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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Knobs and Pulls You Can Create with Our Bases

We have a great line of diy knob and pull bases that all kinds of individuals, groups, and businesses are using to create their own unique knobs and pulls. Made from all kinds of different materials with wonderful variety let's take a look at some of the knobs and pulls our customers have created over the last few years.

black glass knob

First up is this beautiful piece of glass hardware from the kilns of Design Studio 180. These stylish black glass knobs are created by cutting and stacking art glass in layers.

glass cabinet hardware

Glass again, but this time from Siettos amazing custom glass cabinet knobs and pulls collection. Visit his site to see an amazing array of colors and styles of custom glass hardware.

custom lego dresser

Proving that you really can create anything and everything with our knob and pulls bases, Infarrantly Creative really shows off with this custom Lego made dresser complete with the Lego knobs. She turned and IKEA bookshelf into this small dresser. Click over to find out how.

diy selenite knobs

Gorgeous DIY selenite knobs from Rain on a Tin Roof. I believe the shade of green behind these adds to the beauty. With limited materials and a very cheap budget Jenna shows you how to make your own selenite knobs in 3 simple steps. 

custom rock knobs

From Dirt and Denim, this is an awesome tutorial on how to make your own rock knobs using our bases. Purchasing some rock knobs can cost you up to $12 a pop. Just learn how to make your own by visiting this blogs DIY.

cabinet knobs tutorial

Our knobs and pulls making section includes more than just bases. We also have glass cabochons which can be utilized in creating your own knobs as well. Sew Heart Felties takes some plain wood knobs and our glass cabochons to create this cute pink knobs with unique featured art in the centers.

diy clay drawer knobs

As pictured above, you can create your own DIY clay drawer label knobs in six easy steps. Liz Marie walks you through the process step by step over at her blog. Don't miss out on her dresser makeover with these adorable clay drawer knobs!

DIY gift box

Happy Hour Projects creates this paper mache gift box with our glass cabochon and knob base featured on the top. The knob provides a nice finishing touch to a spectacular simple project you can do on your own with a little help in her DIY tutorial.

stone cabinet knobs

Lakeshore Stones in Michigan makes these absolutely beautiful cabinet knobs with our bases. Using petoskey stones, which are a rock and a fossil from Lake Michigan these pebble shaped knobs are composed of fossilized rugose coral.

black honeycomb pulls

Again from Sietto, who has an amazing collection of custom glass knobs and pulls using our bases, is these black honeycomb pulls with a very nice texture.

gemstone cabinet knobs

With My Intention does a ton of awesome accessorizing work whether it be jewelry or cabinet hardware and they use our knob making bases to create beautiful gemstone knobs like this one. These knobs come in amethyst, agate, carnelian, emerald, calcite, labradorite and more.

beach stone cabinet knobs

Tim at Lake House Treasury has an amazing array of simple, yet elegant beach stone cabinet knobs. In all different styles, and hand picked for their unique look, these are a must buy.

fused glass knobs

Uneek Glass Fusions creates some incredible custom glass knob and pulls that are each individually as unique as it gets. You have to check out the incredible collection all using our bases over at her website.

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