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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

How to Build a DIY Tablet Stand

With all of the awesome advances in technology, most everyone has and uses a tablet (my kids do!)… They are handy for all sorts of things so wouldn’t it be nice to make a tablet stand to keep it upright and out of the way while you’re using it? (Hint- it helps with neck strain!) This stand is really easy to make and I’ve made two, customizing each of them in a different way!

DIY tablet stand


·         Scrap 1x12 board at 12”
·         Scrap 1x6 board at 6”
·         Scrap ¾” square dowel rod at 12”
·         2” brad nails
·         1-1/4” brad nails
·         Decorative ¾” trim or wood appliqués
·         Wood glue
·         Stain and sealer or primer and paint

Tools needed:

·         Jigsaw
·         Pneumatic brad nailer with compressor

Step One
Using the piece for the angled stand rest, draw a diagonal line across the board from corner to corner. Cut along this line with the jigsaw. Once the pieces were cut, I stained them prior to assembling the stand.

DIY tablet stand - D. Lawless

Step Two

Position the rest pieces on the back of the 1x12 base (the base leans on the angled portion of each piece), securing in place using glue and 2” brad nails through the front of the base into the rest pieces. (Use caution and keep fingers out of the way!)

DIY tablet stand - back side

Step Three

Secure the square dowel to the front of the stand base approximately 1” up from the bottom using glue and 1-1/4” brad nails.

Step Four

Secure the decorative trim to the front of the square dowel using glue. If using the decorative wood appliqués, they can be secured using glue at the top edge of the 1x12 base.

DIY tablet stand - appliques

Aren’t they great? This easy to make tablet stand can be customized in so many other ways – it can be decoupaged with photos, stenciled, painted or just left plain!

DIY tablet stand project

DIY tablet stand - finished

DIY tablet stand pin button
This is an easy project that would make a great gift, and several can be made over the course of a weekend! Until next time…

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