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Thursday, October 19, 2017

D. Lawless Hardware Friends Projects: BAIL PULL EDITION

Bail pulls offer a different look than standard straight line pulls and sometimes it's just what is needed. Whether it be that the piece is a little curvy or if the original piece used bail pulls and you want an authentic restoration, bail pulls can sometimes be the perfect fit. And it just so happens I've got several examples of just that!

I was impelled to theme this post by all the great projects featuring our bail pulls over the past week and I'll start with the one that hands down got the most reaction. Maybe because of the gorgeous purple paint job? Or the staging with the skull? The whole piece from Bianca at Lotus Theory Design is wonderful. Bianca used these bail pulls but modified them for the piece which is something else I love to see! You can find more of her work on her Facebook page and website linked above.

Purpose Painted Dresser w/ Bail Pulls

Bail pull close up - d. Lawless Hardware

Next up is a project from Renee of The Painted Home. Renee used some of our solid brass restoration bail pulls on this nice dresser makeover. Perfect match with the paint job and her staging is beautiful as well. I can't believe I bumbled my way into working with such talented people. Not only are the projects beautiful, but the photography and staging are as well!

Dresser with solid brass bail pulls

This post was meant to be as Melissa from Vintage Keiralie not only posted a picture to the DLH Friends group of her latest dresser makeover, but her post included bail pulls and some more great Halloween themed staging! Love it! I'm a big fan of magic and I hope this picture casts a spell on our readers!

Black Dresser with bail pulls

And last, but certainly not least is this white dresser makeover from long time customer and partner Roots & Wings Furniture. This dresser features what is called a "rigid bail pull" as it has the aesthetic of a bail pull, but it is not actually hinges and acts like a solid pull. The bail pull is the perfect touch for this unassuming white dresser. Very nice!

oil rubbed bronze bail pull

white dresser with bail pulls

Until next time! Have a good weekend everyone!

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