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Friday, October 21, 2016

Free Hardware Friday #36


Good morning!

It's been a couple of weeks since I did a Free Hardware Friday. There are only my brother and I working on the website and we've got big plans so we are pretty much swamped with what basically amounts to grunt work adding products and photos.

BUT...the wait is worth is as we have probably the nicest piece of hardware we've ever featured on Free Hardware Friday in this smooth glass ball knob from Liberty Hardware. It's got a polished nickel base and is currently on sale at Home Depot for nearly $6 a pop.

I'll take a moment to plug other small businesses on the web. If you want a good price, shop around! The corporate sites are (in a high percentage of cases) RIP OFFS and if you search page two or give a small timer a chance you stand to benefit from better prices and MUCH BETTER SERVICE.

Here's the knob!

The rules are the same as every week...

  1.  Promise me (Derrick Lawless) in writing at the e-mail lawlesshardware (at) gmail (dot) com that you will take photos of your project in a timely manner (I am quite lenient and have no enforcement mechanism, lol) and send them to me.
  2. Describe your project and tell me how many knobs you need.
  3. Give me your address and I send them right over.
See you next week and thanks to all that participate!


Art Is Beauty said...

I'm not home right now but I am doing this when I get home I love these

Lisa Korba said...

I got mine and they are stunning! Hate that I have to wait for my back survey and recovery to finally get my kitchen reno going.