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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Small Business Partner: Treetop Wookworks

Today we are featuring another small business partner of ours Treetop Woodworks.

Treetop Woodworks - D. Lawless Hardware
Treetop Woodworks specializes in rustic home decor and operates out of Los Altos, CA. With over 1,000 sales and a full 5 star rating on Etsy you can be confident that you are getting quality work. It's almost impossible to have a full 5 star rating selling on the internet! Believe me I know!

You can click the images below to take you to the product page for that particular product or click above to go to the homepage. Oh yea, and many of these product are using hardware from D. Lawless Hardware, mostly our hooks!

This first piece is a a beautiful mosaic glass key rack, followed by a rustic mail organizer/ key rack and a standard but very unique rustic wood coat rack.

Mosaic glass key rack - D. Lawless Hardware

mail organizer and key rack

rustic coat hook rack

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