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Monday, June 2, 2014

DIY: Making Your Own Jewelry Box Part II - Hardware

Once you have finished painting your jewelry box you are ready to begin jazzing it up with some nice hardware.

If your jewelry box already came with a clasp and hinges, they are easily replaced with styles more suitable with the end product you desire.

  1. 1.  Installing the clasp.  You will need a small screw driver, preferably one with a magnetic tip since these parts are small and somewhat difficult to handle.

    The clasp I used for this jewelry box is the Min Snap Catch - Brass Plated; however there are many different options to choose from, another example is the Small Snap Catch - Brass Plated.
  2. Next I added a pair of small brass jewelry box hinges.  There are tons of different brass hinges to choose from, some with really unique designs.  Using a non-traditional hinge is a great way to make your jewelry box stand out.  You can browse the DLawless selection by clicking here.

  3. To finish the outer hardware additions I decided to add some brass corners to my box.  Because the box I bought is made of thin wood, it wasn't really feasible to use jewelry box feet (as it requires making holes in the bottom).
    The box corners are a great, easy alternative and they look great!  I decided to put them on the lid of the box to really give it a professional look.  Because of the tiny nature of the hardware, it may be a little tricky to install the corners, what I did was:

    I held the corner in place and then with my thumb, pushed really hard into the wood so that the tip of the nail was wedged in there and I didn't have to hold it for it to be in place.

    Once it is like this, it is much easier to use a hammer to install the nail.  A nice bonus is that if you can also avoid hurting your fingers!
    The box corners I used were these beautiful brass ones with an engraved design.  The finished lid product looked lovely!


    Now last but not least I added box corners on the bottom.  I chose to vary up the design and picked these plain brass corners.  However, you could also choose to have engraved corners and install them facing the front; they will still serve as "feet" for your box and yet add some additional style.

    Here is the final product - amazing that such a beautiful little jewelry box started off as a plain little $5 wood box off a Walmart shelf!





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Brandi said...

My daughter wanted to make a jewelry box a few weeks ago and I said that we could. I was a little nervous because I do not really know what I am doing. So I appreciate you putting this up. Now I think I can handle it. We might just go to the store and pick our what she wants.

Brandi Bradley @ Rotax Metals