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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Three Ways to Hang Frames, Signs, or Mirrors

Everyone has artwork of some sort in the home and there are so many ways to hang it on the wall. There are all types of different fasteners, hangers and hardware, as well! Three of the easiest hangers to install are keyhole hangers, sawtooth hangers and (my favorite) soda can tabs with a washer and screw. Each of these hangers only take minutes to install and are super-strong to ensure that the artwork stays put!

1. Keyhole Hangers

Keyhole hangers are metal plates that screw onto the back of a frame or sign with a sort of oval shaped opening. The opening is larger on the bottom to fit over a screw head, then slides down so that the narrower portion of the oval rests behind the screw head that is mounted on the wall.

To install keyhole hangers, position the hanging plate on the back of the frame or sign and mark the position of the screw holes. Pre-drill the holes using a drill bit that is the same diameter or smaller than the screw being used to fasten the plate taking care not to go all the way through the art piece. Tighten the screws through the holes in the plate into the pre-drilled holes. 

How to Hang Mirrors

How to Hang Mirrors - D. Lawless Hardware

How to Hang Signs

2. Sawtooth Hangers

Sawtooth hangers are little metal strips with “teeth” on one end that sort of grip the nail or screw in the wall where the art piece will be hung. The sawtooth hanger is fastened to the frame or sign using tiny nails. Holding those little nails with one hand while trying to tap them into place with a hammer can be a tedious job! I like to use needle nose pliers to hold the nail while I tap the head with a hammer. Works like a charm!

How to Hang Mirrors - sawtooth

How to Hang Mirrors - sawtooth and brads

How to Hang Mirrors - sawtooth D. Lawless Hardware

3. Soda Can Tab with a Washer and Screw

This, by far, is the cheapest option for hanging artwork! Using a regular soda can tab, place a screw through a washer, then through the smaller hole in the soda can tab and drive the screw into the frame or sign. Use a standard screw driver to slightly bend the soda can tab to make it easier to hang on the nail or screw in the wall.

How to Hang Mirrors w/ a Soda Can Tab

Hang Mirrors with a soda can tab

That’s it – three easy ways to hang frames, signs or mirrors on the wall that are inexpensive and easy!

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