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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Popular Products: D. Lawless Simple Black Cup Pull

We have certain products that everyone seems to love. Our simple black cup pull is definitely one of them. The quality is top notch and the price of $1.85 stands out as especially low if you've ever shopped for cup pulls.

In fact, before we got in use photos for this cup pull and our other cup pulls we actually had trouble selling them as people couldn't believe that they could get a quality cup pull for just $1.85. Well the pictures and this post prove it! I've compiled a nice list of examples of this pull being used on blogs and social media by people that makeover furniture for a living!

First up is a recent post from Vintage Refined and uses this cup pull on a beautiful distressed dresser makeover alongside some D. Lawless acrylic knobs.

Next we have a nice shot of these cup pulls used in a white kitchen Shades of Blue Interiors.

This Restoration Hardware type dresser is an Ikea hack from A House and a Dog and features our flat black cup pulls as well. They are great for an old style look.

ikea tarva hack

And this beautiful shot of this cup pull paired with our cut glass knobs comes from Ask Anna where she used the combo in her laundry room makeover from several years ago.

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