous front yards were filled with booths from local antiquers and furniture dealers. Quite the event and definitely worth the trip again next summer! I’ll give a brief explanation of some of the pictures, but most are self explanatory. I’m sorry to the businesses I don’t mention but I was having a good time and didn’t get a chance to match up the names with the booths…next year I’ll be prepared!

Moss Avenue Antiques Festival - Peoria, IL
Moss Avenue Antique Festival - Peoria, IL
Beautiful historic houses up and down the street!
Moss Avenue Antiques Festival - Peoria, IL

Historic Moss Avenue Home - D. Lawless Hardware

Historic Peoria IL Home - Moss Avenue - D. Lawless Hardware

And now back to the antiques and collectibles! Again, I wish I could tag all these wonderful local businesses but I was derelict in my duty…

Antique Saddle - Moss Avenue - D. Lawless Hardware

Collectibles - Moss Avenue - D. Lawless Hardware

License Plates - Moss Avenue - Peoria IL - Lawless Hardware

You gotta dig for the good stuff!

Old Cigarettes - Moss Avenue - Peoria IL - Lawless Hardware

Searching - Moss Avenue - Peoria IL - Lawless Hardware

All sorts of American brand memorabilia from way back! I love these to rivaling benches made from old Chevy and Ford truck parts!

Chevy Bench - Moss Avenue - Peoria IL - Lawless Hardware

Ford Bench - Moss Avenue - Peoria IL - Lawless Hardware

There were lots of handmade jewelry vendors and people doing beautiful furniture makeovers. Lots of the business were even taking custom orders from customers throughout the day so it’s a great event for finding local talent to redo your piece for you.

Stuff - Moss Avenue - Peoria IL - Lawless Hardware

Right in the middle there is this beautiful Frank Lloyd Wright house! You can really tell it’s his architecture and I’m told there are actually three Wright house in Peoria.

Frank Lloyd Wright - Moss Avenue - Peoria IL - Lawless Hardware

Furniture - Moss Avenue - Peoria IL - Lawless Hardware

Furniture Makeovers - Moss Avenue - Peoria IL - Lawless Hardware

Trinkets, jewelry, and “junk!”

This and That - Moss Avenue - Peoria IL - Lawless Hardware

Jewelry - Moss Avenue - Peoria IL - Lawless Hardware

War History - Moss Avenue - Peoria IL - Lawless Hardware

Old War Memorabilia - Moss Avenue - Peoria IL - Lawless Hardware

The whole street is absolutely beautiful on both sides as you can from the next few shots. They even had live music on a couple of the porches up and down the block.

Live Music - Moss Avenue - Peoria IL - Lawless Hardware

Moss Avenue - Peoria IL - Lawless Hardware

Overall it was a great time and I’m looking forward to attending next year and documenting the small businesses better. I did have the opportunity to meet several which I hope to be work
ing with in the near future. See you there next year if you are in the area, it’s worth the drive and remember that the early bird gets the worm! We got a couple nice pieces, one from Modern Mutations, but a lot of dealers were closing up as we didn’t get there til too late!

The Peoria Home Show – Great Success!

We had a great time at the Peoria Home Show and I got some nice shots of some of the booths in our area of expertise. Lots of cabinet makers and kitchen designers were in attendance so we had a great time meeting potential customer and business contacts.

We probably handed out 500 business cards and a thousand carpenter pencils so we expect to see a great result and some growth in our reach to what is now a new “local” market since my brother and I live in Peoria these days!

Here are some shots from the events and some links to the business associated with the shots…

First up is our neighbor at the show Cherrytree Kitchens out of Morton, IL. We got lucky being next to this business as what compliments a hardware store better than a cabinet maker!? They do cabinet refacing with high quality Amish cabinetry among a host of other services. We may have gotten ourselves a customer with this one!

Cherrytree Kitchens - Morton IL - Peoria Home Show
I didn’t get a chance to talk to the owner of CT Gabbert Remodeling and Construction but I did happen by their booth and I checked out their site. They do great work out of Peoria, IL.

CT Gabbert Remodeling & Construction - Peoria Home Show
Luxury home design and build from Dan Waibel! This booth had quite the set up showing off the beautiful work they’ve done throughout the years. Their website really has some amazing shots of beautifully designed kitchens and baths. The booth was very nice but it doesn’t do their work justice.

Dan Waibel - Designer & Builder - Peoria Home Show
A little fun and entertainment from Flippenout Productions! Lucky there was a high ceiling at the show!
Flippenout Productions - Peoria Home Show
Hampton’s Kitchens & Appliances had a nice set up for the home show showing off just a little of what they can do with a kitchen! Their website has a great portfolio and is worth a look. Need hardware for that kitchen remodel? You know where to find it!

Hampton's Kitchen & Appliances - Peoria Home Show
Heinold Homes & Renovations does it all. I had the pleasure of meeting the owner of this family business and checking out their work at the Peoria Home Show and it was all very impressive. Peoria doesn’t lack options for a remodel that’s for sure! These guys look like they really enjoy their work!

Heinold Homes & Renovations - Peoria Home Show
And last but not least we have Rich Murray Granite! They had a huge set up and they needed it dragging in huge slabs of granite just waiting to be cut and placed in your kitchen. Really beautiful work and they were a hit at the show.

Rich Murray Granite - Peoria Home Show
Here’s looking forward to next year!

The Home Builder's Association of Greater Peoria Official Spring Home Show!

This weekend (February 26-28) the three D. Lawless’ will be at the Home Builder’s Association of Great Peoria Official Spring Home Show! We’ll be at booth #525 and are very much looking forward to meeting customer’s and builders in our local area. It’s about 3.5 hours from Olney, IL to Peoria but we can ship to Peoria in a day or two max.
Since I moved to Peoria I’ve had the pleasure of exploring Peoria and working with a lot of the local furniture restorers. Now we’re hoping to build some wholesale clients! Our prices can’t be beat, we just gotta get our name out there! It’s the biggest home show in all of Illinois so we shouldn’t have a problem with that!
Here are some shots from home shows past and I hope this year’s is as good as these pics make it look! You can see more photos and get updates at the Spring Home Show Facebook page.

Green Buffet Makeover – Before & After

Another nice project from local refurbisher Gary with hardware provided by us of course!

He starts with a very worn and dated looking buffet…

Green Buffet Makeover - Scratched and Dinged

Tons of scratches and dings and the hardware was totally shot…

Green Buffet Makeover - Old Bail Pull
We have a nice selection of bail pulls but Gary decided to take this project in a whole different direction by using these serrated pulls and serrated knobs from Liberty Hardware. The final result is really nice and I’m sure he’ll have no problem turning a profit on this one.
Green Buffet Makeover - Finished Product

Green Buffet Makeover - Front View

Green Buffet Makeover - Side View

Green Buffet Makeover - Pearl Nickel Knob

Green Buffet Makeover - Serrated Pearl Nickel Pull

Green Buffet Makeover - D. Lawless Hardware

Large Buffet Makeover w/ Hand Painted Ceramic Knobs

Very happy to feature another project from local talent Gary and his side business The Furniture Refurbisher in Bartonville, IL. Gary can be contacted through his website if you have anything desks or tables that need refinishing. We’d even be happy to provide the hardware if you’d let us post the pictures!

He picked this old piece up at auction that had a worn out finish and very worn out hardware.

buffet before picture
old worn out hardware
And then painted the buffet white and added one style of our hand painted ceramic knobs.
buffet with hand painted

new knobs buffet makeover

hand painted blue ceramic knob

blue painted ceramic knob
If there are any amateurs, hobbyists, or a business out there that would like to show off your work, please ask for Derrick and we can set up a good deal on hardware for your piece and get you a link or two.

1970's Blonde Dresser Makeover by a Local Talent

This nice before and after was done by a local talent from the Peoria area. Since I moved to Peoria I’ve been looking to work with creative people in the area and I’m happy for this to be the first post in that vein.

We provided the hardware and local hobbyist Gary did the rest. The result is beautiful! Gary has a small website, The Furniture Refurbisher, where you can contact him for reviving your old furniture if you are in the Peoria or Bartonville, IL area.

Before photos…

1970's Blonde Dress Before One

1970s Blonde Dresser Restore Before

And the worst part! The old hardware that needed replaced…

Replacing old cabinet hardware
And the finished product with new satin nickel knobs and  5″ satin nickel pulls!
1970s Blonder Dress with Satin Nickel Hardware

1970s dresser makeover finished product

blonde dresser makeover with satin nickel hardware