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Monday, March 15, 2021

Creative Moments - D. Lawless All Star

Today I am featuring one of our longest photo and furniture partners in Creative Moments. Lee Ann has been buying from us and trading us photos for hardware for probably seven or eight years now at least. She is a big part of why our site looks so great lately! Lee Ann not only has provided a ton of wonderful furniture photography to product pages throughout the site, but the entire operation of loading up the website with photos and getting involved in the furniture makeover industry started with her and just a few others way way back when we had just a dumpy little site and probably weren't all that appealing to work with. So we owe a big thank you to Lee Ann and it is very much my pleasure to feature some of her work on the blog and newsletter.

Lee Ann is easily reach through her Facebook Page. She does custom work in the Strathmore, Calgary, & Southern portions of Alberta, Canada. Now to show off some of her wonderful work! Lee Ann specializes in turning old junkers into beautiful pieces of furniture. So if you've got something that's still in good shape, but out of date or needs spruced up, Lee Ann is your woman!

Her blog and personal website always feature fantastic start to finish tutorials and walk throughs. These are great resources for other furniture artists, especially those just getting started. See here for her most recent post and walkthrough: Curvy French Dresser

The full walk through is amazing and really shows what a talented painter can do with what some might call junk at the start! Here's the final product.

And now I'll just finish up with a streak of her work from late last year. Each piece is truly wonderful and if you are anywhere near her then it will be well worth it to seek her out and see what she can do with  your old pieces!

Contact Info Below!
Thank you Lee Ann!!

Thursday, March 4, 2021

Luck of the Draw 🍀 is the #BestPaintedFurniture March 2021 Contest theme!  Show us your GREENS and/or GOLDS painted furniture!!  This contest series is open internationally* and to all paint brands. 

The top winner will receive a $50 gift card to each of these companies and the two finalists will get $25 gift cards* to several. Thank you to our wonderful sponsors:

Dixie Belle Paint Company

Country Chic Paint

Miss Lillian's NO WAX Chock Paint NO WAX Chock Paint

Roycycled Treasures Decoupage Papers

Eye Love Hue Paint

WoodUbend Mouldings

D. Lawless Hardware

Good Bones Paint ( and

Nordic Chic Paint!!!

Here’s how to enter: Comment on THIS post with your green or gold painted furniture pieces, watermarked with your name or business name/logo. Please note, only one entry per person per contest. 


• Pieces will be collected and re-posted on this Facebook page in a photo album

• You may tag your business page and/or name in the Facebook page's photo album of entries

• A panel of  industry judges will vote to select the top three entries

• The top three will be posted on this page

• The winner will be determined by likes after a week-long voting period

• The winner will be announced at the end of the month

Show us what you got! 🖌🎨 1 entry per person please. 🎁 Make sure that your photos are watermarked!

Submissions will be open until Fri March 19th! 


*the competition is open to all internationally, but not all the vendors operate in all countries, so some vendors might not be able to ship if the winner is international, depending on the country

**If you have recently won on this page, you are eligible to win again in six months. Please participate though, as we love seeing your finished pieces!


Friday, February 12, 2021

Fernandez Cleaning Service - Peoria, IL

I haven't done any posts about the small businesses we support lately I realized so today I am going to give a shout out to Fernandez Cleaning Service in Peoria, IL. I have worked offsite for the last several years in Peoria and for a few years now have employed the Fernandez'. They make my life a lot easier!

This family business has been serving the Peoria area for over 20 years and I recently helped them open up a website for the first time as the economic situation became pretty tough in 2020.

If you are in the Peoria area and are in the need of residential or business cleaning services, don't hesitate to give them a call or make a reservation through their website. 

I highly recommend this business.

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Eastern Shore Chic - D. Lawless All Star

Today we highlight possibly the largest contributor to our website and our marketing success. Roberta from Eastern Shore Chic is one of the most prolific furniture artists in the country. She churns out over a piece a day! All custom work and all in a style that will go great with any number of home design themes. Stylish and classic is the order of the day for most people. While flashy bright pieces may get a bit more social media attention, creating a home where the furniture fits the rest of the motif is the most important thing.

Over the years I've discovered that Roberta goes about her work in a very "D. Lawless" style. Nothing flashy. Just high quality work built on a foundation of truly wanting to serve and help her clients. Thousands of homes across the Northeast feature work from Eastern Shore Chic and I'm sure thousands more to come.

Today I'll feature just a few of the pieces Roberta has finished over the last few months. Starting off with this gorgeous blue(ish) vanity using our popular ring pulls!

This next one is a perfect example of how Roberta can bring those old boring and possibly damaged pieces back to their former glory. This was the second set Roberta sent in this week! The pieces were boring and un-inspiring to say the least in the before photo, but the final result is wonderful and fit to be prominently featured in any bedroom.

And the before...

I could go on all day, but I'll leave more to see at Roberta's Facebook page. Please remember to click through to Eastern Shore Chic!

Roberta does custom work for old pieces you may have in your home, or can be on the lookout for a set if you contact her with your home needs. This next little set is entirely typical of her work and would be a fine addition (it already is) to any home. The wood stained top is beautiful and will accompany most styles of home decor wonderfully.

Thank you again to Roberta for all her great work and so graciously sharing the photography with us. She has been a customer for a long time and has truly become an asset to our business.  It gives me great joy to work so often with such talented and industrious people as Roberta. 

Please click through to Eastern Shore Chic and keep her in mind if you are in the border region between Maryland and Delaware. Roberta works out of Willards, MD but covers a wide area with her custom work.

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Customer Project Feature - Larry in Indiana

I recently got a piece sent in from a friendly customer, Larry in Indiana. What a piece! I'd love to have that in my office. Looks like quite a nice workshop as well. Thanks for using our little labels and for sharing this beauty Larry!