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Monday, August 14, 2017

The Blog is Back with Painted Gem Creations

It's been about five months since last post and I'm happy to finally get back to posting. We did a minor blog redesign and reorganized and here we go!

I'm happy to show off some great photos from a recent project by a member of our D. Lawless Hardware Friends Facebook group. Colleen runs Painted Gem Creations as a website and a Facebook page and I'm very happy to have gotten to know here and work with her.

In the following preview you can see this antique english drop pull in use on a beautiful antique phonograph table makeover. You can click over to her website to see the post here. We are sooo lucky to have these pictures, as anyone can see by clicking through to the product page, our pictures was horrible!

Sales here we come! It's an original D. Lawless product and really looks nice, but we still have a on of holdover photos from back in like 1999 when we first started! There is always so much to do these things just get left behind...

I'm only previewing a nice shot of the hardware and a finished shot of the full thing, but there is a whole article and the entire DIY process on Painted Gem Creations blog. Please click over and support our independent furniture designer partners!!

Antique English Drop Pull - Painted Gem Creations

Hopefully I post way more often the rest of the coming year. It will be easy if I keep getting projects like this!!


Painted Gem Creations said...

Thank you Derrick for the beautiful pulls and for featuring my work. They hardware makes the piece.

ReneeSS said...

Very nice piece and LOVE the hardware!!!