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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

August Blog Features!

We had our hardware all over this month and I couldn't be happier! Part of the reason we had so many is because we were the sponsor of the Fab Furniture Flipping Contest this month with main host 58 Water Street.

I'll start out with Colleen's piece from the contest and then just go in order from there. Here's her great dresser makeover using satin brass drawer pulls from Amerock.

FFFC - dresser makeover - 58 Water Street Blog

Next up in August was this easy DIY window shelf from My Repurposed Life. I love how Gail is always creating awesome stuff out of what most people might throw out! In the second photo you can see her using another style of our hooks on a chair backed jewelry display!

DIY window shelf with hooks - My Repurposed Life

jewelry display DIY - D Lawless Hooks

Next up is a unique kitchen redesign from The Newly Woodwards where they used catches on the kitchen cabinets and it looks beautiful! Not to mention making their kitchen stand out from the ordinary. Click through to see the full white kitchen!

catches on kitchen cabinets - The Newly Woodwards

This project comes from My Creative Days and features some of our super popular bail pulls on a beautiful DIY nursery dresser that she took from total junk to a beautiful piece fit for any nursery. The second shot is from a rustic numbered dresser using little black knobs from us!

DIY nursery room dresser - my creative days blog

rustic dresser with black knobs - my creative days

The next project features a product line we are very proud of. About three or four years ago we realized that the only way to get label holders was to pay two or three bucks each! So we came out with our own line all under .60 and we literally sell 100,000s a year now! Here are the nickel plated simple label holders in use at Sawdust Girl helping organize her craft room! Knobs from us too!

craft room storage with labels - sawdust girl

Every month we've got at least one from Embracing Change! This beauty uses our decagon glass knobs alongside the same bail pulls as My Creative Days used above! I absolutely love leaving the wood grain to shine!

glass knobs and bail pulls - dresser makeover

Most of the posts you see I have sponsored in the way of providing hardware for the projects. I hunt down people doing great work and contact them. But I get lucky sometimes and get featured in a post  I had nothing to do with. We call those "organic" posts and this one from Gypsy Magpie uses our matching antique style glass knobs!

dresser makeover with glass cabinet hardware - gypsy magpie

We worked with Crafting in the Rain before on her kitchen and now we have a lovely little teal dresser to show off featuring our antique pewter cup pulls and glass knobs!

teal dresser makeover - crafting in the rain

Another organic post, this time from Simply Beautiful by Angela! Angela uses our affordable label holders on a vintage style faux card catalog! Next time the hardware is on us Angela!

faux card catalog - d lawless labels

The next two posts were organic as well! Very fitting that so many of our organic posts this month were using our label holders. They are great products and we are super proud of making them so affordable to so many people as they really add up when you need a bunch.

Here's one from Ginger & The Huth and another from Farmgirl Outfitters! From Ginger & The Huth we see a beautiful Restoration Hardware style TV console and from Farmgirl Outfitters we have a nice wall cabinet for all your stuff that just HAS to be displayed for all to see!

restoration hardware style tv console with labels

wall curio cabinet with label

We love being included in how to articles because those are the articles people tend to save and share the most. This is a great example from Finding Purpose where our knobs were added after a how to paint laminate furniture.

how to paint laminate furniture - finding purpose

And last but certainly not least (I just go by the date posted) is this image transfer beauty from Just the Woods! We work with Kandice frequently and always get awesome photos!

image transfer dresser makeover - just the woods


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