Furniture Painting University Partnership

Furniture Painting University Offer

We are happy to announce a mutually beneficial partnership between us and Furniture Painting University. Members of FPU members are privy to all sorts of goodies besides the expert painting advice including a 10% discount at D. Lawless Hardware.

From their website as they can tell you about themselves better than I can…

Our MISSION is to provide detailed instructional videos with supply lists, step-by-step tutorials and tips and tricks to make things easier.  We are giving you everything you need to have a successful and standout furniture flipping business. We want YOU to be able to create one-of-a-kind finishes for your customers. We want YOU to be able to stand out from the crowd.”

Today though we are announcing a special promotion that I’m very excited about. Starting now, members can get a $25 gift card in exchange for photos of how they used their D. Lawless hardware. Since most of the members are businesses or aspiring businesses, they are taking photos anyways! So just send them to me and get a gift card!

The pictures make our site beautiful and give our customers an easy way to see how the pull will look in use. We owe a great deal of our recent success to our blog partners who have been providing photos up to this point.

D. Lawless will also PROMOTE YOU while we promote ourselves. I’ll tag you on social and even include you in blog posts like Shabby Life who already sent me photos even though we JUST started! Here’s her beautiful work using some of our antique english bail pulls! I will also post up her images and credit her on the product page shortly.

dresser with antique english pulls
dresser makeover with d. lawless hardware

Small Business Partner: Reclaimed Oregon

Haven’t done one of these in awhile so I really enjoyed making this post. Introducing one of our small business partners Reclaimed Oregon! From my records it appears we picked them up as a customer back in August and now they are a consistent customer. With a five star Etsy rating after nearly 900 reviews it’s no wonder they come back so often for hardware!

I was going to whip up something about their store, but I figured I may as well use owner Andrea’s words, “This is a family run shop in its entirety. We are committed to bringing you quality hand made products and providing each and every customer with amazing service. We want to make you feel like part of the family. Thank you all for the support and helping us achieve our vision.”

It looks like we basically sell them hooks, hooks, and more hooks so below I’ll post up a few of the cool ways they are using them. You can click through to their store above or their Facebook page here. I didn’t link to the products because the links will expire with the listings…oh well, better to browse!

First up has to be this glass and cup holder that pretty much fits me to a T.

mug holder

And no wonder they need a lot of hooks, this rack for a ton of mugs is awesome! We’ve easily go this many mugs at my house, haha!

big mug rack

And they also do customized coat and hat racks like this one.

custom coat rack
They do all sorts of stuff jewelry boxes to personalized wedding card holders. I just show off a bit more of their work below. This is a TINY selection. Reclaimed Oregon has over 500 listings live on Etsy at the moment and has done over 3,000 sales so they are well worth your time to look around. Especially if you are looking for a wedding gift coming up.
custom woodwork
custom recipe box
custom recipe box
wedding card holder
custom wedding sign
custom wedding sign two
custom bottle opener

Piano Makeover from Re-imagined by Lindsay

From time to time we get sent customer projects and I love to see each one and it also gives me something to post! This piano makeover comes from Re-Imagined by Lindsay and is topped off with a couple knobs from us. We met Lindsay through our Free Hardware Friday promotions that we ran all last year (and will start again sometime soon this year) and have gotten a lot of photos from her over time from that.

Lindsay works out of Summerville, SC and is available for recreating your dated pieces or for custom work. Below I’ll show off the piano project in full and then add on a few projects she did for Free Hardware Friday as well as some other work from her Facebook page.

Here’s the before, as you can see, it doesn’t even have legs! Lindsay told me she ended up making the legs herself out of stair railing spindles by painting and glazing them.

Piano Makeover Before
And here are some shots of the finished product with a couple of our knobs topping it off! The knobs are a minute detail but hey, we’ll take it! I mostly just love to see all the DIY people are doing no matter how small a role our hardware plays.
Piano Makeover After

Piano Makeover After 2

Piano Makeover After 3
As far as her other work is concerned, I’ll start with this little end table she completed using knobs from Free Hardware Friday. We sent her the knobs in exchange for photos of how she used them.
Free Hardware Friday - Re-Imagined by Lindsay
And here are a few other pieces that she’s posted on her Facebook page. I think she used hardware from us for the two with hardware, although it’s hard to tell from just a photo. Thanks Lindsay!
Re-Imagined by Lindsay Bench

Re-Imagined by Lindsay Dresser

Re-Imagined by Lindsay Desk
Any readers out there using our hardware and posting on a Facebook page, I’d be glad to feature your work as well. Have a great weekend everyone!

Small Business Partner: Furniture Chic

It’s always a delight to meet our customers and see the work they are doing through social media. Internet sales is usually so anonymous and faceless that it’s quite refreshing to interact with the person on the other end! Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Kim from Furniture Chic over Facebook and she shared a whole string of beautiful furniture makeovers she’s done over the last year and many of them are using our hardware.

Kim does all of the sanding and prep work herself because she refuses to let someone have buyer’s remorse over her pieces. Kinda like us! We can’t stand it if someone is dissatisfied and it’s great to partner with others that feel the same way!

Furniture Chic is out of Lenoir City, TN and really does amazing work. Kim is a true artist having gone to college for Art Education and also taught Art Education for 10 years! Here’s a quote from her Facebook page about her work,..

“I have refinished my own furniture and furniture for friends for over 17 years, but wanted to branch out and have more of a creative outlet. I use an old school method of refinishing and painting since I prefer to sand or strip and paint with oil or latex paints. I also seal with a polyurethane or a polycrylic sealer. I thank God every day. He has opened this door. I have met and made so many new fabulous friends!”

She’s does beautiful work and it speaks for itself so I’ll just post a bunch of it up below. Check out her Facebook page and remember to check with her if you are in the Lenoir City or Knoxville area and have pieces that need refinishing. With further ado…

Furniture Chic - Lenoir City - D. Lawless Hardware 2

Furniture Chic - Lenoir City - D. Lawless Hardware 3

Furniture Chic - Lenoir City - D. Lawless Hardware 4

Furniture Chic - Lenoir City - D. Lawless Hardware 5

Furniture Chic - Lenoir City - D. Lawless Hardware 6

Furniture Chic - Lenoir City - D. Lawless Hardware 7

Furniture Chic - Lenoir City - D. Lawless Hardware 8

Furniture Chic - Lenoir City - D. Lawless Hardware 8

Furniture Chic - Lenoir City - D. Lawless Hardware 9

Furniture Chic - Lenoir City - D. Lawless Hardware 10

Furniture Chic - Lenoir City - D. Lawless Hardware 11
She does wonderful work with our appliques! The paint job on the scrolls is beautiful!

Back in Black: Kitchens, Bathrooms, Dressers, Chests & More

Back in black. Today we are going to show off some of our blogger and customer projects featuring black as the primary color.

vintage black dresser
A very unique dresser is featured with our clear glass knobs from Embracing Change. If you click over to Stacey’s site you can see a number of other equally elegant dressers showing off a range of colors and styles.
side table makeover
This chalk black side table makeover receives an added touch of class with our acrylic diamond knobs on each drawer. Not to mention the fabulous bottom liners adding the extra pizzazz. To work on your own side table see how it is done at Whats Ur Home Story.
diy bar tray
This high-class DIY bar tray at Mingissiyeva & Co. has a snazzy brass and black color match that really stands out. D. Lawless is proud to have provided the small assist of the brass corner protectors in this piece.
black kitchen makeover
In her fabulous kitchen renovation, Betsy from My Five Men, decided to go with black over white. This new sleek look and fresh kitchen tells me she made the right choice. And we can’t forget to mention that the finishing touch of hardware has been added with our stainless steel bar pulls.
bathroom makeover
Ask Anna Moseley goes from pink to black in her guest bathroom makeover. Our matte chrome cup pulls add a delicate accent to the finished cabinetry. You’ll be even more amazed when you check out the bathroom step by step start to finish. 
black office desk
Virginia, from Live Love DIY, in her office makeover, highlights the room with a black refinished desk. From a 1970’s look to a more modern style this office now has a stand out fabulous look.
vintage armoire
This vintage armoire doors cabinet from My Repurposed Life really comes to life from scratch from our friend Gail. The black and gold creates a true uptown feel that will make a great wall cabinet to be placed in any room’s decor.
black bathroom refinish
This black bathroom refinish features our traditional minaret and polished chrome knobs to make a beautiful accent to the cabinetry. Elisha, from Pneumatic Addict, does an incredible job with this piece and you’ll be amazed by the before and after photos.
big black dresser
2nd Story Sewing u
ses our antique brass cup pulls to top off a wonderful buffet makeover. Shannon did an incredible job and makes our hardware look fantastic on the new dresser.
library card catalog
Twice Lovely shows you how to make a faux library card catalog from an old dresser. In a dull black, this piece features our own line of brass label holders.
black nightstand
A pair of nightstands refinished in lamp black milk paint with emerald and silver knobs to accent from The Weathered Door.
vintage desk makeover
Not an exact black, but Fired Earth paint by Valspar, looks amazing on this vintage desk. Number Fifty Three does a tremendous makeover on this desk and includes our white milk glass knobs for the final touch.
five drawer chest
A tall five drawer chest complete with eccentric accessories offers plenty of room for storage. Check out the tall chest repurpose from an old white to a new off black look with our antique copper label holders over at My Repurposed Life.
black bamboo dresser
Brass and a high gloss black look fantastic together. The big brass ring pulls really look stunning on this faux bamboo dresser reveal from Goodwill Glam.

DIY and Decorative Hook Projects

Hooks! Everyone needs them. There are a ton of different ways to use our hooks and our friends, including bloggers and small business partners, have used them in a ton of unique or traditional manners.

potting bench
potting bench top
First up is Homeroad, who always makes good use of our hooks. In this farmhouse piece, she repurposes this furniture into a potting bench. The hooks at the top provide much needed utility for a various array of objects that could be of use.
jewelry organizer

Ju Ju Sprinkles takes our chrome cup hooks and efficiently provides space with them for a DIY jewelry organizer. Cup hooks are only $3 for 100!

bath towel hooks

Little House of Four makes a hall bath towel rack with these fine brass hooks. Labeled one, two, and three you can keep track of which towel is yours 🙂

coat hook rack
Worthing Court says “no mudroom, no problem,” with the top half of a hutch she makes room for hats, gloves, and more with our fancy coat hooks.
coffee hanger
Gail, from My Repurposed Life, creates an original coffee cup holder with a cabinet drawer face and our satin nickel single and two prong hooks.
coffee station
More coffee! Michelle J Designs creates this coffee station from scratch with three shelves and a hook, of course, for your coffee cups.
glass knob hooks

One Dog Woof makes the most out of this narrow hallway with our glass knob hooks. The entry way now provides enough storage and utility for numerous items to store or hang.

oil rubbed bronze coat hooks
DIY on the Cheap from Erin Spain teaches you how to build a wall mounted coat rack from start to finish with our oil rubbed bronze hooks.

wall mail organizer

Infarrantly Creative shows off a wall mail organizer with not only our single prong coat hooks,
but also our line of label holders as well. Looks like a lot of clutter can be organized into this awesome space.

DIY pink owl hook

Adrianne at Happy Hour Projects has a daughter that loves owls. When redoing the bathroom she took our custom hook making bases and made a pink owl to suit.

mudroom hooks
That’s My Letter uses some antique brass hooks for her mudroom. Join Jaime in her “How to” for mounting mudroom hooks.
These are just some of the fantastic ways you can decorate your home from cup hooks to coat hooks. If you’re feeling a DIY project don’t hesitate to check us out!

DIY Cabinet Knob Ideas from Our Business Partners

Feeling creative? We have some pictures of our DIY knob bases in use by our customers for you to check out. From stones to legos, you really can use these knob bases to create that unique looking knob that’s just for you.

Let’s get the creative juices flowing.

amethyst gemstone knob
With My Intention creates these beautiful gemstone knobs in an amethyst purple. Amethyst attracts positive energy and rids your body of any negative energy.
fun glass knobs
Kate from Second Life Art creates these Fun & Funky glass knobs in a rainbow of color. After the glass has been cut, she layers the glass with a fun and funky piece of glass on top before they are fused together.
black beach stone knobs
Tim at Lake House Treasury creates classy stone knobs in several different varieties. Featured above is a hand picked beach stone knob in a soft black and white weather worn feel.
aqua blue glass knob
Sietto has an amazing collection of glass cabinet hardware using our bases. This feature is a Glacier in aqua blue. This knob carries the illusion of having the ice right on your drawers.
DIY lego knob
DIY lego table

Becky over at Infarrantly Creative does an amazing job with all kinds of projects. Here she created custom lego knobs to go with her DIY lego table.
malachite gemstone knob
chrysocolle knobs

Linda at LandiDesigns creates a large variety of custom knobs from all types of stones, crystals, and gems. Featured above is malachite gemstone and blue chrysocolla gemstone respectively.

fused glass drawer pull

Uneek Glass Fusions uses two bases to create a glass mosaic drawer pull each with its own unique pattern and color of fused glass.

petoskey stone cabinet knobs

Lakeshore Stones used to make these one of a kind petoskey stone cabinet knobs. From Lake Michigan, petoskey stones are a rock and a fossil composed of coral creating an elegant look and polished feel.< br />

beach stone cabinet knobs

Hand painted lovely oval dark gray beach rocks set on your choice of base color by Aimee from Rock Works

grizzly glass knobs

Meadowlark Art & Jewelry brings color and light into any space with these exquisite glass knobs with a Montana grizzly bear.

Hopefully, this gives you some ideas to get started creating your own custom knobs. If you’d like to check out our selection of bases you can visit the DIY knob and pull base section at

D. Lawless Partners with Abandon Art on Dressers

Abandon Art takes old furniture and gives them a unique touch that adds a bit of style and accent to each piece. D. Lawless partnered with Jeannie Smith and her daughter Katherine. Jeannie runs the creative side of the business refinishing, staining, and painting the furniture makeovers with her custom chalk formulas, while Katherine searches secondhand stores and thrift shops for the right pieces.

This first dresser features a beautiful custom paint job in a very unique blue or turquoise hue. In the following pictures, our D. Lawless line of glass knobs were added in a sun aged color to add the finishing touches to the dressers.

turquoise dresser
dresser and glass knobs

sun-aged glass knob
The second dresser features a white border with a light stain on the drawers and includes the same glass knobs for accent.
glass knob

white and brown dresser

Both dressers look beautiful and ready for resale. From thrift shop to art shop, we are proud to support local businesses by providing these dressers and many more to come with a finishing touch or accent with our hardware.
Please check out Abandoned Art Shop at their Facebook page:
And if you like those sun-aged glass knobs here’s a link to where you can buy them at D. Lawless

7 Big Chill Appliances & D. Lawless Hardware Perfect Matches!

We were approached recently by Big Chill to create a mood board around their products. Since we aren’t really a design blog and we are in the hardware business I thought it might be appropriate for me to match some of our vintage style glass knobs with the Big Chill appliances. I have actually seen a few of our colors on other people’s board which made my day!

Below I’ve put together some matches of what I think really goes well together from our inventory of these beautiful Big Chill appliances. The first match is this beautiful black and brushed brass classic style stove from Big Chill matched with brushed brass hardware from Liberty Hardware.

Big Chill - D. Lawless - Brushed Brass
Here are some topaz and black knobs from Liberty Hardware that match the Big Chill Retro Pro fridge from their website. Love bright colors in the kitchen.

Big Chill - D. Lawless - Bright Orange
I love their black appliances even though it doesn’t really take advantage of the unique colors they offer. I guess I’m just boring! Below is their jet black retro fridge alongside some custom glass knob from Design Studio 180 that are only available at D. Lawless Hardware.
Big Chill - D. Lawless - Jet Black
Next up is another colorful combo that combines one of our most popular glass knob colors with this “beach blue” washer from Big Chill. We call ours a milk blue as it’s a play off the old milk glass of the middle of last century. We do a lot of antique reproduction and retro styles of hardware so it’s a perfect match for these appliances.
Big Chill - D. Lawless - Milk Blue
And we also have the milk green which matches very closely with what Big Chill is calling turquoise.
Big Chill - D. Lawless - Milk Green
As I said before I’m a sucker for the classic simple styles and Big Chill and D. Lawless got that covered together when you match their beautiful stainless steel finish stoves with the D. Lawless Hardware stainless steel bar pulls!
And finally we see Big Chill has a color for everyone. This beautiful red fridge matches ones of our most popular ceramic knobs perfectly!
Big Chill - D. Lawless - Big Red
We’ve got a match for everything Big Chill Appliance’s has somewhere on our site and we’d be proud to be part of any kitchen renovation using Big Chill Appliances!

Where to Buy Custom Glass Knobs

One of the lines of hardware I am most proud of developing over the years is our collection of knob and pull bases for creating and crafting your own cabinet knobs. Not to toot our own horn, but I believe we are in great part responsible for an entire cottage industry of independent custom hardware makers selling on Etsy, Ebay, and even their own online stores throughout the country. We literally have sold over 100,000 of these little knob making bases since we started the line about 5 years ago. Before that, knob making parts cost $2-3 each, making the probability of a building profitable business designing custom cabinet knobs very low.

Many of our bases are used personally for crafting totally unique and one of a kind knobs for someone’s own home. But many more end up on amazing custom glass and ceramic knobs that are being sold all over the world. Some of these are truly works of art and I wanted to share them with you and also create a nice source page for anyone looking for stuff you can’t find at D. Lawless or for someone that won’t settle for the mass produced stuff. Or maybe you are just looking for ideas and want to make your own hardware soon!

Below, in no particular order, I am going to run through a long list of small business partners we’ve gained over the  years that are making their own knobs and making a little money too. Although growing, and we probably look big to some, we are a small business ourselves and it’s nice to be able to support the people that support us. Without further ado…

Years ago we got our start in this niche with Sietto. We were contacted by the designer to develop knob hardware for his beautiful designs. While developing pieces for Sietto we decided to take a chance and develop our own parts for retail. So in a very big way all the companies below benefited from Sietto’s vision and success. In order to purchase Sietto’s beautiful knobs you have to shop at one of our competitors! But, oh well…here is a list of sites that sell Sietto. And here are some nice examples of their work using our bases.

      sietto ice glass knob Sietto custom glass knob 

Kribensis Glass Arts is a newer Etsy store with some really wonderful custom blown glass pieces. Donald recently began blowing glass knobs and they are really very stunning! All items in his store are designed and created in the Florida Keys. Made from hand blown and worked borosilicate glass. Each one handcrafted!

Kribensis Glass Arts

Knucklehead Knobs has been a customer for awhile now and they create a variety beautiful stone and glass knobs using our bases. With over 3,500 Etsy sales and a 5 star rating you can be you are getting some high end unique pieces when you buy from Knucklehead Knobs. It’s fantastic to supply people with ratings even higher than ours! You can click through to the store on each picture!

Chunky Turquoise Stone Cabinet Knobs - Set of 2, Cabinet Knob, Fixture, Drawer Pull, Turquoise, Stone, Nugget, Kitchen, Bathroom, Southwest Cabinet Knobs - Terracotta Squares - Set of 2, Stone Cabinet Knobs, Kitchen Knobs and Pulls, Lava, Beach Decor 

3DGlassDesigns is a new customer of ours selling on Etsy. They’ve been doing dichroic glass for all sorts of other stuff for awhile now but they just started getting bases from us and creating these beauties below. From their site, “Unique, Dazzling, and Distinctive Dichroic Glass Jewelry. One of a kind dichroic glass creations featuring handmade furnace glass, starphire glass, sterling silver, copper and brass bezel settings. Each piece is a true work of art, sure to become a family heirloom.” All of the above applies to their cabinet hardware creations as well!

          Dichroic Glass Cabinet Door Pull in Gold, Orange and Green over Blue Aventurine Glass with Oil Rubbed Bronze Hardware.   Dichroic Glass Cabinet Door Pull in Blue and Gold with Chrome Hardware.   Aventurine Blue Cabinet Door Pull with Purple Stripes over Silver Circuit Pattern Design.

Uneek Glass Fusions is a long time customer and produces wonder handcrafted glass cabinet hardware, accent tile, lighting and more! They use our bases when making their custom hardware and we couldn’t be happier. Also winner’s of a Best of Houzz award in both 2014 and 2015! Here’s a bit of their work…

Cobalt Blue with White Confetti Glass KnobMosaic Glass Drawer Pull in Dichroic GlassRed and Silver Mosaic Dichroic Glass Cabinet KnobMosaic Glass Cabinet Handle in Dichroic Shades of Red
Next up we have another long time customer in Art De Fleur. Art De Fleur is another Etsy small business creating all sorts of beautiful glass work. A portion of their store sells a variety of really modern and sleek styles of glass knobs using our bases of course. I really love the modern touch of these knobs, some of my favorites!
Turquoise Blue, Black, and White Geometric KnobBlack Chopsticks on Your choice of colors 1 1/2" square knob

And finally we have another great customer of ours Prettyware on Etsy! We supply Prettyware with a variety of hardware which Prettyware totally customizes to turn the pieces into really totally one of a kind accents to your home. The hand painted glass knobs she makes using our plain clear glass knobs are my favorites!

2 Aqua Aquamarine Crystal Doorknob Set Handpainted Glass 2 Inch Knobs White HardwareSet of 4 Painted Glass Aqua Blue Drawer Pulls
I know there are other people using our bases for their business and I didn’t mean to leave anyone out. I’ll be gathering another 5-10 stores together in the future for part two of this article. Please contact me if I left you out! Have a good one everyone!