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Monday, February 13, 2017

Furniture Painting University Partnership

Furniture Painting University Offer

We are happy to announce a mutually beneficial partnership between us and Furniture Painting University. Members of FPU members are privy to all sorts of goodies besides the expert painting advice including a 10% discount at D. Lawless Hardware.

From their website as they can tell you about themselves better than I can...

"Our MISSION is to provide detailed instructional videos with supply lists, step-by-step tutorials and tips and tricks to make things easier.  We are giving you everything you need to have a successful and standout furniture flipping business. We want YOU to be able to create one-of-a-kind finishes for your customers. We want YOU to be able to stand out from the crowd."

Today though we are announcing a special promotion that I'm very excited about. Starting now, members can get a $25 gift card in exchange for photos of how they used their D. Lawless hardware. Since most of the members are businesses or aspiring businesses, they are taking photos anyways! So just send them to me and get a gift card!

The pictures make our site beautiful and give our customers an easy way to see how the pull will look in use. We owe a great deal of our recent success to our blog partners who have been providing photos up to this point.

D. Lawless will also PROMOTE YOU while we promote ourselves. I'll tag you on social and even include you in blog posts like Shabby Life who already sent me photos even though we JUST started! Here's her beautiful work using some of our antique english bail pulls! I will also post up her images and credit her on the product page shortly.

dresser with antique english pulls

dresser makeover with d. lawless hardware

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