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Friday, February 19, 2016

Free Hardware Friday #13


Thirteen may be unlucky to some but I was born on the 13th and today is your lucky day! The thirteenth Free Hardware Friday is here and I've got a beautiful art deco style satin chrome pull.

This one is a big on with 4 1/2" centers! Great pull for the price and even better today as it's free in exchange for photos of your project.

If you wish to participate e-mail me at lawlesshardware @ gmail (dot) com and include...

1. Your address

2. The product number and quantity of pull you need. You can follow the links to our site for the product number. This makes it easy for me to copy and paste the orders in.

3. A promise to take photos of the project you used the knobs on and send them to me. I would like a closeup of the knob and a shot of the whole project for perspective. (Please do this as quickly as possible, low picture return rates are the ONLY thing that will stop this promotion from going forward all year)

4. Written permission to use your photography to promote our products. I might post your photo on our HomeTalk page, on this blog, on a product page, or the like. I will give credit to you or your business when using the photos.

5. Optional, but appreciated. A social media tag and/or mention us to someone!

Looking forward to it everyone!

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