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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Wood Appliques

D. Lawless Hardware carries a wide range of wood appliques for furniture or for styling and decorating rooms. Our line of appliques is tried and tested over nearly 40 years! Dave Lawless started D. Lawless Hardware on the heels of his successful furniture building business (practically destroyed in two years by NAFTA). He used many of these exact appliques when building reproduction antique style pie safes, hutches, dressers, hall chairs, and more.

Over the years, as we moved from building furniture to supplying other builders we have widened our line of wood parts and appliques to include over 100 pieces of finely detailed wood scrolls, wood splashes, and  wood medallions.

Since the website has grown along with our customer list, we've received a lot of beautiful work submitted by our customers. Below I'll feature some of these businesses as well as some of our most popular pieces.

I'll start off with a nice example of prime applique use. They are great for filling in a large empty space with some detail. This hall chair and trunk is a good example. The wide empty oval space is begging for detail and with our large wood applique paint to match the trim on the bottom it is a wonderful upgrade to a lovely piece of furniture. Courtesy of Dix Hill Decor.

large wood scrool on hall chair and trunk

Next up I will feature our best selling and most popular wood applique. This flower horizontal applique is one of our originals, used by Dave Lawless, and we have a number of projects submitted from customers. First up I'll start off with a brilliant use by Sassy Townhouse Living as she spruced up her stairs with some gold painted appliques for accent on each step.

staircase with applique accents

The same appliques used for drawer accent and side accent on this lovely piece of reproduction antique furniture. My father used to build stuff just like this, however this one was submitted by a friendly customer!

Pie safe with wood appliques

And this final shot comes from an amazing vanity with wonderful detail from Deborah Anne! As with a lot of the furniture artists we work with, the staging on this piece is wonderful as well and I'm sure it flew out the showroom door.

vanity with appliques

A large splash applique can be used on a wide range of furniture and home decor and one of the best things I've seen done with them is to create a decorative valance for a sitting room or in a room with large drapes. The sitting room here is from Slightly Coastal, a nice home and design blog. These valances actually feature an entire set of our wood appliques. The corners and carved pieces are from us as well.

sitting room with detailed valance

valance with applique details

The same wide splash applique is used on the big drawer front of this beautiful dresser makeover from Furniture Chic, one of our long time customers!

dresser with decorative appliques

This wild piece here from REHABArt features these corner appliques, but with the one of kinda paint job they are a little hard to find right off! The artist actually appears to have used some of our thin, filigree appliques and cut them into smaller pieces to add detail all over. Great idea!

silver furniture with appliques

I'll finish up with a mighty big armoire from Uniquely Grace that features two of our biggest thickest carved wood pieces. The big beautiful piece looks fantastic with the applique detail!

armoire with carved wood appliques

You can see the rest of our decorative wood appliques on our main site and a good chunk of our product pages have many more customer projects to help give you ideas on what you can do to spice up an old piece of furniture or accent your home.
Til next time!

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Our New "Vintage" French Provincial Pulls

This article is about our French provincial pulls, which is one of our most successful renewals of a vintage piece. We put "vintage" in quotes because these pulls are made from a recast of an original old mold we found out of Australia years ago. The French provincial style had gone out of style for quite awhile and the mold from this one was just sitting around waiting to be pulled back into action!

Unfortunately time had taken it's toll so we were forced to recast the original mold in order to make a mold fit for reproduction purposes. So what you get is a new "vintage" piece, exactly like the old one but cast fresh.

We also did something else no one else has bothered to do in years. We had a matching one made with a 2.5" center! That makes us pretty much the only show in town for matching sizes in French provincial pulls that you will find minus the old originals which are getting pretty pricey. Ours are $1.99 by the way!

Since we brought this set in we've received a number great french style furniture pieces for our website and product pages from talented and generous customers. So without further ado here is one from Country Girl Can Designs!

french provincial style tables

And a second shot of the beautiful detail.

french provincial drawer pull

Now you can see how well the two sizes works out. This piece is gorgeous and the smaller pulls on the smaller drawers is absolutely necessary! Thank you Meg Del Design!

french style dresser

matching french provincial pulls

We actually have three different French provincial drawer pulls. Our most popular piece is our original antique brass leaf french provincial pull seen in the first project. Then last year we added matching pairs of the same pull in antique English and antique brass. Each of the new sets come in a 2.5" and 3" to accommodate antique pieces that may already have their holes drilled. Or if they have vastly difference sized drawers, then it is a good idea to have a smaller pull on a smaller drawer.

This next shot from Lavender & Lemon does a great job of showing the detail. We appreciate the photo!

up close french provincial pulls

Here is a nice shot of what you can do with some imagination. Flipping Unbelievable has taken these french pulls and sprayed them gold to go with the bright dresser makeover. Looks great!

dresser with gold french provincial pulls

And to end here is a great classic looking dresser made over by Elbow Grease Vintiques using our most popular french provincial drawer pulls!

dresser with french hardware.

You can find all of the styles and finishes in our vintage hardware section. Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Chippendale Part Two

Continued from Part One...

"After Chippendale's work, there appeared, in the year sixty-five, a book of designs for chairs only, though it is called The Cabinet-Maker's real Friend and Companion, as well as the Chairmaker's..."

"The succeeding publication to this seems to be Ince and Mayhew's Book of Designs in Cabinet and Chair Work, with three plates containing some examples of foliage ornaments, intended for the young designer to copy from, bu which can be of no service to any learner now, as they are such kind of ornaments as are wholly laid aside in the cabinet-branch, according to the present taste. The designs in cabinet and chairs are, of course, of the same cast, and therefore have suffered the same fate; yet, in justice to the work, it any be said to have been a book of merit in its day, though much inferior to Chippendale's, which was a real original, as well as more extensive and masterly in its designs..."

"In the year 1788 was published the Cabinet-Maker's and Upholsterer's Guide. But not withstanding the late date of Hepplewhite's book, if we compare some of the designs, particularly the chairs, with the newest taste, we shall find that this work has already caught the decline, and perhaps, in a little time, will suddenly die in the disorder."

Chippendale Double Corner Chair

From the above testimony, which certainly is not hostile to Chippendale, we gather that, forty years after its appearance, this book was entirely neglected, notwithstanding the real talent displayed. We also gather that Sheraton does not regard Chippendale as a great innovator who revolutionized the furniture of this day and introduced a radically new style. Moreover, he considers the furniture in a certain book to be more antiquated than Chippendale's, and thence argues that it must, therefore, have been published before his. The fact is that the book referred to came out six years later than Chippendale's, and it's designs are like the latter in general form. If, however, Sheraton is correct in saying that it does represent furniture in use before Chippendale published his work, we may safely conclude that it was only in the ornamental details taht the furniture of the day was affected by the latter.

George Smith published Designs for Household Furniture in 1808. In this, he bewails the fact that first-class artists do not (as they do in France) provide designs for the cabinet-maker and upholsterer. He adds: "Very great encouragement has been given of late by our Nobility and Gentry to various artists employed in cabinet-work, the good effects of which will, I doubt not, soon be felt; for as the beauty of the Antique consists i the purity of design, and what was pleasing centuries ago continue so be equally so now, so I do not despair of seeing a style of furniture produced in this century which shall be equally agreeable centuries hence."

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Chippendale Part One

Of English cabinet makers, the name that overshadows all other is that of Thomas Chippendale. Many of his successors gained a renown that has endured, but his name is popularly used as a generic term for almost all the furniture that was in vogue for more than half a century. It is strange that scarcely anything is known of one to whom such great influence and importance are now generally attributed. The very date of the book that brought Chippendale into notice is variously given, though there should be no question about this. His preface is dated March, 1754, and in April 1754, the Gentleman's Magazine announces, among the new books on mechanics, The Gentleman's and Cabinet-Makers Directory, by Thomas Chippendale. The third and last edition published by him appeared in 1762. In all probability, the author died soon after this.

chippendale chair and hepplewhite card table

The only facts reported about him are that he was born in Worcestershire, went to London and found employment as a joiner. There, in the reign of George I., he was a successful carver and cabinet maker. Some critics hold that he was already at work in 1720. If he was eminent in his craft during the reign of George I. (ie before 1727), he can scarcely have been very active later than 1765, or more than forty years afterward. It is not therefore unreasonable to suppose that he was born about 1695 and died about 1765, thus reaching a man's natural term of life.

antique settee

During the second half of the century, there wer certainly two Chippendales, and probably, several of the family at work. In 1826, George Smith, who was upholsterer to the king, issued his Cabinet Maker's Guide. In this he speaks of "the elder Mr. Chippendale" and adds: "Mr. Thomas Chippendale (lately deceased) and known only amongst a few, possessed a very great degree of taste with great ability as a draughtsman and designer." Thus we have specific evidence that there were at least two Chippendales, and that one, comparatively obscure, died shortly before 1826. The latter, although a able draughtsman and designer, is very unlikely to be the same individual that had published, seventy years before, a book that was plainly the work of a man already well established in business. The more reasonable conclusion is that at least two Chippendale were engaged in designing as well as making furniture.

antique writing tables and cabinets

The lack of detailed information about Chippendale would argue that public interest in him was not very keen, and that the impression produced by his work on his contemporaries and immediate successors was not profound. If his renown had been great, we should expect to find other workmen recommending themselves at home, and more especially on going to the colonies, as having been with him, and as being able to make his well know furniture, so greatly in demand. We should also anticipate finding that furniture that was distinct in type from all that had gone before would bear the name of the famous designer, and that others would recognize his authrority unquestioningly, and confessedly follow him.

hepplewhite and sheraton chairs

When we search for evidence on these points, we reach very curious results. Sheraton (1791) says in his preface: "I have seen one (book of design) which seems to have been published before Chippendale's I infer this from the antique appearance of the furniture, for there is no date to it; bu the title informs us that it was composed by a society of cabinet makers in London."

"Chippendale's book seems to be next in order to this, but the former is without comparison to it, either as to size or real merit. Chippendale's book has, it is true, given us the proportions of the Five Orders, and lines for two or three cases, which is all it pretends to relative to rules for drawing; and, as for the designs, themselves, they are now wholly antiquated and laid aside, though possessed of great merit, according to the times in which they were executed..."

Continued in Part Two.

Friday, February 14, 2020

Copper Knobs Can Work with a Lot of Styles

Antique copper and copper knobs are both great for creating a warm feel and look for your space or piece. We have a nice selection with copper knobs varying from a dark weathered copper to bright red coppers. This article features a group of pieces from talented furniture artists that have featured our copper pulls and knobs in a variety of styles and colors.

We will start with a couple projects that feature our most popular copper knob. This piece is a red copper and as you can see by the projects below, it looks great with a wide variety of paint colors.

First up is a great desk makeover from Art is Beauty and features matching cup pulls.

desk makeover with matching copper cup pulls and knobs

Here we are on a nice pastel hutch meant for outside, doing some potting by the garden from Homeroad!

potting bench hutch with copper knobs

The same set of copper knobs and cup pulls as above on a beautiful black dresser makeover from Designs by Dee.

distressed black dresser makeover with antique copper cup pulls

And to prove that antique copper and black is a nice mix we have a big hutch makeover from a nice customer that sent in photos of how she used the knobs! Distressing and letting the wood tones come through seems to work very well with red coppers or antique coppers.

big black hutch with matching knobs and pulls

Next up we have another nice project in black from a good customer of our Eastern Shore Chic. The cup pulls in this piece match the knobs above exactly  and are an exclusive D. Lawless Hardware product. The knobs on this piece are also a D. Lawless product and were made to be an exact match with the cup pull.

black desk with matching copper hardware

antique copper knobs

Now I've got a couple applications with navy blues that really make the copper look nice. The first shot is from I Dig Pinterest on a little hallway makeover. The before and after photo really shows how great a small update can look!

hall makeover with cup pulls

hall makeover before and after shot

The next piece looks really nice as you can see the great way antique copper matches the wood tones and still goes along great with the navy blue paint job. Thank you Neshama Studio!

navy blue dresser with copper knobs

I'll end this article by showing off a great two tone hutch turned into an organization station from Dawn Nicole. The copper knobs again look great with the wood tones.

drawers with knobs

hutch with copper knobs

Thank you for reading and thank you to all our customers and bloggers that help me write and post these articles by submitting their wonderful work. I am truly grateful!