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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Update a Light Fixture with Spray Paint

One of the things I love to do the most is update old light fixtures. It is so fun to clean it up and give it a pop of color! This particular light fixture was brass with plain glass, and I purchased it at my local Habitat for Humanity ReStore for $5.

Update a Light Fixture

Before I could update the light fixture with spray paint, I needed to take it apart and clean it. I washed the parts thoroughly with soap and water, then let them air dry.

I sprayed a coat of primer on each piece. I like to use red oxide primer for rusty metal because I find that the spray paint sticks to it better!

Update a Light Fixture- Take it Apart

I chose a spray paint in pink and applied two coats to each piece.

Update a Light Fixture - Paint Pieces

I used a vinyl stencil with dots to apply to each piece of glass. The stencils were applied to the inside of the glass because the outside was beveled. I used frosted spray paint over the stencils on each piece of glass then removed the stencils when the glass was dry.

Update a Light Fixture - Paint Panels

I put the fixture back together and added a brand new socket and cord plus brand new LED bulbs.

Update a Light Fixture - Finished Product

This updated light fixture will look great in a funky home office or a little girl’s room! It is amazing what a can of spray paint can do, and it is a very inexpensive project!

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