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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Projects from my DLH Friends!

I've been trying to ramp up my efforts to get pictures on every page of the site (impossible job) and recently opened up my D. Lawless Hardware Friends group to help me out. In the group I'm giving out or discounting hardware to anyone who wants to join and post up their projects after the fact. Below are some examples of the great shots I'm getting back every week!

So far it's a great success! There needs to be three of me though to fully take advantage...

You can click through with any image as well as the links to see more work from each of my friends!

To start, here's the most recent photo to come in from Tammy at Redesigned Frame of Mind. Our label holders are a very popular item because of their price point I'd guess, but I'm running out of places to use all the photos I have! So I'll start here...

dresser with label holders

Next up we've got another project using our label holders! This time from Sandi at Blah to Ahh. She used a ton of our cup pull label holders on a similar makeover to the one above. Beautiful work and staging as well!

cup pull label holders

Since, as I keep saying (lol), they are so popular, I'll just stick to the label holders for this post. Next up is a nice little desk makeover from RE-LOVED Treasures that uses just a few of the label pulls to add a touch of detail and function to the drawers.

desk makeover with label pulls

I'd like to show more, but I also want to keep the blog moving with several posts a week so I'll leave it here and come back with another group of related projects next week. I recently gave some of our wood appliques to about five or six members so I'll have a post featuring those projects soon!

Have a nice week!


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