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Monday, July 11, 2016

New Products - Euro Drawer Systems

We recently had the pleasant surprise of seeing this metal drawer system used by Ana White on her blog and in one of her YouTube videos. At the 4:36 mark she shows how to use these cheap and easy drawer systems in a small kitchen cabinet build. Ana is all about saving money and we have a great price on these. Here's the video...

Upon getting so many visits from her site and her YouTube video we realized that out in the warehouses, in our vast inventory, we actually had about 10 more sizes of these "euro drawer systems." They are all brand new, we've just got so much hardware that we can't get around to adding it to the site, setting up shipping, etc. So now we've finally got a whole new line of them up! More to come but we've started with the shorter ones. And, of course, our price dominates everyone else!

Pro Euro Box - Narrow - 86mm (3-3/8") Deep X 250mm (10") Long PROEUROBOX250N

As you can see from the picture these metal drawer systems act as the sides of your drawer box. This a great way to cheaply build a lot of drawers as all you need is the front and a pull. If you are trying to DIY your own drawers, this is MUCH easier than building the whole box yourself. It's perfect for any project with a tight budget or a tight timeline.

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