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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

New Product Feature - Antique Copper Knob Making Bases

Our knob and pull making bases are one of our most successful lines over the past two years. In fact, and maybe we're just full of it, but we're pretty sure we are responsible for an entire cottage industry of folks making and selling custom cabinet knobs.

Take a look next time you peruse and Etsy shop and see some beautiful custom cabinet knobs. I'd be money the bases on those knobs come from D. Lawless! Given this success we've been very conscious of the need to expand this line for multiple reasons. First to serve our customers with better options of course! And secondly to make sure anyone thinking about competing with us in this area stays away!

So without anymore rambling, we are happy to announce antique copper as a new finish in our knob making bases section!

Antique Copper Knob Making Base

Antique Copper Cabinet Pull Making Base

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