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Thursday, June 30, 2016

How to Install Side Mount Drawer Slides

There are three main types of drawer slides including two different styles of bottom mount slides (one type mounts to each side of a drawer box and the other type mounts directly in the center bottom) and side mount slides.

In addition to the different types of drawer slides, there are also many different styles – ball bearing, soft-close, slides with nylon wheels and the style I will use in this example. 

side mount drawer slide - D. Lawless Hardware

I have a love/hate relationship with drawer slides. They can be really easy to install or they can be really difficult to install. This particular style, in my opinion, is the easiest to install by far! I came across them by accident and when I opened the box, I immediately expected them to be difficult but they weren’t! In fact, I still had a smile on my face when I finished installing them, ha ha!

One of the things I love about this style is the lever stops at the front of the cabinet-side slide. This keeps the drawer from being pulled out and also makes it easy to remove the drawer.

To install these side mount drawer slides, mount the drawer-side portion of the slides with the wheel at the back end of the drawer. The little framing piece (where the wheel is located) will be flush with the bottom and back end of the side of the drawer. Insert one screw in one of the holes in this area. Measure from the bottom of the slide itself to the bottom of the drawer and make sure the front portion of the slide (without the wheel) measures the same distance. Insert the remaining screws.

side mount drawer slide installation

Now, align the cabinet-side pieces (the wheel will be at the front of the cabinet and will face up) with the stretcher that corresponds with the drawer. I located mine 3/4" back from the front edge to allow for the inset drawer front. Make sure the side is level and insert the screws.

installing side mount drawer slides

install a side mount drawer slide

Slide the drawer in...That is all there is to it!

how to install side mount drawer slides

Here is a secret trick - if an oddball length of drawer slide is needed (my project needed slides that measured 11-1/2”), it is easy to cut the ends (opposite the wheels) off with a hacksaw! Super-easy, right?


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