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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

D. Lawless Home Laundry Room Make Over

The D. Lawless Family's Laundry Room Make Over


laundry room before


laundry room after
How we got there?

First, we replaced the hardware, including switch plates, pulls, and hinges.

old switch plate   before pulls           hinges removed

This is the hardware we chose to replace them with.

new switch plates   satin nickel pullsatin nickel hinges  
The old coat rack needed replaced as well with a new backboard and hardware for the updated modern look the new laundry room has.

coat rack before

A white backboard tied the sink's cabinetry to the coat rack's, and to match the new hardware theme, already installed above, we picked out some satin nickel hooks to install.

coat rack with satin nickel hooks

And with just a few hardware changes and a new sink we went from the old laundry room to the new. Here are some more shots of the finished laundry room.

new sink cabinetry

satin nickel coat hooks

satin nickel pull and hinge

All the hardware changes came from in house products you can purchase at the D. Lawless Hardware online store
satin nickel coat hooksatin nickel pullsatin nickel hinge    

Product pictures link to corresponding products on D. Lawless Hardware

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