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Thursday, May 5, 2016

New Products: Tiny Knobs!

Online hardware sales is a very competitive arena and it's tough for us to rank against the big guys. For years our bread and butter has been niche lines of hardware. We pay close attention to markets and try to predict what the market wants in order to take over small markets like DIY cabinet knobs and label holders. It's the best way we have of separating ourselves from the pack.

One of our best performing niche lines is our jewelry box and truck parts collection. Most places want way to much money for these little accessories based on what they actually cost to produce. So when we see opportunities we jump on them! Today we are introducing three new tiny knobs for jewelry boxes or whatever little projects you have that calls for small knobs.

Don't let the big pictures fool you! These knobs are little guys. The first one is an 18mm burnished antique brass knob at only $.60! Perfect for cigar boxes or jewelry boxes.

We also brought in the same knob in a bright brass finish!

And the last one, but certainly not the least is this smooth tiny little 12mm knob in burnished antique brass that is just about the size of a dime!

We are always adding new stuff and many times it's by request from customers! Our best strategy is to remain responsive to our customers. Our customers are major factors in helping us determine what the market is demanding. So please don't hesitate to contact us with something you would like us to carry. Many of our best products were developed at the behest of a customer! Thanks everyone!

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