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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

April D. Lawless Blog Features

Every month for the last couple years we've been growing and we owe a debt of gratitude to the great bloggers and DIYers that we've had the pleasure of working with. The traffic we get from these posts is just a small part of the benefit we get from all these features. The main benefit is the beautiful photos of our products in use for our website. These photos stay up for every visitor to our site and make a huge difference as we are a relatively unknown company and the recommendation and photos really puts skeptical customers at ease! I'm not blowing smoke when I say we lose sales all the time because our prices are TOO LOW. People seem to think they can't get quality hardware at our prices and these articles and photos prove that wrong!

I've put together a big list of all the places we were featured just in April. I think I'll start doing this every month as a way to show off our company as well as the great blogs I get to work with. April was a busy month so I'll just get started...

First post of the month came from a long time partner of ours, That's My Letter. We've worked with Jaime on a ton of projects and you can see her work all over our website. The picture below is from a project she did for Build Something and features our label holders and small oil rubbed bronze knobs.

DIY 16 drawer dresser free plans

The next post comes from another long time partner of ours at Evolution of Style. Jenny used our hardware to update a oak kitchen and the results are beautiful! There have been a couple of projects from Evolution of Style this month as you'll see coming up.

Oak kitchen Refresh - D. Lawless Hardware

As I said before, I'm a lucky guy to get to work with such talent and I love all my long term relationships! It's a great help to my business to know I'm going to get quality photos and articles from my regulars and Stacey at Embracing Change is no exception. Our glass knob section has picture after picture from Stacey and each one really shows off our glass collection wonderfully. Below is our white glass cabinet knobs on a white trimmed distressed dresser makeover.

Apron Strings Dresser - Embracing Change

Until I started this article I didn't realize how dependent I am on my regulars! Here's a great project from one of the first bloggers I ever had the pleasure of working with at Primitive & Proper. Cassie does amazing work and it's quite the privilege to get to use her photography all over our website! Here she uses some of our hand painted ceramic knob collection on a lovely mint dresser.

Sweet Mint Dresser with colorful knobs

Although I love working with my regulars I of course am always ready to start new relationships with new bloggers or simply bloggers that are new to me. This project from A Hopeful Hood shows how easy it is to update interior doors with new door knobs and paint. Unfortunately we may not be carrying the Copper Creek line much longer, but they are still available for now.

White trim, brushed nickel hardware // easy upgrades for interior doors

Sometimes we don't play a big part in the projects but it's still nice to see our hardware being used in beautiful homes and projects all over the country. This project from Sarah M. Dorsey Designs doesn't have much to do with hardware but our stainless steel bar pulls top it off nicely. The project is a DIY barn door for the bedroom and it looks fantastic!

As I said before, lots of projects we help out with don't really have much to do with us. But sometimes the hardware is still an important detail. Here's a great example of that from The Painted Hive out of Australia where our little brass label holders are the perfect touch of shine to a coastal bedroom makeover.

Brass Label Pulls | The Painted Hive

I told you I have regulars! Here's another one from Stacey at Embracing Change using our clear glass cabinet knobs!

Mora Dresser - Embracing Change

One of my new partners is Thea from Sweet Tea Refinishing. Thea got really creative and painted our antique brass drop pulls to better match the color scheme of her most recent dresser makeover. The result is perfect!

Another new partner just used our clear glass knob collection on a beautiful bright white desk makeover. This is a really stunning project and I love how our clear glass knobs look with the bright white background. Check out Virginia Sweet Pea for the full project!

Desk Makeover - A desk gets a feminine makeover with white and gold paint and glass knobs.

Another first time partner that I got to meet through our Free Hardware Friday promotion comes to us from Architecture of a Mom. Rachel wrote in and claimed enough of these sunflower knobs to use on a quick dresser update that you can see by clicking through to her blog.

The pretty projects are always fun, but hardware is about being functional before it's about being beautiful! Or I guess it! This project from Design Dreams by Anne is a perfect example of how a project can be functional and still maintain it's beauty. Anne took advantage of our black gate latches and used them to update her entrance.

This month we got another double dip and this time from Evolution of Style! Great use of matching satin nickel hardware in this kitchen update from Jenny!


And finally, this project from Plum Doodles shows off a wonderful use of our applique collection and shows everyone how to easily update plain old mirrors or trim. I love the way Sheila uses our appliques and her pics really help sell them at our low price. She proves quality appliques can be bought for cheap and we really appreciate her work!

How to Add Decorative Detail to Mirrors- Position Wood Applique on Frame-

April still has a few more days but if we get more projects in I'll just push them into the May article. I'll be doing this as a series for now on because I've got to leverage all this great content in every way I can! :) If you'd like to work with me just get in touch!


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D. Lawless Hardware said...

Thanks! :) Over time I've figured out that my privilege of working with all the great DIYers is my greatest asset in trying to market our business. I got to leverage it out every way possible!

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