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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Decorating with Appliques & Pie Safe Tins

Individual customer projects and professional bloggers alike make great use of our wide selection of appliques and pie safe tins. We are going to take a look at some of the great home decorative projects and well made furniture that has been created from our customers.

mirror applique outline

Appliques first. This piece by customer Marilyn Franks makes great use of our selection of appliques. Creating an outline to the mirror with some of our trim pieces and accenting the top with one of our larger pieces.

valance with appliques


Slightly Coastal creates this French Country wooden valance using our corner and center piece appliques. Painted with an acrylic chalk and brushed up with white these make a beautiful addition to the room.

entry way table

Noble Vintage accents this entry way table with a long floral wood applique. Click over to see the full table and how it was made.

wall hanger organizer

big flower applique

On the Wall at Etsy makes these wood framed jewelry organizers with our wood pegs for utility and a big flower applique for decoration.

applique on mirror

Plum Doodles works on this full length mirror for her master bedroom and finds a way to create something that fits the decor with our large shell splash applique.

Tami from Curb Alert has a furniture makeover for you to check out. The finished product looks terrific with our wood trim for accents.

cabinet pie safe

Onto the pie safe tins, Anne from Design Dreams takes a plain cabinet and turns it into a pie safe in her vintage pie safe cabinet DIY.

pie safe

A customer project by Richard Coulter, used D. Lawless pie safe tins, hinges, and knobs to build a reproduction of an old time pie safe. We would have been proud to sell this piece back in our wholesale furniture days.

pie safe cabinet

Another great piece of cabinetry, from an unknown customer project, this piece looks fabulous and will make an easy resale for the fine craftsmen that made this pie safe.

silver pie safe

Just one of the many classy cabinet pieces that come from This pie safe comes in a forest green blend that really catches the eye.

six panel pie safe tins

I really wish I could give credit to the customer who made this epic 6 panel pie safe. This large piece of cabinetry provides a wealth of space for storage with 3 drawers and plenty of shelving.

That wraps up our look at appliques and pie safes from our fantastic customers. All fine decorators and craftsmen, they really put in the work to creates this great pieces, while we provide the hardware for the accent or proper decorative finishing touches.

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