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Monday, March 7, 2016

Brass & Blue All Over!

Being in the hardware business and working with so many interior decorators, furniture artists, and kitchen designers we are exposed to a wide variety of ideas and concepts. Over time we start to notice trends and our best business strategy is to see a trend and meet that trend's need. We've had great success with this strategy over time. Most notably our label holder selection which came out of the ongoing faux card catalog trend. We noticed the trend and met it's needs by supplying label holders well under a dollar so everyone could complete their project with a reasonable budget.

One of the newer and still under the radar trends I've noticed building steam over the last year or so is the mix of brass with all shades of blue. When working with bloggers or individual furniture makers I used to never get requests for brass hardware going back 5 years. But now it's becoming more and more common for me to sell or give brass hardware and then see it tagged in a post used with navy blue or a light blue. I think it gives furniture and kitchens a unique and refreshing look so I decided to share some of the beautiful examples of brass and blue that D. Lawless has had the pleasure of providing hardware for.

The first example comes from Batchelors Way and we get pictures via a small girl's bathroom makeover. The post also includes a simple tutorial on how to spray paint cabinet doors.

Brass Hardware & Blue Cabinets - Batchelors Way

The next one features beautiful navy blue and white kitchen with brass hardware from Rain on a Tin Roof! The article is part of a full home tour and is really worth a look. The kitchen is really unique with the mixing of the white upper cabinets and blue lower cabinets. The brass is the kicker!

Navy Blue & Brass Kitchen - Rain on a Tin Roof

Next we move into some furniture makeovers showing off the brass and blue look with a small nightstand makeover at Paper Daisy Design. This cute nightstand uses a soft "Sedona" brass and a light blue. Don't you just love the gold (brass) trim?

Blue & Brass Nightstand - Paper Daisy Design

The next piece is from Finding Silver Pennies and has greatly contributed to our lion head ring pulls becoming extremely popular in the DIY blogging world! This one is truly a beauty!

Blue & Brass Dresser - Finding Silver Pennies

The next project takes a plain old TV stand and turns it into a bright blue drink cart with the help of some brass hardware. Check out the full project at The Chronicles of Home!

Brass & Blue Drink Cart - The Chronicles of Home

Now we'll move into some off blue colors and some antique and brushed brasses just to give a little taste of how many different options you have when mixing brass hardware with blue paint. The first example is from Primitive & Proper and uses General Finishes Persian Blue paint and brushed brass from our store on this lovely mid century modern sideboard.

Brass & Blue Mid Century Sideboard - Primitive & Proper

Mixing it up again we have this brilliant blue corner curio from In My Own Style. Diane definitely has her own style and this project really shows it off!

Antique Brass & Blue Corner Curio - In My Own Style

From bright to dull? Why can't I think of a better word than "dull?" These matching French Henredon  tables are anything but dull! These two beautiful pieces come from The Painted Drawer and works restoration brass in with a eggshell blue wonderfully!

Brass & Blue French Henredon Tables - The Painted Drawer

There are countless other examples from around the web. This is just a start! Thanks for reading and please click through to see the full projects!

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