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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Antique Sheraton School Hardware & Sideboards

I recently had the pleasure of coming across some old photos of Sheraton style hardware that were taken nearly 100 years ago. Since the Sheraton style came to prominence so long ago in the late 1700's I found it very interesting to see if what is available out there today really looks like how it used to. We actually don't carry much of this style hardware, we've got this Sheraton bail pull here, but here is a google image search of it so you can compare for yourself. Seems to me everyone is doing a pretty good job reproducing the original style.

So here's a look at a few pieces and their applications from way back.

Circa 1810 these next two pictures show off some of the detail available at the time. The first pull features an ear of corn while the knob boasts a decorative wreath in the middle.

Antique Sheraton Style Hardware

The two bail pulls below would have been made of brass and each one has it's own design. Not sure what the top one is but the bottom shows two bows and two arrows crossing each other.

Old Sheraton Style Hardware

And here are few Sheraton school desks with the original hardware. Tough to see from the old photography but still very interesting to me and hopefully some others, haha!

This first one is from around 1790. This sideboard is made from Mahogany and shows off the usual distinction between a Hepplewhite and Sheraton sideboard. Sheratons have turned legs while Hepplewhites have squared tapered legs.

Sheraton School Desk - 1800

Another one from around 1800. This one has a nice shelf built into the top which would have been quite the upgrade in this time. Nice bail pulls to top it off.

Sheraton Style Sideboard with Shelf

Another from around 1800 is this serpentine front sideboard with Sheraton style knobs.

Sheraton Sideboard - Serpentine Front

I'm gonna make a bunch of these posts because I enjoy learning about the styles so much myself, so I hope everyone else is interested too!

Have a good one!

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