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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Making Your Own Hardware - The Possibilities are Endless!

With our collection of hardware bases it is possible to turn literally anything into a cabinet knob or pull. Below we have to decided to show off what truly beautiful and one of a kind hardware can be made using our knob making base collection by showing examples from people that have actually gone into business selling knobs they made using our hardware.

We feel obliged to start with a great company and for sure the biggest little company on this list, Sietto. We developed the beginnings of this line of hardware while working with this artist/entrepreneur out of Chicago, IL and the line has expanded and been successful ever since. It's funny how things work out, but we owe a debt of gratitude to Sietto for getting us started on such a popular line of hardware. We still work closely with Sietto and are currently working on longer bases to accommodate his growing business.

 sietto frosted glass pulls

sietto glass company

Next is another really cool business that has been buying bases off of us for awhile now, Uneek Glass Fusiions. Uneek Glass Fusions is doing just what Sietto is but in their own "uneek" style of course.

Crystal Clear Glass Cabinet or Drawer Pull in Wave design by image 2

Lots of our customers are selling their knobs on Etsy and it's been working out great for stores like Art de Fleur who sells amazing glass knobs.

Skyblue with Green Fractures and Streamers Stacked Ivory Fused Glass Cabinet Pull Warm Red Stack with Black Streamer bits,  knob or pull Clear iridescent and green cabinet pull Long Egyptian Blue and Silver Dichroic glass pull

We also have a lot of customers using river rocks and other special stones to make cabinet knobs. To start off we'll show you some beautiful knobs from Lakeshore Stones in Michigan. These knobs are made from the beautiful Petoskey Stone.

Lakeshore Stones in Michigan make these absolutely beautiful cabinet knobs (among other things) with our knob bases. Check out there site which features all sorts of stuff from jewelry to wine glasses made using famous Petoskey Stone which is a fossil of coral.

Next up! Long time customer Aimee's Rock Works, another really cool Etsy shop. She does all sorts of stuff with smooth river rocks. She even makes a few products using our make your own hook bases!

Ready to Ship - Beach & River Rock Cabinet Knobs - Set of 10Custom Orders - Coat Hook with Beach Rocks - Over'n'Under

Made to Order - Sliced Grey & Black Mosaic Tile Cabinet Knobs PullsTumbled Reclaimed Granite Cabinet Knob Set - Ready to Ship

More of the same, but every knob making artist has his or her own style and taste. Lake House Treasury sells on Etsy and offers several unique styles.

BLUE SLAG Beach Glass Cabinet Knobs Sea Glass Cabinet Knobs Drawer PullsGenuine BEACH GLASS Cabinet Knobs Sea Glass Cabinet Knobs Drawer Pulls

GREY Beach BRICK Cabinet Knobs INDUSTRIAL Stone Cabinet Knobs Coastal DecorNatural Beach Stone Cabinet Knobs RUSTIC STONE Cabinet Knobs

And last but definitely not least is LandiDesigns. LandiDesigns puts another great twist and uses quartz, amethyst, and other gemstones to make absolutely beautiful hardware.

Custom Amethyst Gemstone Drawer Pull Knobs

Large Green Calcite Gemstone Drawer Pull Knobs Handles

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mrskorba said...

All of these are fabulous! My favorites are the petoskey stone ones! My home state stone. When we were kids we went camping all the way up close to the Mackinac Bridge and those stones were hard to find 30 years ago for us. Havent been back up there since. But it sure brings back memories.