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Thursday, October 20, 2016

DIY Jewelry Holder Using Lazy Susan & Copper Pipe

This easy to make jewelry holder utilizes Lazy Susan hardware with copper pipe for jewelry holder with an industrial look. There are no fancy tools required to make it, either!

spinning DIY jewelry stand

  • Drill
  • Tubing cutter for 1/2" pipe
  • 1/8" drill bit
Cut List:
  • 5 - 1/2" copper pipe at 6"
  • 1 - 1/2" copper pipe at 9"
Step One

Spray paint the knobs as desired. I used a Milk Glass spraypaint in a vintage aqua color for the knobs I used.

spray painted glass knobs

valspar milk glass paint

Step Two

Drill a hole in the center in each of the six ½” copper pipe caps. Thread a machine screw through the top of the glass knob then through one of the pipe caps. Secure the knob to the cap with a nut on the inside of the cap.

diy jewelry hardware

Step Three

Cut the pieces of pipe to length. Using the pipe cutter is really easy – make a mark on the pipe at the length desired, then align the blade of the cutter on the mark. Tighten the knob on the cutter so that it is snug on the pipe then turn the cutter around the pipe. Tighten the knob a bit then make another pass with the cutter. Continue until the cutter cuts the pipe all the way through.

copper pipe cutter

diy jewelry holder - cut copper pipe

connect copper pipes

copper pipe jewelry holder

Step Four

Apply a bit of adhesive to one end of each piece of pipe and insert the pieces of pipe into the tees. The “arms” of the jewelry holder will be the 6” pieces and the “stands” of the jewelry holder will be one 6” piece and one 9” piece.

Secure the caps with the glass knobs to each “arm” using adhesive.

clear glass knob jewelry holder

glass knob jewelry holder

Step Five

Stain or paint the round piece of wood, as desired. Position the Lazy Susan hardware on the bottom of the wood and secure in place with one ¾” screw through the center.

lazy susan jewelry holder

Step Six

Secure the remaining pipe caps to the wood with a ¾” screw and a washer, approximately 1” from the center. This will make the two sections of pipe 2” apart. Apply a bead of adhesive around the outside of the “stand” portion of the pipe assemblies, then insert the pipe into the caps.

diy jewelry holder, lazy susan

copper pipe lazy susan jewelry holder

Jewelry Holder Lazy Susan - final

This jewelry stand can also be made with PVC pipe which is a little less expensive and it can also be spray painted any color. The stands also make a great gift!

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