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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Create Custom Knobs Using Metallic Markers on Plastic Knobs

Plastic knobs are great on any project because they are inexpensive but they  are very plain. There are many ways to dress them up to reflect the style of any project and one of those ways is by using metallic markers!


·         Plastic drawer knobs (as many as needed for the project)
·         Metallic markers (I used Sharpies in gold, silver and bronze)

The cool thing about using markers on the plastic knobs is that it is virtually impossible to mess them up! If a mistake is made, a bit of rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab will remove the ink and the design can be started over. Trust me, I did this quite a few times!

I drew random dots, circles, squiggles and even flowers on the top of each knob. I wanted each design to be different – I think it is more fun that way!

Markers in other colors can also be used for a vibrant and bright pop of color on each knob! Paint markers can be used, as well.

A clear sealer for the knobs is not necessary if using the Sharpie brand of markers. Other brands of markers may require a test with sealer to see if the colors bleed – then again, that may make a whole new design for the knobs!

Super fine-tipped markers can be used to write words on the knobs – something sentimental or inspiring would be great on any furniture or organization project!

The knobs can also be spray painted in any color (preferably a light color) before using the markers.
So don’t overlook these inexpensive drawer knobs… With a few markers, they can be turned into something fabulous that will fit into any home d├ęcor style and look great on any project!

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