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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Free Hardware Friday!! Inaguaral Event!!

As a small business with a relatively non existent ad budget we've tried a lot of things over the years. Of all the things we've tried the one thing that stands out as the best way to move hardware is to show people pictures of the hardware in use on real customer projects.

We've decided that we need pictures of a lot more products and we have some specific products we'd really like pictures of them in use. So...that brings me to the first (of hopefully many) Free Hardware Fridays at the D. Lawless Hardware Blog!

It's exactly what it sounds like. Each Friday I will be selecting a piece of hardware that I REALLY want pictures of. The first readers or customers to get in touch with me will be provided as many of the piece as they need to complete their current project. This can be anything. A dresser, your kitchen, a bathroom, or you can photoshop the hardware into famous locations or movie scenes. As long as I get nice, high quality photos, I don't care!

I will, for the time being since we are just getting started, be giving as many of the following piece to as many people as ask. And without further ado, here is this week's piece!

We have a great price of $1.49 on this lovely tumbled antique brass pull from Liberty Hardware.

Get creative and get in touch with me, Derrick Lawless, at lawlesshardware (at) gmail (dot) com!

*This is very unofficial. There is no contract. By giving me your images you are giving me permission to post them on product pages like so, EXAMPLE, and also to put them on social media. I will give you or your business credit if you ask. In fact, I prefer to give full credit to the photographer and small business. I think it's neat that way.


MissyMac said...

wish i would have seen this friday!! i will watch next week.

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