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Sunday, October 11, 2020

What Length of Screw Should I Use for Cabinets & Drawers?

We recently got a short question in our DLH Friends hardware group about what size of screws is most common or should be used for installing fresh hardware in the kitchen or on furniture drawers so I thought I'd whip up a short article to help anyone else with the same question.

Truss Head Screw used for knobs and pulls

From Heike

Silly Question...Cabinet hardware often comes with only one size of screws for the doors, but they're too short for drawers (speaking of kitchen cabinet drawers). What length of screws do you order for the drawers without having to cut them?
We got many answers from the group, all from kitchen and furniture professionals but I'll start with my answer and then add a few more that were good tips from our members.


Almost all hardware these days comes with 1" screws because most doors are 3/4" and that leaves 1/4" for screwing into the knob. So you will need to measure your door thickness and add 1/4" if you don't have a standard width. Don't go with a screw more than 3/8" longer or it likely won't screw in far enough. Some hardware will come with two sets of screws...

Heike follows up with - 

 Derrick, what's the thread size I need? I'll just stick up on them all sizes been 1" - 2"


8-32 thread is about what everything is these days. Any hardware made in the last 20 years is almost surely 8-32.

And now a few responses from the group as a few of them might be helpful tips to newcomers...

Denise - It really varies from piece to piece. I just run to my local hardware store and pick up what I need for each project.

Sue - If you have old drawer pulls that you are replacing, use the screws from those.

Robin - If they’re too short I take them to the hardware store and buy something a little longer. You can bring the pull to make sure they are the right diameter. 

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Flippin Furniture Design

Today I am featuring one of the top contributing artists to the D. Lawless Hardware website and newsletters. Belinda from Flippin Furniture Design in Washington, IL is a specialist at finding pages on our website with no customer photos and helping me improve the entire website with her photography!

If I remember correctly I found Belinda by just searching for local refinishers after I moved to Peoria, IL. Now it is years later and we probably have 100 of her photos on the website.  This very week she just sent in photos from her last few months work using our hardware and I'm sharing them as a show of appreciation.

Remember, Belinda is available for custom work in the Peoria, IL and Washington, IL areas.

Campaign style bail pulls on a lovely blue floral dresser.

The Myrcella cabinet knobs on a stunning navy vanity.

A beautiful sideboard cabinet featuring the Rustique pulls in antique pewter.

And the Venetian bronze Southampton pulls on this lovely floral dresser!

Thank you Belinda!

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Coming D. Lawless Hardware Products Preview

 Short post. All these products are coming by the end of the year. The clear pulls there are an acrylic version of our depression glass knobs. The bin pulls are 64mm and we will eventually add several more finishes. The rest is just more stuff for our box hardware section as it is one of our busiest sections and we like to continually add new options.

New D. Lawless Hardware Products

New D. Lawless Hardware Products

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Oil Rubbed Bronze Bar Pulls with Grey Birch Designs

I was recently lucky enough to work with Kaycie from Grey Birch Designs on her kitchen makeover and I was absolutely floored with the results! The kitchen looks fantastic and I got some of the best photos of our oil rubbed bronze bar pulls I could ever imagine! A kitchen like this I wanted to share with everyone. So without further ado I'll post a few shots here and you can see even more on the product pages.

kitchen with bar pulls

oil rubbed bronze bar pulls

The oil rubbed bronze bar pull finish is perfect for kitchens like this with good lighting. In darker rooms the bronze just looks black, but with good lighting  you get the warm bronze finish showing well and not clashing or standing out as starkly on the cabinets.

Big thank you again to Grey Birch Designs! Grey Birch Designs does kitchen and other custom design work out of the Salt Lake City area in Utah. You can find their wonderful blog here and you can follow them on Facebook as well with the link at the top!

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Designs by Dee

As most of our customers have seen, our site is full of wonderful photography and projects from businesses, customers, and hobbyists. I have been collecting photos and working with other small businesses for about ten years now and collectively these photos really make our site a unique store. I am grateful to all my contributors but from time to time like to feature a business that has provided a lot of photography over the years.

So today I am featuring Designs by Dee! Stationed just north of Nashville, TN Designs by Dee is ready for custom work anywhere in the Nashville area! I have known Denise for several years now and I bet there are probably at a bare minimum ten photo sets of hers on the site, possibly closer to 20. I know for a fact these photos have increased on sales on the products and Denise also loves to use our D. Lawless original hardware so that makes me extra happy. I linked her personal website above, but she also has an active Facebook page.

A recent piece uses our antique pewter cup pulls and knobs with an ornate rose pattern. They go perfectly on this beautiful natural wood stain hutch! With the knobs, she added her own backplate that don't normally come with the knobs. Looks fantastic! But I'm not sure if the backplate is from us.

This next piece is another beautiful wood stain piece and this time featuring a set of our wood appliques! The dresser knobs look great as well! They must be from somewhere else but I think the escutcheons are ours too! Gorgeous!

And proving how great a business partner and customer to D. Lawless Designs by Dee is, I went to her Facebook page while writing this and her latest piece features hardware from us as well! This sideboard is stunning and features matching cup pulls and drop pulls from Liberty Hardware of which we carry their entire line. Ornate and detailed tops are one of Denise's specialties and details like these really make a piece one of a kind.

Please take a second to like and follow Designs by Dee if you are the furniture artist type and make a mental note if you are in the Nashville area! I'll soon try to start featuring more of our top contributors so that we can all continue to succeed and create beautiful things together!