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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

7 Big Chill Appliances & D. Lawless Hardware Perfect Matches!

We were approached recently by Big Chill to create a mood board around their products. Since we aren't really a design blog and we are in the hardware business I thought it might be appropriate for me to match some of our vintage style glass knobs with the Big Chill appliances. I have actually seen a few of our colors on other people's board which made my day!

Below I've put together some matches of what I think really goes well together from our inventory of these beautiful Big Chill appliances. The first match is this beautiful black and brushed brass classic style stove from Big Chill matched with brushed brass hardware from Liberty Hardware.

Big Chill - D. Lawless - Brushed Brass

Here are some topaz and black knobs from Liberty Hardware that match the Big Chill Retro Pro fridge from their website. Love bright colors in the kitchen.

Big Chill - D. Lawless - Bright Orange

I love their black appliances even though it doesn't really take advantage of the unique colors they offer. I guess I'm just boring! Below is their jet black retro fridge alongside some custom glass knob from Design Studio 180 that are only available at D. Lawless Hardware.

Big Chill - D. Lawless - Jet Black

Next up is another colorful combo that combines one of our most popular glass knob colors with this "beach blue" washer from Big Chill. We call ours a milk blue as it's a play off the old milk glass of the middle of last century. We do a lot of antique reproduction and retro styles of hardware so it's a perfect match for these appliances.

Big Chill - D. Lawless - Milk Blue

And we also have the milk green which matches very closely with what Big Chill is calling turquoise.

Big Chill - D. Lawless - Milk Green

As I said before I'm a sucker for the classic simple styles and Big Chill and D. Lawless got that covered together when you match their beautiful stainless steel finish stoves with the D. Lawless Hardware stainless steel bar pulls!

And finally we see Big Chill has a color for everyone. This beautiful red fridge matches ones of our most popular ceramic knobs perfectly!

Big Chill - D. Lawless - Big Red

We've got a match for everything Big Chill Appliance's has somewhere on our site and we'd be proud to be part of any kitchen renovation using Big Chill Appliances!


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