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Monday, August 1, 2016

Antique Copper Matches Real Wood Beautifully!

Short post today. While perusing around for something to write about I noticed how beautiful antique copper can be when used with a natural wood. Here are some beautiful examples of projects using our copper cabinet pulls with paint and natural wood tones.

First is this one is a beautiful duck egg painted dresser with a finished wood top from Primitive & Proper...

antique copper and wood tone

antique copper hardware with wood tones

And this next post is from a blog out of Australia named Colour Saturated Life. Kinda the same idea with a light paint and also wood tones going perfectly with the antique copper hardware.

antique copper cup pulls with wood tone dresser

stained wood and antique copper cup pulls

A pattern is developing...Maybe I should have made the article about pastels or blues and greens with antique copper! This next project is from Homeroad and matches the antique copper knobs with the wood tone bottom on this outdoor planting station. The earthy tone of antique copper goes great with her ceramic pots as well.

antique copper on a planting station

antique copper is perfect to match with earth tones

This next post comes from a small business partner of ours out of Canada, Rustic Duck Furniture. I'm so glad to have these pictures as they not only use antique copper cup pulls from us, but this project also uses our antique copper pie safe tins! Plus we needed to see how antique copper can be used on less "refined" pieces. I love the rustic look of this piece!

antique copper and rustic wood dresser

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