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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

D. Lawless Friend Projects - Moon-Venus Conjunction Edition!

Woke up today, took the dog out and saw the bright crescent moon rising with Venus bright and right beside it! A great way to start the day, I can feel the vibes already from the heavens above! Then I sit down at my computer and see all these wonderful project photos waiting for me and I know it will be a good day. Better than yesterday anyways when my water main burst and the basement

Anyways, without further ado I will start off with this amazingly intricate piece from Junque with a Purpose. Ryann used some of recently added India style glass knobs and used General Finishes products to makeover this beast of a dresser!

ornate dresser makeover

The detail is awesome and it's an honor to have our hardware adorning this piece. Here's a closeup of the detail and our knobs together.

closeup of dresser detail

Next up is a nice matching dresser set by one of my biggest contributors Tommye at ReDesign by Doherty. I still have no idea how Tommye consistently puts out so many nice pieces, I suspect she ahs a staff she doesn't tell anyone about! She used some heavy glass ball knobs on the top drawers and I believe it is the hardware from the original below.

white dresser

glass ball knobs

Over at Marty's Musings we had the pleasure of being featured in her post about how to choose the right cabinet hardware and it looks like she knows what she's talking about! Marty used some matching antique pewter hardware on her kitchen makeover and the result is beautiful. I am a big fan of white cabinets as they contrast the hardware nicely.

kitchen makeover

kitchen corner

And here's a preview shot from Brepurposed of a kitchen we helped on with the hardware on. It's beautiful so I couldn't resist sharing now, but I'll share more it once it's fully finished up.

Budget Kitchen Makeover

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