Antique Custom Made Knobs

When looking through my history of American furniture encylopedia I came across some cool old style custom cabinet knobs from 1700-1800s .These were particularly interesting to me since we have a large line of DIY hardware parts for making your own knobs with pictures or scenery just like these!

Of course back in the day these were expensive custom pieces and no one who wasn’t rich could really afford them. So glad times have changed! Below I’ll show off some of the neater ones I found and also post a few of the cool knobs people have made with our bases at the bottom.

Most of these knobs are enamel with prints via a paper transfer and then set in a copper base. They had to transfer copper engravings onto paper first so it was quite the process! Then they are typically set in a brass base and screw post. We have a lot of fun examples. Many of these pieces were made from governors or members of the government as custom pieces and gifts which makes sense as they would have been very pricey back at that time.

 To start off we have a set of knobs customized with General George Washington’s depiction. You can see even from the old photos that these knobs had amazing details for items produced pre-1800.

Antique George Washington Cabinet Knobs

General George Washington Cabinet Knob
The next couple are of state governors of the time. Governor Huntington and Governor Morris.

Antique Huntington Knob

Governmor Morris Cabinet Knob
Many knobs were made for the well off and would feature portraits of the husband and wife or depictions of family crests or symbols. Pictures of subjects of special interest to the family or of local importance would enshrine a history and make permanent record of events that at the same time added a pleasing and decorative feature.
Antique husband and wife knobs
family crests
Others were more for decoration and would feature scenes from life at the time. In the following images you can see a woman leaning on an anchor, a young flautist, a young girl in a bonnet, and several scenes of a woman enjoying nature.
antique cabinet knobs

antique cabinet knobs - girl in bonnet

antique cabinet knobs - flautist

Girl with tree  antique cabinet knobs

antique cabinet knobs - woman and dog
And just to sum up I’ll show off just one shot of some customized cabinet knobs made by Cher at Designs by Studio C in a project done for this very blog. With our custom knob parts you can take any photo you want and protect it behind a glass cabochon and display whatever you want from patterns to photos.
D lawless hardware custom knobs
I hope this interests more people than me lol!

Ever Have Ten Million of Something?

D. Lawless deals in a lot of closeouts from the big guys that ordered too many or made a bad investment or whatever. Sometimes we’ve got to take package deals. It’s take them all, or get none of them.
This is one of those deals. When Dave Lawless found out he had to either take 10 million at once or get none he thought to himself, “Will I ever have the opportunity to have 10 million of anything again?” The idea was too much to resist and he took them all.
So…we have 10,000,000 of these little shelf supports and we sold 40,000 last year. At this rate my great grandchildren will still be hocking these! So I’m writing this post to get the attention of anyone needing quantity. Our price is unbeatable at just .01 each. Average price around the web is 7 or 8 cents each.
They are listed cheap on the website. If you really need a lot of them give us a call and we’ll deal!
Shelf Supports - Large Quantity - Closeout Price
Here’s the trailer we keep them in. Nothing but shelf supports…lol! 
Trailer load of shelf supports
You can see where the weight of them destroyed our entrance drive…
The weight of 10 million shelf supports.
But we are handy and made our own stand to spread the weight out! No problem too big for D. Lawless and the crew.

Shelf support trailer

Popular Products: Antique English Bail Pull

D. Lawless is known for high quality at a low price and today’s popular product feature fits that bill exactly . Our D. Lawless brand simple antique english bail pull runs under $1 and has been featured all over the place on dresser and furniture makeovers! The product page has accumulated many photos of the product in use from our blog partners so I’d thought I’d show it off. You can click through to each full project by clicking the image!

Each project was great so I’ll just post them up in the order we got the pictures. First up is this dresser from Saw Nail & Paint. I can probably credit these nice shots for so many other bloggers deciding to use this product on their makeovers.

Antique English Bail Pull - Saw Nail & Paint 2
Antique English Bail Pull - Saw Nail & Paint

The next post comes from In My Own Style and features this pull on another, brighter, blue furniture makeover. The pull looks beautiful against the bright blue background of this corner cabinet!

Antique English Bail Pull - In My Own Style
Showing off the versatility of the antique brass finish, Anna from Ask Anna used this pull on black built in cabinets.
Antique English Bail Pull - Ask Anna
This nice close up shot come from one of the blogs we work with often, Finding Silver Pennies. Again, you can see how great this finish looks against every color of paint. This time matching perfectly on a white grain sack dresser with blue stripes.
Antique English Bail Pull - Finding Silver Pennies
Another great post showing off this bail pull against another shade of blue comes from Inspired Restoration on this restored drop front desk!
Antique English Bail Pull - Inspired Restoration
This collage came to us from a customer that used them on a beautiful off white dresser makeover! Blog photos are great but I can’t get enough photos from our customers! I’d like to eventually find a way to allow people to post their projects directly to our site…one day…
Antique English Bail Pull - Customer Project
And finally, a post that went up just today that got me realizing how popular this pull really was. These shots are from My Creative Days on an “easy” DIY nursery dresser.
Antique English Bail Pull - Dresser Makeover
Antique English Bail Pull - My Creative Days

Popular Products: D. Lawless Simple Black Cup Pull

We have certain products that everyone seems to love. Our simple black cup pull is definitely one of them. The quality is top notch and the price of $1.85 stands out as especially low if you’ve ever shopped for cup pulls.

In fact, before we got in use photos for this cup pull and our other cup pulls we actually had trouble selling them as people couldn’t believe that they could get a quality cup pull for just $1.85. Well the pictures and this post prove it! I’ve compiled a nice list of examples of this pull being used on blogs and social media by people that makeover furniture for a living!

First up is a recent post from Vintage Refined and uses this cup pull on a beautiful distressed dresser makeover alongside some D. Lawless acrylic knobs.

Next we have a nice shot of these cup pulls used in a white kitchen Shades of Blue Interiors.
This Restoration Hardware type dresser is an Ikea hack from A House and a Dog and features our flat black cup pulls as well. They are great for an old style look.
ikea tarva hack
And this beautiful shot of this cup pull paired with our cut glass knobs comes from Ask Anna where she used the combo in her laundry room makeover from several years ago.