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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

DIY Cabinet Knob Ideas from Our Business Partners

Feeling creative? We have some pictures of our DIY knob bases in use by our customers for you to check out. From stones to legos, you really can use these knob bases to create that unique looking knob that's just for you.

Let's get the creative juices flowing.

amethyst gemstone knob

With My Intention creates these beautiful gemstone knobs in an amethyst purple. Amethyst attracts positive energy and rids your body of any negative energy.

fun glass knobs

Kate from Second Life Art creates these Fun & Funky glass knobs in a rainbow of color. After the glass has been cut, she layers the glass with a fun and funky piece of glass on top before they are fused together.

black beach stone knobs

Tim at Lake House Treasury creates classy stone knobs in several different varieties. Featured above is a hand picked beach stone knob in a soft black and white weather worn feel.

aqua blue glass knob

Sietto has an amazing collection of glass cabinet hardware using our bases. This feature is a Glacier in aqua blue. This knob carries the illusion of having the ice right on your drawers.

DIY lego knob

DIY lego table

Becky over at Infarrantly Creative does an amazing job with all kinds of projects. Here she created custom lego knobs to go with her DIY lego table.

malachite gemstone knob

chrysocolle knobs

Linda at LandiDesigns creates a large variety of custom knobs from all types of stones, crystals, and gems. Featured above is malachite gemstone and blue chrysocolla gemstone respectively.

fused glass drawer pull

Uneek Glass Fusions uses two bases to create a glass mosaic drawer pull each with its own unique pattern and color of fused glass.

petoskey stone cabinet knobs

Lakeshore Stones used to make these one of a kind petoskey stone cabinet knobs. From Lake Michigan, petoskey stones are a rock and a fossil composed of coral creating an elegant look and polished feel.

beach stone cabinet knobs

Hand painted lovely oval dark gray beach rocks set on your choice of base color by Aimee from Rock Works

grizzly glass knobs

Meadowlark Art & Jewelry brings color and light into any space with these exquisite glass knobs with a Montana grizzly bear.

Hopefully, this gives you some ideas to get started creating your own custom knobs. If you'd like to check out our selection of bases you can visit the DIY knob and pull base section at

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