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Monday, July 13, 2015

How to Spray Paint Cabinet Hardware

Finding the right hardware for a project is hard enough, but what if you are looking at a fabulous drawer handle that does not come in the finish you want? Spray paint it! Yes, applying spray paint to hardware is easier than you think and I have a few tips for you!

How to Spray Paint Hardware Image

Start by cleaning the hardware with a bit of vinegar, then rinse with water and air dry. The vinegar will help remove any oils from hands (and cooking!) and does not harm the finish of the hardware. The pulls used in this project can be found here.

Clean Hardware with Vinegar

Use a really good spray primer. I like to use red oxide primer for rusty metal. To me, this primer helps the paint “bite” into the metal a bit better than the regular grey primer.

Spray Paint Cabinet Hardware - Use a Primer

Use a quality spray paint and read the directions! Some spray paints will allow a second coat to be reapplied within 10 minutes. Always apply a second coat according to the time frame on the back of the spray paint can. This way, the dreaded wrinkling can be avoided!

Let the paint thoroughly dry and cure. I am notorious for getting in a hurry and then end up gouging the paint or messing it up somehow!

Spray Painted Hardware - Final Result

That’s it! Changing the color of hardware with a bit of spray paint opens up a whole lot of possibilities! I like bright colors and this is a great way for me to add a bit of color to an otherwise plain project!

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