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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

New Products: Hillman Hardware

Hillman Hardware - D. Lawless Hardware
We deal a lot in closeouts from businesses that unfortunately didn't make it or from people that just plain want rid of a lot of hardware. A couple years back we picked up a huge load of Hillman Hardware that was in TOTAL disarray. Well, with everything going on we sat on it and sorted it on and off for the last couple years, but we just now got it ready for sale.

So if your are looking for high quality screws, anchors, bolts, picture frame hangers, nuts, etc. then we have THE BEST prices on these items from Hillman Hardware, a quality name in hardware for years and years.

We just got started with about 70 items, all card packed and brand new. Over the next few months we'll be listing hundreds and hundreds of this utility hardware which will be good for us and our customers as we have had a sparse selection of this type of stuff in the past and our prices will of course embarrass the competition!

Check out the selection here:

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