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Friday, November 4, 2016

Free Hardware Friday #37 - Peas & Carrots Edition!


Good Morning!

I've got some funny weird pulls today. Hard to tell if anyone will actually want these, lol! We've got a nice little page of fruit and veggie pulls we've gotten our hands on over the years. They don't sell well. Weird huh?

Maybe they'll sell better if I get some pictures of them in use. They really are kinda cool if you happen to have a fun project to use them on. I don't expect to see them in any kitchens any time soon!

Here they are! The rules are at the bottom. I hope I get a few takers! You can have either one or both depending on what idea you have.

First up is a 3" green pea pod pull from Liberty Hardware.

green pea pod cabinet pull - d lawless hardware

And also I had to include carrots with the peas, this pull is 3 3/4".

orange carrot cabinet pull - d lawless hardware

The rules are the same as every week...
  1.  Promise me (Derrick Lawless) in writing at the e-mail lawlesshardware (at) gmail (dot) com that you will take photos of your project in a timely manner (I am quite lenient and have no enforcement mechanism, lol) and send them to me.
  2. Describe your project and tell me how many knobs you need.
  3. Give me your address and I send them right over.
See you next week and thanks to all that participate!

1 comment:

Megs said...

I love these & would definitely use these in my kitchen! So cute d lawless!