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Friday, January 8, 2016

D. Lawless Hardware - Free Hardware Friday #7 - Happy New Year!!


Hello and Happy New Year to everyone! The first Free Hardware Friday of the year is here and we've got a few satin nickel cabinet pulls from Liberty and Amerock Hardware for you to choose from!

For the new people the deal is very simple. All you have to do is send me an e-mail at with the following and you can receive as many of the pulls listed below as you need to complete your project. There are no catches at all, in November and December of last year I gave away 67 free orders of hardware!

If you wish to participate e-mail me and include...

1. Your address
2. The product number and quantity of pull you need. You can follow the links to our site for the product number. This makes it easy for me to copy and paste the orders in.
3. A promise to take photos of the project you used the pulls on. I would like a closeup of the pull and a shot of the whole project for perspective.
4. Written permission to use your photography to promote our products. I might post your photo on our HomeTalk page, on this blog, on a product page, or the like. I will give credit to you or your business when using the photos.

Without further ado...have your pick of the following satin nickel pulls! I'll be closing the promotion around 5 p.m. If the post doesn't say "CLOSED" in big red at the top, it's still open!

The first choice is a cute decorative bar pull - 96mm.

Free Hardware Friday - satin nickel pull

Next up is this modern style split arched pull from Amerock, 96mm as well.

The final choice of the week is this beautiful satin nickel and white ceramic pull 3".

Looking forward to it!

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