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Thursday, November 7, 2019

Trending Hardware Finish: Soft Brass

For awhile I thought that brass was making a comeback, but what's happened over the last few years is that instead of brass fully rising to it's former glory, kitchen designers and professionals have been using minor variations of brass like champagne bronze, gold, or soft brass.

Soft brass is the perfect option for home owners that like the look of brass, but what to avoid the flash and possible over the top shine in kitchens with a lot of hardware. Soft brass knobs and pulls give the color without the shine and the result is fantastic and much more versatile than bright brass.

We were lucky this week to work with Jamin and Ashley of The Handmade Home on a wonderful two tone kitchen and dining room makeover. In their design they chose the soft brass Octo pulls from Liberty Hardware and they look fantastic on both the white cabinets and the light blue island.

soft brass kitchen design

kitchen makeover with soft brass

Picture are the 128mm pulls but they also come in a dual mount 3"/3 3/4" and there is of course the matching knob.

kitchen island with soft brass

brass hardware

two tone kitchen with brass hardware

We also have some more great shots of this soft brass hardware from Jamie Jo Williams. What a beautiful white kitchen!

farmhouse style ktichen with brass hardware

soft brass knobs in white kitchen

white kitchen with soft brass hardware

Monday, October 28, 2019

D. Lawless Historical Tidbit

Before D. Lawless Hardware, Dave Lawless tried many things in his life. He was an English major but that didn't pan out to much. After college he did a lot of things from sandblasting to building furniture. Something not many people know though is that he took a shot at producing and promoting a product similar to orange paint stripper product so many painters use to clean off their hands and body after a job.

He did so much painting (after sandblasting) that he needed his own non-toxic option for paint removal. This was back before there weren't many options other than just using lacquer thinner on your hands...

Dave Lawless' product was blue and named "People Stripper." There are still a few bottles around but this now defunct product is a part of D. Lawless history. Here are a few shots of my father out in Las Vegas at a product convention. He had a local news feature where he covered his body in paint and used People Stripper to remove it.

Here he is getting sprayed down by my Uncle Duane for the cameras!

Dave Lawless & Duane McCommons - People Stripper

Vegas Product Show

Dave getting sprayed

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Video Tour of D. Lawless Hardware with Derrick Lawless

I made this walk through several months ago after being asked by some of my furniture business partners and I realized I hadn't put it on the blog. I talk about the store, a bit of D. Lawless history, and show off our large "smalls" inventory.

Our brick and mortar store in Olney, IL has a large and very nice showroom as well as all sorts of smalls and knick knacks from vintage glassware to old advertising tins. Conveniently located two hours from STL, four hours from Chicago, three hours from Indy, and four hours from Nashville! HAHA!

I probably should have shaved before the video...but what's done is done...

Monday-Friday 9-5 if you are in the area. We would love to see you!

Monday, October 21, 2019

D. Lawless All-Star: Creative Moments in Canada

Lee Ann at Creative Moments has been a great contributor to our website for many years. There are at least ten of her pieces on the website and probably closer to twenty!  As with all the greats, sometimes they get forgotten because everyone just expects them to be there doing great things all the time! So I decided to put together an article of her most recent work since she gets left out of some of the other stuff while I continue to add all the new contributors.

Each photo will link back to the product Lee Ann used and then I'll link to the article in the text so you can see more shots of each piece on her own website. She can also be followed on Facebook of course!

I'll start off with a total stunner sideboard makeover Lee Ann finished a little while back. She used our baroque style hardware with the rose detail!

Most recently Lee Ann shared this great antique tall boy featuring our wood appliques and casters. The full article features detailed how to on the painting and full fix up.

Next up is this lovely little DIY accessories box using our affordable labels. She painted the labels and piece herself to get the perfect finish match with the paint!

This next piece, a grey farmhouse dresser, was sent in a few months ago and features the Augustine cup pulls from Liberty Hardware. The paint and detail on this piece are amazing!

This article features a great painting tutorial as Lee Ann takes you through her process of completing this great French style desk with antique pewter cup pulls.

Here's something I could have used in the last year or so...a lovely navy changing table makeover from an old worn out dresser. Like new!!

Thank you again to Lee Ann for always sharing her wonderful work and for always sharing her process and tips along the way. Her blog is a must follow and I am so grateful to have worked with her over the years. Check out her main site before you forget!

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Teardrop Pendant Pulls - New Product Feature

We brought this new teardrop pendant pull with the ceramic insert in just a couple months ago and it is already a top seller and top performer on social media! We got a great suggestion from furniture pro Nancy at Viv & Violets that a drop pull like this would be a great seller because the one her and a lot of her colleagues were using had been discontinued. Her suggestion was backed up by several others so we went out and had this one made that isn't the same, but is as close as we could get while creating an original product.

In just two months we've received photos from all over featuring the product and I am so impressed with how great it looks on a variety of styles and pieces. So...without further ado...

The latest photos sent in to me come from Meredith at Pumpkin Seed Designs on a beautiful hand painted buffet.

hand painted buffer with drop pulls

The first set of photos I got came just a week into stocking the product and came from Amini Design Ashburn on this great dresser makeover with matching ceramic knobs.