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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

D. Lawless Partners with Abandon Art on Dressers

Abandon Art takes old furniture and gives them a unique touch that adds a bit of style and accent to each piece. D. Lawless partnered with Jeannie Smith and her daughter Katherine. Jeannie runs the creative side of the business refinishing, staining, and painting the furniture makeovers with her custom chalk formulas, while Katherine searches secondhand stores and thrift shops for the right pieces.

This first dresser features a beautiful custom paint job in a very unique blue or turquoise hue. In the following pictures, our D. Lawless line of glass knobs were added in a sun aged color to add the finishing touches to the dressers.

turquoise dresser

dresser and glass knobs

sun-aged glass knob

The second dresser features a white border with a light stain on the drawers and includes the same glass knobs for accent.

glass knob

white and brown dresser

Both dressers look beautiful and ready for resale. From thrift shop to art shop, we are proud to support local businesses by providing these dressers and many more to come with a finishing touch or accent with our hardware.

Please check out Abandoned Art Shop at their Facebook page:

And if you like those sun-aged glass knobs here's a link to where you can buy them at D. Lawless

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