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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Ever Have Ten Million of Something?

D. Lawless deals in a lot of closeouts from the big guys that ordered too many or made a bad investment or whatever. Sometimes we've got to take package deals. It's take them all, or get none of them.

This is one of those deals. When Dave Lawless found out he had to either take 10 million at once or get none he thought to himself, "Will I ever have the opportunity to have 10 million of anything again?" The idea was too much to resist and he took them all.

So...we have 10,000,000 of these little shelf supports and we sold 40,000 last year. At this rate my great grandchildren will still be hocking these! So I'm writing this post to get the attention of anyone needing quantity. Our price is unbeatable at just .01 each. Average price around the web is 7 or 8 cents each.

They are listed cheap on the website. If you really need a lot of them give us a call and we'll deal!

Shelf Supports - Large Quantity - Closeout Price

Here's the trailer we keep them in. Nothing but shelf! 

Trailer load of shelf supports

You can see where the weight of them destroyed our entrance drive...

The weight of 10 million shelf supports.

But we are handy and made our own stand to spread the weight out! No problem too big for D. Lawless and the crew.

Shelf support trailer

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